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Full Card Announced For BOTB6 By KOTD

King Of The Dot has released a new video flyer, with the full card announced for BOTB6. If you were already impressed by what was announced for Battle Of The Bay 6, you should be more than happy with the rest of the card. In addition to the Dizaster vs Aye Verb, Pass vs DNA, The Saurus vs John John Da Don, RemyD vs Ness Lee and The Deadman vs Chilla Jones battles, KOTD has announced Dirtbag Dan vs Charlie Clips, Daylyt vs Head Ice, Bigg K vs Illmaculate, Caustic vs Cortez, KG The Poet vs Lotta Zay and Tantrum vs A Class.

Video Flyer for King Of The Dot’s Battle Of The Bay 6

Ticket Information For King Of The Dot’s Battle Of The Bay 6

King Of The Dot’s BOTB6 takes place in Oakland, CA at the Grand Live @ Venue 420 on October 12th. Pre-sale tickets are available for $23 until September 16th, and then go up to $25. If tickets are still available on the day of the event, they will be available for $30 at the door. There will also be a PPV stream available for the event, with the pre-sale becoming available on September 12th.

There are also 50 VIP tickets available, which include in-ring access to the battles, a free BOTB5 DVD, and free access to the BOTB6 PPV.  Also, there are 4 Co-Hosting tickets available for $250, which gives you everything available to VIPs, plus special co-hosting opportunities during the event. Make sure to get your tickets now, while they are still available. You can purchase your tickets for Battle Of The Bay 6 by clicking here.

Battle Of The Bay 6 will be a two day event, and Day 1’s card has also been announced. Day 1 will feature Cadalack Ron vs ZM, Reverse Live vs Avenu, Cocky vs Aktive, Rum Nitty vs Danny Myers, Pariah vs Mic Phenom, Tiger Ty vs Joe Cutter, Rahney vs Urban, Psycoses vs Madflex, Young B The Future vs AB Hogish and Cypher vs Fauthor Fal. Day 1 has pre-sale tickets for $12, and will be $15 at the door. It will also have a free PPV stream available on October 12th.

Full Card Announced For BOTB6 By King Of The Dot

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BOTB6 Day 1 Card

  • Cadalack Ron vs ZM
  • Cocky vs Aktive
  • Rum Nitty vs Danny Myers
  • Young B The Future vs AB Hogish
  • Tiger Ty vs Joe Cutter
  • Fauthor Fal vs Cypher
  • Reverse Live vs Avenu
  • Pariah vs Mic Phenom
  • Rahney vs Urban
  • Psycoses vs MadFlex


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BOTB6 Day 2 Card

  • Aye Verb vs Dizaster
  • Charlie Clips vs Dirtbag Dan
  • Head Ice vs Daylyt
  • DNA vs Pass
  • Ness Lee vs RemyD
  • John John Da Don vs The Saurus
  • Illmaculate vs Bigg K
  • Cortez vs Caustic
  • Chilla Jones vs The Deadman
  • Lotta Zay vs KG The Poet
  • A Class vs Tantrum


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