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NowHipHop Hired Daylyt As Creative Marketing Director

In news that many will take as trolling in some form or another, but appears to be for real, NowHipHop hired Daylyt as Creative Marketing Director. Moe Rock announced the hiring in a video on, which was then followed by a press release on Yahoo! Finance.

You can read why Daylyt was chosen for the position, as well as a hint at what’s to come in the excerpt below.

Known as a marketing expert after building his own brand using creative strategies he is now in a position to bring that same skill set to the corporate world. “He has garnered millions of views around the world from simple interviews which make it clear from a marketing perspective he is a proven asset,” says Moe Rock the founder of “As a pure marketer he can be compared to some of the brightest minds that come from ivy league schools but he has his finger directly on the Hip Hop culture’s pulse which makes his skillset to his company sacrosanct.” the signing is a clear indication of the new viral style methods that are being employed by media brands to garner audience engagement.

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