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Ground Zero Grand Prix Round 3 Recap

There’s a new Ground Zero Grand Prix Round 3 recap from TOBattleBlog, taking a look at the 3rd round in the Toronto and Vancouver divisions. Megadef vs Cobalt45 is still scheduled for the 3rd round of the California division, but has not yet taken place. There’s a detailed recap of the Toronto event, which TOBattleBlog was in attendance for, and an interview with Pigsty about the Vancouver event. You can read an excerpt, recapping the Notez vs Wize Guy battle below, and read the rest by clicking here.

Ground Zero Grand Prix Round 3 Recap Excerpt

A matchup that only a tournament would ever produce, the style clash between Notez’s street bars and Wize Guy’s jokes had the stakes jacked even higher with both of them putting $500 on the line.

Notez wore an orange prison jumper (from his time inside) while Wize Guy had on a custom “NOTEZ IS WACK” t-shirt. Wize Guy brought more-mature content than he’s known for, with some funny angles on Notez being really good at doing drugs and loving his time in jail. Notez went with street and prison bars, but also had a ton of movie references from Casino/Goodfellas/Donnie Brasco/etc.

Late in the first round, Notez had Realiztic and KP rush Wize Guy, both of them getting mad aggressive right in his face. Most people in the venue agreed it crossed the line. Wize Guy had some antics of his own, closing his third by offering Notez a toothbrush and some toothpaste.

Seriously, somebody get this battle on World Star once it drops.

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