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Hollow Da Don And Okwerdz Freestyle

The latest in the Freestyle Vault series from Okwerdz, featuring a new Hollow Da Don and Okwerdz freestyle, over a beat produced by Trox. [...]

March 27, 2017 Featured Content, Performances

Jack City Battle League Cypher Part 1

Here’s Part 1 of the Jack City Battle League cypher, featuring Tone Montana and more. [...]

March 26, 2017 Performances

T Top And Goodz Freestyle On Funk Flex

New video from Hot 97, featuring the T Top and Goodz freestyle on Funk Flex, leading into their battle at URL’s upcoming NOME7 event. [...]

March 24, 2017 Featured Content, Performances

Carter Deems Performing Stand Up Comedy

Here’s some footage of Carter Deems performing stand up comedy at The Sugar Maple. [...]

March 18, 2017 Featured Content, Performances

No Hook Freestyle From DNA And Tony Baez

New video for the No Hook freestyle from DNA and Tony baez, courtesy of KsharkTV. [...]

March 3, 2017 Featured Content, Performances

K-Shine And Young Truth Live At SOB’s

Here’s some footage of K-Shine and Young Truth live at SOB’s, courtesy of Sho-TimeTV. [...]

March 3, 2017 Performances

Bill Collector And Dolla Boyz Studio Session

Here’s some footage of a recent Bill Collector and Dolla Boyz studio session, courtesy of the Angry Bill Show. [...]

March 2, 2017 Performances

Daylyt In The Team Backpack Cypher

Here’s Daylyt in the Team BackPack Cypher at the Black Panther Exhibit at the Oakland Museum, along with GIGS510, Tru and Asad Ill. [...]

March 1, 2017 Featured Content, Performances

Tay Roc Spits A Chiraq Freestyle Without Curse Words

Some new footage where Tay Roc spits a Chiraq freestyle, while editing out the curse words. [...]

February 11, 2017 Featured Content, Performances

First Installment Of T Top Tuesdays

Here’s a new blog from T Top speaking on his new T Top tuesdays series, and the first installment of T Top Tuesdays, spitting some crazy bars. [...]

July 6, 2016 Blogs, Featured Content, Performances

Bill Collector Freestyle Live From Philly

New video from Kon Artist Films, featuring a new Bill Collector freestyle live from Philly. [...]

July 4, 2016 Performances

Shut Up And Rap Pt 3 Verse From Big T

Check out the Shut Up And Rap Pt 3 verse from Big T, spitting about what he’d do, if he knew he only had 24 hours to live. [...]

July 4, 2016 Featured Content, Performances

Why Freestyle From Rich ImNice

Check out the new Why freestyle from Rich ImNice formerly known as Rich Dolarz, courtesy of URL. [...]

July 3, 2016 Performances

Sincere Cypherz Ft Ave, Ty Law, MyVerse & More

New installment of the Sincere Cyphers Ft Ave, Mike P, MyVerse, Ty Law, Jerry Wess, Beanz, DOT, YaBoyClip and Took. [...]

June 30, 2016 Featured Content, Performances

CINCO Freestyle and Interview with Ms. Fit

New CINCO freestyle, plus an interview with Ms. Fit, courtesy of Sho-TimeTV. [...]

June 28, 2016 Performances

Shut Up And Rap Pt 2 Freestyle From Big T

Check out the Shut Up And Rap Pt 2 freestyle from Big T, spitting some new bars. [...]

June 28, 2016 Featured Content, Performances

Cortez Performing At Blackthorn 51

Here’s some new footage of Cortez performing at Blackthorn 51. [...]

June 22, 2016 Performances

New Rich Dolarz aka Rich ImNice Freestyle

Check out the new Rich Dolarz aka Rich ImNice freestyle, spitting some bars over Jadakiss’ “Why” instrumental. [...]

June 22, 2016 Performances

Joker Starr Verse On WebHam

New video from Dont Flop, featuring a new Joker Starr verse on WebHam. [...]

June 21, 2016 Performances

Pull Up Cypher Ft Bill Collector, Qleen Paper & More

Check out Vada Fly’s The Pull Up Cypher featuring Bill Collector, Qleen Paper, Zig Zag, Glueazy, Fonzie and JakkBoy Maine. [...]

June 15, 2016 Featured Content, Performances