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KOTD | Alcatraz | Live Updates & Results

For those who weren’t able to make it out for King Of The Dot’s Alcatraz event in Oakland, we’ll be posting up tweets from those in attendance. Remember, the event will be available on PPV tomorrow, on King Of The Dot’s UStream page. This event features Caustic vs JC, Pass vs RemyD, Dirtbag Dan vs 100 Bulletz, and much more. You can take a look at the rest of the line up, on the flyer below.

KOTD | Alcatraz | Live Updates & Results

KOTD Alcatraz Updates

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Thus battle ain’t over but Bonnie caught a bodyKG
Germ had some shit her™
Bonnie is goin in she def has barsYoung Future
Bonnie is killin it, Germ Free isn’t bad tho.Young Future
Rum Nitty has been the tightest so far, save for a roundYoung Future
So @BonnieGodiva and Germ Free are going at it. #Alcatraz 4/20 Pro
Bonnie Godiva going™
“@butchandsunkid: @Mapleleaf432 how many people would you say are in the venue?” dunno man. not super crowded but the crowd is live.Young Future
2-1 @konshismusic over Nitty. Germ free and Bonnie Godiva up nextKG
Both went in… a choke decided it. #Alcatraz 4/20J Pro
Germ Free vs Bonnie Godiva up nextYoung Future
This foo @ayem82 is a serious judge. @KingOfTheDot #Alcatraz 4/20 Pro
Last round. Pilot™
Rum went off in the™
@TheSaurus831 both these dudes are problems. they also got NBA playoffs projecting on the wall at the venueYoung Future
Whose is repping #teamgermfree at the #KOTD #battle today? #hitsandhistory #msgermfree #germfreeBang Bang
Rum up™
Pilot still going off in the™
Pilot up!!!™
Pilot for the first™
@Mapleleaf432 MMM thats toughThe Saurus
they got a Red cam for this btwYoung Future
Alcatraz 4/20 @RumNitty and @konshismusic going in! Pro
"Take a bottle to ya mug and holla "Cheers!""Young Future
Rum Nitty™
Pilot going™
"It ain’t gon be no sweet shit when that pillow talk"Young Future
Pilot snapppppin!!!!™
Konshis Pilot vs Rum Nitty up to start. Pilot™
one of the dudes in the last battle kinda went off. didn’t catch his name.Young Future
Konshis vs Nitty up now.Young Future
Everyday is 420 in oakland tho but yea….Pass
Drinking tea meditating b4 my battle. Come thru to new karribean city in oakland RIGHT NOW for Pass vs RemyD & other @KingOfTheDot battles!Pass
@Mapleleaf432 Konshis >>>>The Saurus
One of these dudes just spazzedYoung Future
Alcatraz 4/20 Konshis Pilot/Rum Nitty on now. @KingOfTheDotJ Pro
Wait… konshis pilot vs nitty first. but first a freestyle battle. couldn’t make out their namesYoung Future
Alcatraz bout to start.Young Future

KOTD Alcatraz Flyer
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