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Shotty Horroh Explains Why He Left Don’t Flop

After some miscommunication stemming from a joke Shotty had made on Twitter, Shotty Horroh explains why he left Don’t Flop. He brings up the fact that he was never paid by Don’t Flop, and is doing the battle for King Of The Dot, because they value his contributions. He says that despite Don’t Flop paying international talent that gets flown in for events, the local UK talent doesn’t get paid. You can see everything he had to say about the subject below.

This is unfortunately a problem that was inevitable, and isn’t the first time this has happened. A few years back, something similar happened with King Of The Dot. Many of the more high profile Canadian battlers began complaining about not getting paid, when KOTD was paying the battlers that flew in from the United States. Eventually, King Of The Dot was able to get to the point where they could also pay the bigger local battlers as well, and the issue appears to be resolved.

The same thing now seems to be happening with Don’t Flop, starting with Shotty Horroh. It’s a complicated problem, and one that comes with the territory of a growing battle league. On the one hand, the international talent is paid because of their name and status, which brings views and attention to the league. On the other hand, the local talent is what built the league up to the point where they can afford to pay international talent.

Eventually, the local talent at the top of the card is going to expect to receive a portion of the profits. You can only expect someone to do something for free, for so long. The fact is, there’s only so much money to go around, and not everyone on the card can be paid. At the same time, local battlers at the level of Shotty Horroh (or Lunar C, Mark Grist, Blizzard, etc) that are big draws in their own right, shouldn’t be punished just because they are local.

It will be interesting to see how things play out, and if this stays an isolated incident, or if some of the other UK battlers start to express the same sentiment. Don’t Flop is no longer a small league, and has established itself as the dominant figure in UK battle rap. Their subscribers and views on battles have become comparable to King Of The Dot, and the top tier are going to feel they deserve something for what they’ve contributed. If that means flying in one or two less international battlers, in order to pay the homegrown talent, then that’s something that will have to be considered. You can read what Shotty Horroh had to say below.

Shotty Horroh Explains Why He Left Don’t Flop

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