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Ground Zero Grand Prix Round 2 Recap

TOBattleBlog was in attendance for the Toronto division’s second round of the Ground Zero Grand Prix, and have posted up a recap of the event. They’ve also included recaps from the Los Angeles and Calgary divisions as well, courtesy of Aspect One and Sketch Menace. You can read an excerpt below, recapping the Made Wade vs Luciano Crakk battle. You can read the rest of the recaps, by clicking here. While you’re there, you can also check out their most recent battles of the week, as well as the first installment of their Dream Battles series.

Clearly the battle the crowd was there to see, as both corners had about 20 people in them (and at 1:45 a.m., no less). Made Wade’s supporters were chanting his name before the cameras started rolling. Once they quieted down Tycoon Tax called out: “You guys are herbs. All of you.”

Both were direct, had strong, clean performances and got lots of (well-deserved) crowd reaction. Conceited, the patriarch of Crakk’s S.O.N.S. crew, came in from New York to co-host the battle and helped his protege out with a slow-it-down in his second round.

We actually judged this battle, and gave it to Crakk 21-16 on what ended up being the deciding vote. If you have questions about the judging system, or if you’re a Made Wade fan who can’t believe how fucking stupid we are, feel free to talk about it on Twitter.

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