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Lush One Previews KOTD’s Vengeance 2 On HipHopDX

HipHopDX spoke with Lush One, to get a little preview of tomorrow’s Vengeance 2 event from King Of The Dot. Below, you can see an excerpt, with Lush speaking on battles featuring King Of The Dot and URL battlers. You can see the rest of the preview, by clicking here.

Lush One Talks About The URL vs KOTD Battles

“Overall, what I see is that URL tends to obviously focus on the more street elements of battling and the gun clapping aspect but really, I feel that you can find that within King of the Dot as well, except that’s not the only niche that King of the Dot covers. It’s a little bit of a broader spectrum. However, I will say that SMACK/URL has that style completely on lock to where, beyond a shadow of a doubt, they have that mastered. It’s more like these matches are cross promotion for everybody. [They are] style clashes and just different emcees with different rhymes competing and seeing who’s nastier. That’s really what it is. It’s creating an opportunity for dream matches of emcees that would normally never be in the same area, getting a chance to go at it. That’s what’s really exciting to me.”

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