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DNA Says The Charron Battle Might Be BOTY

In a new interview with HipHopDX, DNA says the Charron battle might be the Battle Of The Year. DNA filled in to face Charron at King Of The Dot’s World Domination 4, after Shotgun Suge was unable to make the battle. Despite taking the battle on just over a week’s notice, DNA and Charron shocked the crowd, and hard what many felt was the best battle of the event. You can read an excerpt from the interview below, and read the rest by clicking here. Also on HipHopDX, you can read Lush One’s Day 1 Recap here, and read his Day 2 Recap here.

“It was one of me and Charron’s best performances and it might be battle of the year,” DNA said. “I feel like it’s one of those battles where people will say he won and some will say I won but really, the fans won.”

The two had 10 days to prepare after it became clear that Shotgun Suge would not be present to battle Charron, DNA said. That led to a lot of freestyling in what would usually be a written battle between the emcees. DNA said that about 65% of his raps were freestyled at the event.

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