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Contenders For The Next KOTD Title Shot

With both Charron and DNA campaigning to get the next King Of The Dot title shot, people are starting to wonder who deserves the next shot at the chain. As you can see in the excerpt below, Organik has already stated that the next title defense will be taking place at King Of The Dot’s World Domination 4 event. TOBattleBlog has run down a list of potential contenders for the chain, which you can read by clicking here. Let us know who you feel deserves the next title shot, in the comments below.

Organik Speaks On Next KOTD Title Shot

Campaigning for title shots does NOT guarantee you a title shot. We think it shows drive and we like that hunger but their are no guarantee’s until KOTD officially sets the match up regardless if the champ accepts a challenge. Also, no champion will battle in KOTD without defending the title. If KOTD feels their is a true contender and the champion turns it down they will be stripped of the title and another match will be set up for the title. This goes for the #1 contender spot as well.

The next Title Match will happen at WD4… Lets make history & let the debating begin! – Organik

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