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Hitman Holla Spits His 3 Rounds For Math Hoffa

Due to a bit of controversy, the Hitman Holla vs Math Hoffa battle from’s Triumph Over Demise event supposedly isn’t being released, so Hitman Holla drops his three verses that he spit in the battle.

Update: Math Hoffa said he talked to King Juce and the battle is still dropping. You can see what both Math and Hitman had to say about the situation, below.

Hitman & Math

Storified by· Fri, Mar 01 2013 23:46:43

Smh… This nigga dropped his rounds to cover his ass … Why would u make up a rumor about the footage not dropping?HOFFA UNCHAINED
I hollered at Juce… He said the shit is dropping its not done editing… This nigga dropped his rounds cuz he didn’t like his performance!HOFFA UNCHAINED
Let’s be real. Don’t fall for this bullshit!!!!HOFFA UNCHAINED
@MATHHOFFA nigga why would I drop my rounds cuz I didn’t like my performance and 3-0d u? U CHOKED EVERY ROUND foh#BallGame!
@MATHHOFFA I called juce cuz ppl was telling me he was mad the fight footage was out HE DIDNT ANSWER BACK DIDNT TEXT BACK OR NOTHING#BallGame!
How many of yall new MathHoffa choked all 3 rounds and tried to play it off and argue with The crowd???#BallGame!
I called and textd King Juce HELLAS he didn’t call or text back he told verb cut me off so 2days later I DROPPED my rounds FUCK Da BULLSHIT#BallGame!
Another reason I dropped my rounds is jus inCase he did drop the battle I MADE SURE no funny shit went on with the footage since he "mad"#BallGame!
Everybody at the event from URL rappers to fans already put the word out I smoked Math so all that BS math Tweetn ===> \__#BallGame!
Math sound silly.. Cuz my bars gone sound wayyy better with the crowd reactions .. I stopped the room every bar! Smh so I win either way#BallGame!
Back to sleep I go man! Them Rounds For my fans .. Cuz at the end of the day if he drop my battle my fans gone watch STILL !#BallGame!
@HitmanHolla u full of shit Holla…. How u just gonna jump out the window n post ya shit?!! U ruined the fucking battle!!!!HOFFA UNCHAINED
@HitmanHolla that was wack… U did that too fast nigga… Too fast!!! SmfhHOFFA UNCHAINED
"@xDclay5x: @MATHHOFFA @HitmanHolla the nigga said he wasn’t gonna drop y’all battle" THAT IS A LIE!!! STOP SAYING THAT!!!HOFFA UNCHAINED

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