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Knamelis & Others Speak On Judging Battle Rap

There have been quite a few controversial decisions in battle rap recently, which has caused a lot of discussion about the merits of judging a battle. T.O. Battle Blog decided to get an educated opinion on the issue, by interviewing three judges from King Of The Dot and Don’t Flop. They speak to UK rapper and frequent Don’t Flop judge Stig Of The Dump, the creator of the Knamelis 2.0 Judging System himself, and KOTD’s “So You Think You Can Judge” contest winner, Tasha “Baby T” Allen. Below, you can read an excerpt from the Knamelis interview, and you can read the entire article by heading over to T.O. Battle Blog.

Excerpt From The Knamelis Interview

What’s different about judging battle rap compared to other competitions?

Battle rap is interesting because there are very few other competitions that happen the same way. That is to say, where the end result is meant for an online audience. You have artists who have to perform to a live audience, as well as to an Internet audience. So already there’s a division of attention and focus from the artist’s perspective in terms of who you’re trying to cater your performance to.

And when you add judges, that’s a third, completely separate audience. To some extent the Internet audience acts as judges themselves. So you have to perform for the live judges, the live audience and also the people viewing it online who will inevitably judge it. I understand not wanting battles to be judged. It’s easier when a loss isn’t called a loss and it can be debated in the annals of YouTube for the rest of time.

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