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DNA vs K-Shine & Goodz vs X-Factor Next Week

DNA vs K-Shine & Goodz vs X-Factor Next Week

On tonight’s episode of the Battle Rap Arena, Beasley announced that the DNA vs K-Shine and Goodz vs X-Factor battles, originally scheduled for URL’s Armageddon event, will be going down next week. There will also be two Proving Grounds battle, Nuborn vs Johnie Alcatraz and Lotta Zay vs Tone Montana. It will be a smaller setting, at the request of the battlers, and while they’ll try to let as many people into the venue as possible, there will only be so many tickets available.

He also said that the T-Rex vs Dizaster battle will still be going down, and that there will be more information on that, when they announce the next event. Norbes had also mentioned on Battle Rap Arena, that the Bill Collector vs Shotgun Suge battle will still be going down at some point. The Math Hoffa vs Dose rematch has already been edited, and the battle will be released in the next couple days.

Update: The DNA vs K-Shine & Goodz vs X-Factor battles were originally set to go down this Thursday, but it was pushed back to next week because of the popular demand.

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