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Cadalack Ron Gives His Alcatraz Recap

TOBattleBlog spoke to Cadalack Ron, following King Of The Dot’s Alcatraz event in Oakland on 4/20. It’s a great interview, where he gives his Alcatraz recap, talks about his involvement with the Germ Free porn leaking, what’s going on with QP, and much more. You can see an excerpt below, where he talks about his battle with Reverse Live, and read the rest by heading over to While you’re there, you can also check out their Battles Of The Week, as well as their post about the best battle rap anagrams.

How was your battle against Reverse Live?

It was a great battle. I definitely think I won. Some people I spoke to thought I edged it 2-1. But Reverse might feel he won too. He did really well.

I wasn’t really happy with my performance against Tantrum although a lot of people liked it because it was funny racist shit. I felt bad because he’d obviously spent so much time writing that battle and I was kind of like, whatever.

I just wanted to make sure that’s not what people were coming to expect from me. I wrote this for me and went back to the essence of how I was battling four years ago: more multis, more schemes, more interesting angles. Just rapping really well versus rapping funny and bringing fat jokes. I think that worked to my advantage.

He was great though. He came at me from angles that I hadn’t been attacked on before. He fused together drug addiction and white supremacy. He went on me for being a white supremacist that is emulating the culture of minorities: I’m a wannabe Mexican who raps, which is traditionally an African-American art form, and I’m a white supremacist.

Then he went on for a round about me being a pedophile. I thought it was kind of a bizarre approach and I don’t think it worked for him either because most people in the audience who know me know that I have two kids. I’m not on the sex offender registry in the U.S. That’s like just doing “your mom” jokes. My third finished really strong and I feel like I got the battle. I’ll be surprised if the Internet doesn’t agree.

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