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Lush One Talks About Leaving Grind Time Now

In his latest interview with HipHopDX, Lush One talks about leaving Grind Time Now. As you can see in the excerpt below, he goes into detail on everything that happened towards the end. To read what else he had to say about Grind Time, his opinion of Madd Illz, the West Coast division of King Of The Dot, what’s in store for the future and much more, click here.

Lush One Talks About Leaving Grind Time Now

DX: You mentioned Grind Time right now, being stolen. How did that happen?

Lush One: I got hella money stolen from me while I was working at Grind Time. I’m still owed money from a gang of different YouTube checks that I never received. The events that are being thrown by Grind Time with money that they’re generating off of their YouTube and all that kind of shit, that’s money from battles that I fuckin’ threw. It’s money that I generated that was supposed to be given to me years ago. It’s still more and more just pissing me off. No one respects Grind Time in the battling game. They’re completely fucking shut down, but they still fuckin’ have a chance of surviving. And that’s only based on the merit of my fuckin’ hard work and my other colleagues who were smart enough to fuckin’ walk away.

Everyone who was affiliated with the company fuckin’ bounced that was doing any good. Drect, the founder, Grind Time was his fuckin’ baby and he left. Poison Pen, a reputable guy who’s been in the game for years, got the fuck out of there. Kap Callous broke the fuck out because he was getting exploited and disrespected. Kyle [“Avocado” Gray] got the fuck out of there because he was getting disrespected. All of the other divisions, the Webmaster, the whole entire fuckin’ staff was getting…it was really fuckin’ shady. That shit, kind of like, is annoying as fuck to me, but I’m not a hater. I don’t fuckin’ not want anyone to not be successful. I actually have love for Madd Illz as a person. But the way all this shit’s been going down is super-duper funny style to me, and it doesn’t even make sense. All you’ve gotta do is look at the fuckin’ numbers and how the YouTube subscribers of Grind Time have been decreasing. They’re supposed to be going up way more exponentially than they have, but they’re getting less. It takes Grind Time literally like 10 days to get the amount of views that we can get with a King of the Dot release in 10 hours. It’s pathetic. You know what I mean? It used to be the other way around. The numbers have dwindled so fuckin’ much. It’s fuckin’ crazy dude. King of the Dot’s subscribers have almost increased by 50% if not more since I’ve come on board with what I’ve brought to the table there whereas Grind Time is losing reputability.

The top 50 viewed battles on Grind Time, I set up like 45 of them, and my homie set up the other 5. Of the top 100 battles on Grind Time’s most viewed, the only one that Madd Illz actually set up himself was me versus Unorthodox Phrases. I’m sorry to go off for hella long but that shit’s just fuckin’ irritating.

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