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  1. JMattHicks says

    “Then I’ll sit back and snicker, about the all the Kit-Kats and Twizzlers he ain’t get to eat!”
    Ahhhhhhh ROFL.
    “I left his honey bar-b-que, so now she lay in a bag.” 
    Dude goin’ at it for real man.
    Dutch’s click is too funny man (“What else?”). His make-up-themed wordplay was sick, real clever man.”Yeah, them people!” “If you got bars than I got a distillery!”
    “Because he know anyone I Phone will get him buried.” That’s nasty man.
    “If Dutch Black was black Relentless would have had that!” Ahhhhhhhh ROFL
    Did they say who won that??

    1. battlefix says

       @JMattHicks Nah, it was a promo battle, so it wasn’t judged. Dope battle though, both had a lot of creative wordplay, and their dudes behind them over-hyping every punchline was hilarious on both sides. 

      1. JMattHicks says

         @battlefix How’d you get into this scene? Are you in Jersey?

        1. battlefix says

           @JMattHicks I’m in Cali, actually. Grew up a big hip hop fan, and used to track down anything battle related I could back in the freestyle era. The YouTube came around, and all these written leagues started popping up, and followed the scene from there.

        2. JMattHicks says

           @battlefix Already, I moved to the Bay Area from Texas about 2 years ago. I was huge into the message board battles back in the day, but Texas (at least San Antonio where I grew up) was never really an area to find battles. So I always followed the YouTube battles, Murda Mook, Jae Millz, etc. I love it man.
          Definitely loving what you do here man, already watched three of the UW league battles and I think those are the probably the best I’ve seen so far.

        3. battlefix says

           @JMattHicks Yeah, that was a dope event. Arsonal put that one on, and I’m looking forward to see what they do with their second event.
          URL just released the flyer for their Chicago card and it’s insane. Big T vs Charlie Clips, Yung Ill vs Cortez, Conceited vs Miles, Aye Verb vs X-Factor, O-Red vs Big Kannon, John John vs QP, and a couple others.
          Then KOTD is putting on a huge event here in LA in June, with Canibus battling Dizaster, and a bunch of other crazy battles. Definitely a good time to be a battle fan, there’s going to be a lot of good battles throughout the rest of the year.

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