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Most Of The Dont Flop Staff Have Quit

Over the last week, most of the Dont Flop staff have quit the company, leaving many fans wondering whether or not this is the end of the UK’s biggest battle rap league. While some staff members were more direct than others, the common denominator seems to be issues with Eurgh, whether it’s for lack of payment or the way he treats others. Below is a post made by Callum, explaining why he chose to leave, as an example:

most of the dont flop staff have quit

In addition to Callum, Sam Strickland and Briggzy have announced their departures. Cruger is apparently on strike until he gets paid, which is why battles aren’t being edited or uploaded. Danny Jaqq has also announced he won’t be holding Training Days events, until the issues are resolved. This comes after other staff members like SamGrafix, Mos Prob, Strickers, Steph, MA, Bamalam and Bentlegs had already left the company. Not to mention all of the battle rappers that either stopped working for Dont Flop, or had been banned due to issues with Eurgh.

Eurgh has yet to publicly respond to the departures, or the comments being made by the staff who have left. This has left Dont Flop fans wondering about the status of the league, and whether or not this signals the end. It will be interesting to see whether or not Eurgh will look to hire new staff and pick up where they left off.

We’ll be sure and update you should Eurgh respond, or any other news comes in. For now, you can read a post from Bamalam below, going into details on the issues that caused him to leave. You can also read more on this post from RMBVA.

most of the dont flop staff have quit
most of the dont flop staff have quit

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