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Jae Millz Responds To Tay Roc, Wants The Battle

After Tay Roc’s recent interview with HipHopIsReal where he called out Jae Millz for a battle, many people figured it wouldn’t lead anywhere. But it didn’t take long for a YouTube comment to show up, where Jae Millz responds to Tay Roc, telling everyone to remember the date, and that he accepts the battle. To top it off, he later responded that he won’t be asking for a crazy bag either, and that he’s willing to do what it takes to make the battle happen.

While this is still a long way from confirmation, it looks like we could potentially have a main event for URL’s upcoming Summer Madness 6. Let us know what you think about the potential battle in the comments below.

Jae Millz responds to Tay Roc, says to set it up.

Jae Millz responds to Tay Roc, says no off the wall numbers.

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