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Nu Jerzey Twork On The Ill Will Battle

New PSA Podcast interview with Nu Jerzey Twork on the Ill Will battle at URL’s upcoming Born Legacy Supreme, Rome DMV’s role as the Gooonies manager, the Mike P battle and more. [...]

July 10, 2017 Radio

Real Deal Recaps The Reepah Rell Battle

New interview on Dot Mobb Radio, Real Deal recaps the Reepah Rell battle that was just released from URL’s Ascension event, and the drama surrounding the battle with Mike P and others. [...]

July 10, 2017 Radio

John John Da Don Talks Jakkboy Maine

New interview on the PSA Podcast, John John Da Don talks Jakkboy Maine, and what it would take to make the battle happen on URL, the history between the two and much more. [...]

July 7, 2017 Radio

Norbes And P Talk Born Legacy Supreme

New interview from Rome DMV, Norbes and P talk Born Legacy Supreme, Summer Madness 6, upcoming battles being released, URL’s twitter polls and more. [...]

July 7, 2017 Radio

Callum Martin Talks Dont Flop Situation

New Battle Rap Resume interview, Callum Martin talks Dont Flop situation, and gives his side of the current debacle from his own perspective. [...]

July 7, 2017 Radio

Danny Myers Goes At Tay Roc

New Dark Brigade Radio from Kdoz Media and T7M Radio, Danny Myers goes at Tay Roc, speaks on a potential battle between them, Tay Roc teaming with threats and more. [...]

July 7, 2017 Radio

Geechi Gotti Calls Out Jakkboy Maine

New KIB Radio from The War Report, Geechi Gotti calls out Jakkboy Maine, speaks on a potential DMV vs West Coast event from URL, and talks about his style compared to others. [...]

July 3, 2017 Radio

Daylyt Addresses The Gooonies Rumor

New Dot Mobb Radio interview, Daylyt addresses the Gooonies rumor, says he’d never heard of them until Jay Blac tweeted that he joined them, talks being Dot Mobb since 2009 and more. [...]

July 3, 2017 Radio

Big Kannon, No Mercy & CJCityTV Debate

Here’s a battle rap debate on AngryFans Radio featuring Big Kannon, No Mercy and CjCityTV giving their thoughts on choking, freestyling, stumbling in battles and much more. [...]

July 3, 2017 Radio

Danny Myers Spits Bars For Ave

New interview from KDoz Media’s Dark Brigade Podcast, Danny Myers spits bars for Ave, after saying that Ave turned down a battle with him for URL’s August 5th event. [...]

July 2, 2017 Radio

Geechi Gotti Discusses The Glueazy Battle

New interview on KDoz Media’s Dark Brigade Podcast, Geechi Gotti discusses the Glueazy battle on August 5th for URL, potentially battling the Gooonies and much more. [...]

July 2, 2017 Radio

Glueazy Discusses The Geechi Gotti Battle

New interview on West Coast Battle Media’s Peel Ya Cap Radio, Glueazy discusses the Geechi Gotti battle on August 5th for URL and much more. [...]

July 2, 2017 Radio

Ryda And Angry Fan Debate

New AngryFans Radio, featuring a Ryda and Angry Fan debate over what battler rappers are overrated, potential battles and much more. [...]

July 2, 2017 Radio

Nikiya Speaks On Massacre 3

New interview from KDoz Media’s Dark Brigade Podcast, Nikiya speaks on Massacre 3, and helping put together the biggest card of the year for King Of The Dot. [...]

July 1, 2017 Radio

July 1st Open Debates With Rome DMV

Here’s the July 1st open debates with Rome DMV, speaking on the latest in the world of battle rap and more with callers and fans. [...]

July 1, 2017 Radio

Geechi Gotti On Dot Mobb Radio

Here’s Geechi Gotti on Dot Mobb Radio, speaking on how he got into battle rap, his recent battle with Stuey Newton, his upcoming battle with Glueazy and more. [...]

June 30, 2017 Radio

Summer Madness 6 Debates With Rome DMV

Here’s some Summer Madness 6 debates with Rome DMV, discussing a potential card for URL’s biggest event of the year with callers and fans in the chat. [...]

June 30, 2017 Radio

Danny Myers Speaks On Tay Roc

New interview from Piperboy Williams, Danny Myers speaks on Tay Roc, and a potential battle between them, Tay Roc vs Hollow Da Don and more. [...]

June 27, 2017 Radio

More Hunger Predictions From Rome DMV

Here’s some More Hunger predictions from Rome DMV, giving his thoughts on the battles going down at today’s Proving Grounds event from URL.   [...]

June 25, 2017 Radio

Double Impact 2 Recap From Rome DMV

Here’s a Double Impact 2 recap from Rome DMV, speaking on all of the battles that went down at this weekend’s URL event, which he was in attendance for.   [...]

June 25, 2017 Radio, Recaps