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DBDLP | Dirtbag Dan

Make sure to show support and check out the new DBDLP from Dirtbag Dan. DBDLP by Dirtbag Dan [...]

March 23, 2014 Album Spotlight, Albums

Living Legend | Serius Jones

Check out the new mixtape from Serius Jones, Living Legend. [...]

March 23, 2014 Album Spotlight, Albums

Legendary Cypher | PoloVision

Check out the new Legendary Cypher mixtape from PoloVision, featuring Loaded Lux, Cortez, DNA, Immortal Technique, Dead Prez, Ice T, Kool G Rap and more. Download Mixtape [...]

March 23, 2014 Album Spotlight, Albums

Clay Pigeons | Illmaculate

Make sure to check out the new album from Illmaculate, “Clay Pigeons”. [...]

March 12, 2014 Album Spotlight, Albums

We’ve Landed |ATLien Workshop

New album from Sonny Bamboo & Hemi’s ATLien Workshop, “We’ve Landed”. Download Mixtape [...]

March 2, 2014 Album Spotlight, Albums

Souled Out | CjCityTV

The new Souled Out mixtape from CjCityTV, featuring Aye Verb, Cortez, Mickey Factz and more. Download Mixtape [...]

February 13, 2014 Album Spotlight, Albums

Black Tar Rap Star | Cadalack Ron

The new album from Cadalack Ron, Black Tar Rap Star: The China White Edition. [...]

January 15, 2014 Album Spotlight, Albums

Keep It 100 | 100 Bulletz

The new 12-track album from 100 Bulletz, Keep It 100. [...]

January 5, 2014 Album Spotlight, Albums

Conversations With An Educated White Woman | Aye Verb

The new mixtape from Aye Verb, Conversations With An Educated White Woman.  [...]

December 30, 2013 Album Spotlight, Albums

Born Superman | Born (Nuborn)

The new mixtape from Born aka Nuborn, Born Superman. Download Mixtape [...]

December 30, 2013 Album Spotlight, Albums

Tsu Me | Tsu Surf

The new mixtape from Tsu Surf, Tsu Me. [...]

December 16, 2013 Album Spotlight, Albums

King Me Vol 2: Checkmate | Syahboy

The new mixtape from Syahboy, King Me Vol 2: Checkmate. Download Mixtape [...]

December 16, 2013 Album Spotlight, Albums

Im Not A Rapper Vol 3 | Daylyt

The latest mixtape from Daylyt, Im Not A Rapper Vol 3. [...]

December 12, 2013 Album Spotlight, Albums

The Wall EP | Shotty Horroh

Check out The Wall EP from Shotty Horroh, featuring five new tracks made after completion of his Xombie Xoo album. [...]

November 27, 2013 Album Spotlight, Albums

The Growth | Shotgun Suge

Check out the new mixtape from Shotgun Suge, “The Growth”. Download Mixtape [...]

November 19, 2013 Album Spotlight, Albums

Nightmare On 112 Street | T-Rex

New mixtape from T-Rex, Nightmare On 112 Street. Download Mixtape [...]

November 14, 2013 Album Spotlight, Albums

Reedadelphia 3 | Reed Dollaz

The latest mixtape from Reed Dollaz, Reedadelphia 3. Download Mixtape [...]

November 5, 2013 Album Spotlight, Albums

Shrug Or Die Vol. 1 | John John Da Don

The new mixtape from John John Da Don, Shrug Or Die Vol. 1. Download Mixtape [...]

November 4, 2013 Album Spotlight, Albums

Non Perishables Vol. 3 | Fresh Coast

Here’s the Non Perishables Vol. 3 from KOTD. FRESH COAST 'NON PERISHABLES VOL. 3' by FRESH COAST [...]

October 28, 2013 Album Spotlight, Albums

DVN The Mixtape

Dutch Jackson’s DVN The Mixtape, ft Aye Verb, Hitman Holla, Yung Ill, B Magic and more. [...]

October 8, 2013 Album Spotlight, Albums