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KOTD | Vengeance 2 | Official Video Flyer

The official video flyer for King Of The Dot’s Vengeance 2 event, going down in Toronto on March 23rd. You can order pre-sale tickets for $25, and for $40 you can get a speed pass to avoid waiting in lines, by heading over to King Of The Dot’s store. This event will also be available on PPV, which you can order on KOTD’s Ustream page.

Vengeance 2 will be headlined by the debut of Charlie Clips, who faced Hollohan in the main event. This will be Hollohan’s first battle, since his highly acclaimed battle with Cortez back at King Of The Dot’s Blackout 2 event. Charlie Clips is coming off of a battle with Arsonal, at UW Battle League’s Apocalypse event. This will be Charlie’s first time in Canada, and his first battle for King Of The Dot.

Also on the card, two of the best freestylers in battle rap will face off, as DNA battles The Saurus. In a match up that many fans have asked for, but never though would happen, Fresco returns to battling in a battle with Rone. Real Deal makes his return to Canada, to battle Don’t Flop’s current Champion, Tony D. Rounding out the card, is Skelly vs Nov, Real Talk vs Aftershock and Scynikal vs Lexx Luthor.

KOTD | Vengeance 2 | Official Video Flyer

KOTD Vengeance 2

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  1. MisserVolcy says

    Hollahan vs Clips – Clips 3-0. Hollan AVERAGE at best.

    DNA vs Saurs – Debatable 2-1 either way. I’m going for DNA though.

    RealDeal vs Tony – RealDeal 2-1 or 3-0.

    Rone vs Fresco – Tie.
    The rest trash. Why did even get a battle? SMH step it up KOTD. Get 100 Bulletz vs JC

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