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Madd Illz Says He’s Being Sued By Drect & Lush One

Earlier we posted the Lush One interview with HipHopDX, where he goes into detail about him and others leaving Grind Time Now. Now HipHopDX has released a new interview with Madd Illz, where he gives his side of the story. He says that he’s being sued by Drect & Lush One, and believes they are trying to take the company back. He also says that Drect’s company has recently been attempting to have battles taken down YouTube. You can read an excerpt below, and head over to HipHopDX for the rest of the interview.

DX: What kind of pressure did you feel they were under that they wanted to quit?

Madd Illz: Everybody was demanding so much from them whether it be pay or what happened to such-and-such event. They weren’t able to properly keep track of it, so they started folding. Drect was a teenager coming out of Full Sail [University]. He never lived on his own. He never had a job. He had roommates but he had student loans. He had never done anything like me. When we started this, I had already left the Marine Corp. I was already doing a whole bunch of other shit before doing any kind of business with Drect. He was still a kid. Lush One was just a party guy. He’s a cool, crazy character but a lot of cats out West…I’ve never been in a place ever in anywhere I travel where it’s so openly accepted to do drugs right in front of you…open-ended on the tour bus and shit like that. Those cats were used to partying super hardcore and weren’t used to seeing money from Rap. They were used to seeing money from other shit. The cat lived with his girl who lived with her parents. Lush is even older than me, but these guys were still kids. So you go from living a life like that to having all of these people questioning you about what’s going on or coming to you for advice. These guys couldn’t take it, especially seeing that we got written up in The Source, magazines started covering us and it was kind of crazy. We still didn’t know what to do and them even more so. They weren’t built to handle that pressure at that time.

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