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Dot Mobb vs The World Event On URL This Summer

Dot Mobb vs The World Event On URL This Summer

Earlier today, Polovision dropped a recap of URL’s Unfinished Business, which included some footage of T-Rex and K-Shine mentioning that URL would be hosting a Dot Mobb vs The World event. Then, in a new interview from Hot16 Magazine, Beasley could be heard in the background, announcing that they would be hosting a Dot Mobb vs The World event in the summer.

Assuming that the event has 5 battles, like a typical URL event, which battles would you like to see on the card? It’s safe to assume that T-Rex would be on the card, possibly against Dizaster, which was originally scheduled for Armageddon. More than likely, he’ll be battling Calicoe though, as both have mentioned something in the works recently.

Unless he drastically lowers his last asking price, it’s probably not very likely Murda Mook will be battling on the card. Beyond that, it’s safe to assume that K-Shine will have a battle, and Tay Roc seems like a good possibility as well. Daylyt could finally make his URL debut on the card, and we could also see the return of Real Deal. Other members of Dot Mobb such as Flamez or Dan Barz could always end up on the card, but those seem far less likely.

If the Dot Mobb vs The World event becomes a reality, who would you all like to see battling on the card? Which five Dot Mobb members deserve battles on the big stage, and who would you like to see them up against? Let us know, in the comments below.

  1. RugbyMelendez says

    1.T-Rex vs Dizaster 
    2. K-Shine vs Conceited
    3.Tay Roc vs Tsu Surf
    4.Daylyt vs B-Magic
    5.Dan Barz vs Shotgun Suge

  2. ToppyMasterSam says

    1.Daylyt vs Bill Collector
    2.Tay Roc vs Chilla Jones
    3.K_Shine vs O_Red
    4.T-Rex vs Hitman Holla
    Main Event:Murda Mook vs Hollow The Don

  3. MisserVolcy says

    T-Rex vs Dizaster
    Tay Roc vs JC

    K Shine vs Concieted

    Daylyt vs QP

    Real Deal vs O-Red

    These two dudes below just forgot about RealDeal LOL. These URL cats ducking cause they don’t wanna get bodied by a white boy lol

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  5. PJ Sumroc says

    T-Rex vs Dizaster
    Murda Mook vs Math Hoffa
    K Shine vs J-Pro
    Daylyt vs O-Solo
    Real Deal vs Bigg K

    1. RobDaffyJax says

      PJ Sumroc i honestly never wana hear o-solo again. that mitev been worse than mook vs solomon.

      1. PJ Sumroc says

        RobDaffyJax PJ Sumroc haha dude O-Solo is such a wierdo..him vs Daylyt would be so funny….Swave /O-Solo wasnt worse than Mook/Solomon imo though. I actually have watched the O-Solo battle more than once for comedy sake…never will watch Mook/Solomon ever again

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