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URL wasn’t the only league to host an event, today. King Of The Dot also held the first round of the 2013 Ground Zero Grand Prix, in both Los Angeles and Toronto. Below, you can read the live updates from those who were in attendance for both GZGP events.

You can also check out T.O. BattleBlog’s Recap of the events, including notes from J-Pro by clicking here.

KOTD | GZGP | Live Updates & Results


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Right now—> KOTD West Coast @ The Basement. GZGP + J-Pro/QP Caddy/Tantrum Reverse Live/The Deadman. http://pic.twitter.com/f1a7XKGpoyJ Pro
#KOTD – @GZBattlesSpook One vs Realiztic Going Down Now!!! http://pic.twitter.com/2uJV9Y5As0KOTD King Of The Dot
We’re live! Spook one vs @BeRealiztic to start things off. Warming the crowd upBlogtimus Prime
Lokust just rebuttaled Forkfarm mid-round #gzgpBlogtimus Prime
"you’re so old this isn’t a midlife crisis, it’s a near death experience" – Lokust #gzgp @GZBattlesBlogtimus Prime
Shrapnel vs Ghambit about to go down @KingOfTheDot ..Nick Carletti
Forkfarm choking…from the crowd someone shouts "punch him in the face" #gzgpBlogtimus Prime
We are live! #FreshCoast http://instagr.am/p/WqYlzRgvuc/West Side Nicky
All @lrgclothing everything for the battle tonight!!! #LRG Thanks to the super homie @skemeclik http://instagr.am/p/WqZQUFqinU/CADALACK RON
Annex for kingofthedot Grand Prix @mzzcavalli http://instagr.am/p/WqaKlYsFyN/Nia
Solid beatbox battle going on #gzgp. Reminded of Henry Bowers saying to ms at WD3, "they share a mic? That’s pretty gay."Blogtimus Prime
Megadef is goin OFF…The Deadman
Made wade vs bully going down now. Made Wade getting strong reaction #gzgpBlogtimus Prime
Notez going crazy for bulle… Made wade styling, making fun of Bulle’s lispBlogtimus Prime
Bulle is getting FUCKED UP #GZGPMedusa
Bulle just said "in the words of Bonnie Raitt I’m gonna give him something to talk about" #noreaction #gzgpBlogtimus Prime
Active! http://instagr.am/p/WqgQADAvoU/West Side Nicky
Bulle getting body bagged holy fuckkkkkMedusa
"you can’t touch my style, let alone touch your toes" -made wade to bulle #gzgp @KingOfTheDot @GZBattlesBlogtimus Prime
Damn, @Lex909 and @lefty2gunswvc just killed it. KOTD West!J Pro
King Of The Dot Ground Zero Event at The Basement 818 w/ @ViktoBeats Missed the last couple events, last… http://instagr.am/p/WqhPXylMT4/Karmaloop Codes
I got killed. Shout out to @Lex909lefty2gunsWestVille
Teddy KGB vs @eMCeeBill13 now. Bill combing his beard during Teddy’s round.Blogtimus Prime
#KOTD – @GZBattles @MadeWade vs @TDot_Bulle http://pic.twitter.com/4dcgWjtGx6KOTD King Of The Dot
Emceebill vs teddy KGB http://pic.twitter.com/K8aVjzigjKBlogtimus Prime
@eMCeeBill13 decidedly takes the firstBlogtimus Prime
#KOTD – @GZBattles@eMCeeBill13 vs Teddy KGB http://pic.twitter.com/E1QyluYEINKOTD King Of The Dot
Teddy KGB bringing full essays to break down Bill’s styleBlogtimus Prime
Emcee Bill got the W … Great battle! Funny ass Jew jokesMedusa
Kp on deck lets fuckin go @KingOfTheDot @GZBattles #GZGPRED YEEZY DA GAWD
Postal vs KP coming up nextBlogtimus Prime
Oh and *spoiler* Emceebill won a battle that would’ve been very different if KGB was going second. A lot of pre rebuttals.Blogtimus Prime
Postal accusing KP of having bars written by @YungCasper905 http://pic.twitter.com/4np3wygIKZBlogtimus Prime
KP surprising me with the flow. Postal’s last name is Martini, KP says his ‘delivery is dry.’ #gzgp @GZBattlesBlogtimus Prime
Postal never says shit. So bland an same pitch #KillYourselfMedusa
Postal raps like every line is a run on sentence. Kill meeee this battle is brutalMedusa
#KOTD – @GZBattlesPostal vs KP http://pic.twitter.com/TYzoUqLHcDKOTD King Of The Dot
KP lost?? WHAT THE FUCKMedusa
Not Gonna Lie, This @GZBattles Grand Prix Is Bringing Out The Best In Everyone!!! Crazy Battles So Far!!!Organik
@BarzBySC ohhh someone used ure and nun a miss barDENTER
The dude @TheDeadman_ iz too funny!West Side Nicky
@CADALACKRON vs @Tantrumonthemic bout to go doWn!!!Nick Carletti
Killin GZ right now http://pic.twitter.com/cwpPvr60iBRED YEEZY DA GAWD
Aaaaaaaah man.. Reverse Live & @TheDeadman_ just spazzed out.J Pro
These battles tho were active #FC #KOTDKnox Stedy
Judging step easy vs tipsyBlogtimus Prime
@dentrow91 lol u at a event?DeathNote S.C
@BarzBySC kotd deadman said it lolDENTER
Step easy vs chris tipsy just startedLuciano Crakk
@dentrow91 @BarzBySC Tell him i said #Flatline#FULLYLOADEDYUNGYAK
S/O to my nigga @TheDeadman_… He got crazy tonight.. #daJungleJaddaFuck?
#KOTD – @GZBattles @StepEasy3rdAve vs Chris Tipsy http://pic.twitter.com/90biqBel4iKOTD King Of The Dot
@Authentic_Piff Good looks Boss!The Deadman
No words for a @CADALACKRON performance! Simply hilarious and slightly racist..West Side Nicky
Step beats Chris tipsy at GZ GP Toronto divisionMedusa
@KNOEITAL u lose? No way how closeAbsyrd
@lefty2gunswvc @Lex909 i kno this battle got crazy!jonathan Hunter
Jah notez beats CasperMedusa
KOTD GZ Grand Prix, lets go! @ Annex Wreckroom http://instagr.am/p/WqyR1VG6a_/Fortunato Tacchini
Great battle with Tantrum!!! First two rounds very close… He got the third. Style Clash. Race Clash. Entertainment. @KingOfTheDotCADALACK RON
Shouts out to @LushOne @AspectOne @JProepsilon @Malathion01 !!!! Great event. Good business. Solid dudes!.CADALACK RON
Crakkkkk moves on #GZGPMedusa
the battle scene was intense !SHRAP
Well, it sucks to prepare for a battle that doesn’t go down. I kinda feel like I have to get on this 4/20 card now.J Pro
Fuckin around freestylin with @KnOxStEdY @KNOEITAL @RymeSkeemz101 after the @KingOfTheDot eventKrispyTheBuddhaHead
Aaaaaaaand shout out to @MRDIZASTER … always representing the West. Dude shows up and supports every damn time.J Pro
Great to see all my Freshcoasters!!!!! The West is Active ! @MACHINAMUERTE13 #ElephantGraveyard #KOGCADALACK RON
Too busy judging the last three battles to do updates. Strong performances all around. Full details tomorrow…Blogtimus Prime
I swagged out tonight.Luciano Crakk
This has been the longest most non productive day ever… 180$ for tow to firebaugh… 100$ for best western.. 600 $ for the tow back homeDaRealQP

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