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Rumored Card For URL’s Night Of Main Events 3

Smack and the URL are looking to pick up the pace over the next few weeks, hosting a series of events. As most of you are probably already aware, URL is holding an event this Saturday featuring John John Da Don vs Math Hoffa, Shotgun Suge vs Bill Collector, Dose vs Lotta Zay and Nuborn vs Sco. Many of the battles on the next two events have started to make their rounds as well.

URL was also planning to host another event on May 4th, featuring a few battles that have been talked about for a while. Real Deal goes up against PG standout Ill Will, and B Magic will be battling Dot Mobb’s Tay Roc.  Tech 9 vs Cortez is also scheduled to be on the card, as well as Danja Zone vs Tone Montana.

There were also talks of Qleen Paper vs Money Bagz and Math Hoffa vs Daylyt for this event, but with three of them battling the next day in Detroit, things may have changed. Ill Will is also scheduled to battle in Detroit the next day, and is confirmed for this event though, so the possibility is there. It’s also been confirmed that Big Kannon vs Syahboy is coming up, and may end up on this card.

Then there’s the event everyone is waiting for, URL’s Night Of Main Events 3. As of now, it looks like Hollow Da Don will be making his long awaited return against Tsu Surf. The T-Rex vs Dizaster battle, originally scheduled for Armageddon, will also likely be on the card. Rounding out the card, you’ll also see Big T vs K-Shine, Hitman Holla vs Conceited and Chilla Jones vs DNA.

Keep in mind, that nothing is confirmed until Smack and the URL make an official announcement. That said, this is a look at what will most likely be on the next few cards from URL.

Official Card For The URL Event On April 20th

  • Math Hoffa vs John John Da Don
  • Bill Collector vs Shotgun Suge
  • Dose vs Lotta Zay
  • Nuborn vs Sco

Rumored Card For The URL Event On May 4th

  • B Magic vs Tay Roc
  • Cortez vs Tech 9
  • Real Deal vs Ill Will
  • Danja Zone vs Tone Monana
  • *Big Kannon vs Syahboy
  • *Math Hoffa vs Daylyt
  • *Qleen Paper vs Money Bagz

Rumored Card For URL’s Night Of Main Events 3

  • Hollow Da Don vs Tsu Surf
  • Hitman Holla vs Conceited
  • Chilla Jones vs DNA
  • Big T vs K-Shine
  • Dizaster vs T-Rex
  1. LFJeremy says

    That rumored night 3 cards looks WILD man, I hope it goes down like that!!!

    1. battlefix says

      LFJeremy Yeah, it definitely has the potential to be the best event yet.

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