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Summer Madness 3 Results & Live Updates

We will be posting Summer Madness 3 results and live updates from this weekend’s URL event. Starting Saturday with the Proving Grounds event, which features Saint Micvs Tommy Fishscale, Anubis vs HA Double Sno vs KG The Poet, Illanoiz vs D Gunna and Logic vs GE. Then check back Sunday, for Summer Madness 3 results and live updates of Jaz The Rapper vs Ms Hustle, Ill Will vs Tay Roc, Daylyt vs Swave Sevah, JC vs John John Da Don, Arsonal vs K-Shine, Math Hoffa vs Serius Jones, Big T vs O-Red and T-Rex vs Calicoe.

Proving Grounds | Summer Madness 3 Results & Live Updates

  • PGs are once again happening on the rooftop.
  • Saint Mic vs Tommy Fischscale is up first.
  • Saint Mic is impressing people with his first round.
  • Second round was debatable.
  • Saint Mic is choking in his third.
  • Tommy Fischscale got the third.
  • Debatable battle, depends on who you give the second.
  • Anubis vs HA Double up next.
  • Anubis went off in his first, has people going crazy.
  • HA is punching back though, in his first.
  • Anubis is going crazy in the second as well, stealing the show.
  • HA Double is making a battle out of it, though.
  • The third was crazy from both as well, and the battle could go either way.
  • Anubis probably started stronger, but HA finished strong, crazy battle.
  • Sno vs KG The Poet is up next.
  • Sno started out strong, but had a slip up.
  • KG had probably the round of the day, and took the first.
  • Sno picked things up in the second, no slips.
  • Another solid round from KG, the second was much closer.
  • This was probably Sno’s best round of the battle.
  • KG going off again, people are saying either 2-1 or 3-0 for KG
  • Another break, Illanoiz vs D Gunna and Logic vs GE left.
  • Illanoiz vs D Gunna is coming up next.
  • JC’s on the rooftop, spitting his rounds for John John
  • There’s a delay, waiting for Illanoiz to get to the event.
  • Calicoe’s saying fuck every Dot Mobb member, while waiting for the next battle.
  • Illanoiz made it to the event, and he’s going off in the first.
  • D Gunna’s not having his best performance, which is unfortunate, cuz he has potential.
  • Gunna choked, and gave up early in the second and third.
  • He was getting pissed at the crowd, thought they were all dickriding.
  • Illanoiz impressed, and took the battle.
  • Impromptu battle between Tyranny, and someone named Marino I believe.
  • They started out slow, but Tyranny’s going off now.
  • Other dude is picking things up as well, ending up a good battle.
  • Logic vs GE coming up next.
  • GE went first, had some good material, solid round.
  • Logic had a standout performance and took the battle.
  • GE wasn’t bad, but Logic was on another level today.
  • That’s it for the PGs, check back tomorrow for live updates from SM3.

Summer Madness 3 Results & Live Updates

  • Promotion or not, the line to get into the venue is already around the block.
  • They are about to show the Conceited vs Yung Ill battle to those who bought Early Bird tickets.
  • Most people in attendance are still agreeing that Yung Ill got it, Conceited was good though.
  • Despite doubts otherwise, Charlie Clips is in the building.
  • They’re about to let in the rest of the crowd.
  • The line’s moved once, still tons of people waiting.
  • With 8 battles, it’s going to be a long night.
  • They’re starting to let more people into the build, line’s cheering.
  • All of the talk has turned to how good Bonnie Godiva looks today.
  • Still a lot of people waiting in line to get into the venue.
  • They’re saying the first battle should start in about 20 minutes.
  • Loaded Lux is in the building.
  • Clips has a shirt that says “Pay Clips Or We Riot”
  • There are still people outside, waiting in line to get in the venue.
  • Daylyt and the crew look straight out of GTA: San Andreas.
  • The NFL season is going to end, before this event does.
  • Apparently the plan is to wait until everyone’s phone dies before starting the event, to avoid spoilers.
  • Fans are getting impatient, people booing already, and the event hasn’t started.
  • Apparently, the hold up is someone trying to bring weapons into the venue.
  • Don’t be afraid to discuss the event (or lack thereof) in the comments below.
  • Battles are supposed to start soon, we’ll see.
  • They said 5 minutes…. RNT
  • Any longer, and Summer Madness 3 becomes a 2 day event.

Arsonal vs K-Shine | Summer Madness 3 Results & Live Updates

  • The battle’s finally about to start, for real this time.
  • Smack’s on stage, crowd went crazy.
  • “They said this wasn’t gonna be a crazy card, well let’s see” – Smack
  • First round on Ars.
  • Ars is sporting a crip rag tanktop, and just cripwalked up to Shine.
  • Ars is all up in Shine’s face.
  • “Only reason your daddy married your mom, was cuz that pussy was in heat, why you think you look like Mario Chalmers” – Ars
  • Crowd is rocking with Ars heavily, already.
  • Arsonal’s going nuts, really good first round so far.
  • “I’ma let it ring back to back, my nine name Lebron James” – Ars
  • “For chasin ya dreams, !’ll send you where Lil Snupe at” – Ars
  • Crowd is going nuts, forgot all about the waiting.
  • Ars is getting real disrespectful, all up in Shine’s face, saying how soft Dot Mobb is.
  • “Itching to kill, crippin for real, that’s a C-Section surgery – Ars
  • Really strong first round from Ars, it’s on Shine.
  • “You said you can’t spell bars without putting the Ars in it, but I never heard a hot bar with Ars in it” – Shine
  • Shine is spazzing out, too.
  • His mic’s too low though, and hard to hear.
  • “This is a cake walk. That k so big, I had to shoot it doing the Srake walk” – K-Shine
  • “You don’t ever swing shit, you’re a busdriver. You’re supposed to have a mean hit” – Shine
  • He’s losing steam, Ars is going to take the first.
  • Close round though, and might be different on cam, where you can hear Shine better.
  • Ring card girl got booed.
  • Round 2 on Ars.
  • Arsonal’s going in on Murda Mook, talking about everyone leaving during his SM2 battle.
  • Ars is taking shots at the legends, including Lux. Talking about why Ars is a legend.
  • Ars is taking shots at Smack, too.
  • “Gun in my hand sir, this can sir could kill a smoker” – Ars
  • “”Niggas hate you on their screen, like the Everest commercial” – Ars
  • Ars getting all up in his face again, Shine pushed him away.
  • Round 2 on Shine.
  • Shine shouted out all the midgets in the world.
  • Shine just brought a midget on stage, crowd went crazy.
  • Short round from Shine, a lot of jokes, crowd loved it though.
  • Round 3 on Ars.
  • He just said Mook and Shine got something in common, they both choked.
  • Then he brought the dude who choked Mook onto the stage.
  • Crowd is booing Ars now, he didn’t deserve it though.
  • Crowd keeps booing Ars for no apparent reason, not giving him a chance.
  • Apparently it’s midgets over bars.
  • Won’t be the last gimmick you see tonight either, and that’s before Daylyt battles.
  • It’s on Shine.
  • “You lose every single battle, then say Smack and Beasley hustled you ” – Shine
  • “Surf would call Budden before he fuck with you, and Suge can’t get a battle anywhere else… so he stuck with you” -Shine
  • “”How you own Ultimate Warrior, but still can’t get you Ws” – Shine
  • Okay, Shine is going off in the third.
  • Shine is getting extra personal in the third.
  • Crowd starting to boo Shine a bit too now.
  • Probably a little more 2-1s for Shine than Ars, but it’s close.
  • Debatable battle, that’ll be decided on cam.
  • Over 50,000 views for this post already, damn. Shout out to all of you.
  • If you’re here for the first time, be sure and check the site out when it’s not crashing.

Big T vs O-Red | Summer Madness 3 Results & Live Updates

  • This battle’s up next, first round on Big T.
  • Mic issues again…
  • Big T is going off to start.
  • “Bring O in the middle of BX”- Big T
  • “Be in the building with more barrels than a wine party” – Big T
  • “Soon as he turn on the lights, pop up in his crib like a surprise party” – Big T
  • “Boo me. I’ll stop midway through round like ch-ch. who was that?!” – Big T
  • T is going the fuck off, in the first.
  • “I’ll put a beam on this nigga, I always had it in for Red/infrared” – Big T
  • “Gave him a clip, the clip slipped… gave him another one, I owed Red” – T
  • “You know what that got in common with a target? The O red.” – Big T
  • Round 1 on O-Red
  • Red brought out another giant cookie for Big T.
  • Two battles, two props. Daylyt’s gonna need to not use any props to stand out.
  • O-Red with the name flips, too.
  • “You the cheapest drink in McDonalds, that means you Sweet T” – Red
  • “O’s beast, you just obese” – Red
  • Red is going in too, this is turning out to be the classic everyone expected.
  • Big Kannon, I know you love the way I whipped his ass… y’all gonna love T..KO Teddy Pendergrass” – Red
  • “You couldn’t handle 4 quarters, how you see O… T” – Red
  • Red might’ve just took this round.
  • Round 2 on Big T
  • Crowd isn’t rocking with T like they did in the first, a lot of bars going over heads.
  • “When you buried your flag the soldier died in you. When you a real soldier, you supposed to bury that flag with you.” T
  • The mic is too low, hard for a lot of people to hear Big T.
  • Decent round from Big T, not as good as the first. Gonna look better on cam, though.
  • Round 2 on O-Red.
  • Red starts out with a Big perm/Big Worm joke.
  • People are talking during Red’s round like they did Big T’s.
  • The Jersey crowd is telling them to shut up, though.
  • “Couldn’t kill a VERSE on Smack, if you was Jin clown” – Red
  • O-Red might’ve edged the second though.
  • The crowd is really fucking up the battle.
  • Round 3 on Big T.
  • Big T’s telling his version of the STL story about O-Red, from the Calicoe battle.
  • “You got these old hoes talking like they queen, Mama Dee” – Big T
  • “Giving a couple the toast, like a wedding” – Big T
  • Big T is picking things back up in the third.
  • “This red tag taking half off” – Big T
  • Big T has zome crazy wordplay in the third, he’s going off.
  • “Squeezing out at they faces. I done took a plug out they head, like I’m leaving out the Matrix.” – Big T
  • “Guns sound like…… Now lets speak in private” – Big T
  • Probably Big T’s best round of the battle.
  • Round 3 on O-Red
  • O-Red’s addressing battlers not coming with their best lately.
  • “You get the machete work. Slice across his chest, turn Big T to a belly shirt” – O-Red
  • “That steel peel like Real Deal, that guy’ll teach ya” O-Red
  • O-Red’s taking some shots at DNA, Math Hoffa too.
  • O-Red is going off in this 3rd as well.
  • O-Red basically did a battle rap Control verse for his third, in a good way.
  • Crazy battle on both sides, other than the crowd fucking with the 2nd.
  • More people edging to Red, but it was definitely debatable.
  • Gonna be decided once the video drops, and will be even better on cam.
  • Definitely a potential classic.
  • Ring card girls got booed again, by the way, even though they’re hotter than previous ones.

Jaz The Rapper vs Ms Hustle| Summer Madness 3 Results & Live Updates

  • The females are up next.
  • Star said that Lady Luck is returning in February.
  • Smack said he’s going to fire the sound check guy, and the crowd booed the sound man.
  • First round on Jaz.
  • Jaz shut the crowd up real quick, and is starting strong.
  • The crowd is definitely showing the females love so far.
  • “U lookin hurt in these streets, but don’t worry, I’ll make sure they bury you in the dirt…with the beats” – Jaz
  • “I’m outta school bitches. But ain’t shit changed, cuz it’s September and I’m back to school bitches” – Jaz
  • “A hustler is supposed to push Smack” – Jaz
  • The crowd is completely loving Jaz so far.
  • “Jaz yells “Think of the dirtest nigga you know!”
  • Crowd yells “DNA!”
  • “If I really wanted your spot I’d take it Hustle. Show up at ya door, like ‘what up chief’ but I ain’t Tracy Morgan, I ain’t playin hustle” – Jaz
  • Crazy first round from Jaz, it’s on Hustle.
  • Aaaaaaaaand, Hustle stumbled almost instantly.
  • She’s picking it back up, though.
  • “I’ll show you how to control a verse, I’m Kendrick Lamar” – Hustle
  • Okay, Hustle’s going crazy now, she recorvered nicely.
  • “You said you bout ya books and ya student life,.my essays will come with the Apple on the Mac, and take this student’s life ” – Hustle
  • Y’all gonna think I’m the teacher’s pet, when I leave her apple on the desk” – Hustle
  • She was a little shaky at first, seemed nervous from the big stage, but she’s going crazy now.
  • Norbes is the nigga, that work for the nigga, that work for the nigga that get the dutches for Smack” – Hustle
  • “In that E-Hart battle you held my water, you got Bobby Busheyed” – Hustle
  • If it wasn’t for that stumble, this round would definitely be going to Hustle.
  • The females are low key stealing the show.
  • Round 2 on Jaz, and the audio’s fucking up again.
  • Hustle started twerking with the ring card girl.
  • Another strong start for Jaz.
  • Phara Funeral just got up in Jaz’s face.
  • Hustle definitely has the aggression, but Jaz has crazy bars.
  • Her second is as good as her first, if not better.
  • Jaz is going in with the personals now.
  • Jaz is talking about who fucked who when it comes to the QOTR women.
  • “You can get killed for trying to rob bars, you didn’t see what happened to Blizzard in Juice?: – Jaz
  • Really good round from Jaz, it’s on Hustle.
  • Hustle is starting off strong too, this battle’s crazy.
  • “You play tough, I’ma send Jaz to A Different World, if she pull them shades up” – Hustle
  • Okay the females aren’t fucking around, Hustle is going off.
  • “You let all the grapes smash, your pussy is a winery” – Jaz
  • Suge, Ars and Daylyt smashed, you should put a cork in it” – Jaz
  • Jaz is going in about Hustle’s relationship with Lotta Zay.
  • She’s going crazy on Lottay Zay.
  • Jaz vs Lotta, set it up Debo.
  • “You ain’t Ms Hustle bitch, you Ms Struggle” – Jaz
  • Jaz had a long ass third, it was dope though, it’s on Hustle.
  • Hustle took shots at JC and John John, said they’re ass.
  • Hustle was asking for water, but the crowd was getting ready to boo, so she said fuck it.
  • Hustle’s losing steam in the third.
  • 2-1 either way, but most are leaning towards Jaz. Dope battle though.
  • Looking like Rex vs Cal is up next.
  • Conceited is wearing leather pants.

T-Rex vs Calicoe | Summer Madness 3 Live Updates & Results

  • Looks like Hitman and Con are about to do a one round battle.
  • To replace their third from the last battle, I guess.
  • Yeah, they’re going to re-spit their third rounds.
  • DNA also called out BMagic.
  • This is all after Hitman, Con, DNA and Goodz pressed Smack on stage about not being on the card.
  • You’d almost think they were about to hit him with a chair, and spraypaint NWO on his back.
  • Orrrrrrrrr not…. looks like they won’t be redoing their third after all.
  • Apparently, their battle drops on Tuesday.
  • DNA was going to do a freestyle, but is getting booed.
  • He was spitting the bars form the vlog dissing the card, and left the stage after getting booed.
  • Reed Dollaz is on stage now, looks like him vs John John is happening on URL on November 3rd.
  • 10:30, 5 battles left, RNT
  • Battle’s starting, Rex is up first.
  • Rex is spazzing out on Cal almost instantly.
  • Nothing too crazy bar wise yet, but the Rex delivery is there, crowd is loving him.
  • “I might as well be a serial killer, cuz a bag in a box is where your pops go” – Rex
  • Rex accused Cal’s pops of being a snitch.
  • “Shells hit you and your man, like a freak bitch” – Rex
  • “Let that 5th go behind his back, like he not around” – Rex
  • “He’s going to get killed by a shell, like Mario” – Rex
  • “I’m shooting at the ground, in case he lay down and act dead” – Rex
  • “I’m leaving no witness, cuz I’m off in the middle of his round like Trick Trick.” – Rex
  • “Have them bullets going through you, like a middle man” – Rex
  • Typical solid first round from Rex, it’s on Calicoe.
  • Calicoe has the room erupting out the gate, he’s back folks.
  • “No matter how many times he make Mook look like a bitch, it still ain’t gonna equal up to this real shit.” – Calicoe
  • Cal turned to the crowd and screamed “I’m Baaack!” and they went nuts.
  • “They say the venue be packed man,  that’s why I’m eating all these dots” – Cal
  • “I just showed up on some chill shit, I could’ve just shown up to this battle without out raps on some Ill shit” – Cal
  • “What ya’ll move? Dot Mobb is a bunch of bitches, Moulin Rouge” – Cal
  • Cal definitely took the first round, in the venue.
  • Jay-X said he rock Tom Ford, I pop you and have my youngin do the time for it” – Rex
  • Okay, Rex is fighting back in the second.
  • Rex is motivated, his second is crazy so far.
  • “That fifth all chrome, that Mack black. Both got kick like Duncan Penderhues from Class Act” – Rex
  • “I treat my block like a new born ass, I put powder on it” Really Rex? Crowd went crazy, too.
  • “I’ll murder a nigga’s mother’s mother for that gram, ma” -Rex…
  • Round 2 on Cal, he did a rebuttal and the crowd booed it.
  • He took the crowd right back though.
  • Calicoe’s calling out Tsu Surf now.
  • Cal lost a little steam towards the end.
  • He caught a couple boos but told the crowd he don’t care, that can’t take this from him and the crowd cheered.
  • Solid 2nd from Cal, despite the weak finish.
  • Round 3 on Rex.
  • Rex started off a little slow, but he’s picking up momentum.
  • “If it’s drama, I’m with it. Show up to his funeral, in the same clothes I had on when I did it.” – Rex
  • Also on the Philly Invasion card in November is Cortez vs Kaboom and Tech 9 vs Shotgun Suge.
  • Solid round from Rex, it’s on Cal.
  • “Son burn, blast him… and make him eat the ashes out his son urn” – Cal
  • Crowd is starting to boo Cal, the third was the weakest round from both.
  • He’s still got some shit though, crowd is just tired… and there’s still 4 battles left.
  • Rex got the third, most people are still giving it to Cal 2-1.
  • About to be midnight, and there’s still half the card left.

Ill Will vs Tay Roc | Summer Madness 3  Results & Live Updates

  • This battle is up next.
  • Crowd is booin Bow Wow.
  • Tay Roc is going first.
  • “I’m KFC, I’ll wing the drumstick then leave your thighs and breasts in a box” – Tay…
  • Tay Roc is waking the crowd back up.
  • Tay Roc was hit or miss in the first, it’s on Will.
  • Ill Will’s going off already.
  • Crowd is going crazy for Ill Will, he might’ve got the first already.
  • “I’m getting head in your mother whip. We only fuck in the car, that’s the mothership” – Will
  • “I’ll tuck it back in my shirt, like hot sauce at a Rutgers game” – Will
  • Ill Will is in the middle of becoming a star.
  • He might be getting the biggest reaction of the night.
  • “Fuck the fame…..I’ll have you looking like Alonzo, when the Russians came” – Will
  • Round 2 on Tay Roc, and he’s fighting back.
  • Tay Roc is making a battle out of it, much better in the second.
  • “Get yyour life taken, that’s a given. This gun’ll have your shit all outside, that’s eviction” – Tay
  • “Headshots, he wont remember a round, I will Yung Ill Will” – Tay
  • We got a battle, much better round from Roc, the crowd is going crazy for this battle.
  • Round 2 on Ill Will.
  • Will wasting no time firing back, though.
  • Ill Will seemed like he was about to choke, but said “You think I’m choking? Not here nigga, I can’t choke cuz I’m not a top tier nigga”.
  • A lot of people are calling this the battle of the night, so far.
  • A much closer round, could go either way.
  • Tay Roc’s not bad in the third, but not up to par with his second.
  • “One on one, I make this nigga look like Kyla Pratt” – Tay
  • Ill Will took a shot at Don Demarco, then stumbled right after.
  • Push his wig left, bullets like Catholic priests, they’ll touch his kids next” – Will
  • Another good round from Will.
  • Rounds 2 and 3 are debatable, only clear round was Will winning the first.

Math Hoffa vs Serius Jones | Summer Madness 3 Results & Live Updates

  • Serius Jones came on stage with 3 half naked chicks in body paint.
  • Crowd’s not really fucking with Serius Jones.
  • They haven’t booed him yet, but they aren’t showing him much love.
  • Math is yelling “Time!” during Jones’ round.
  • Crowd isn’t fucking with him at all, they’d be gone if they weren’t waiting to see what Daylyt does.
  • Jones is still rapping though, despite the crowd yelling “Time” on his now too.
  • Smack and Jones are arguing about the time limit.
  • Jones’ material just came off really out-dated.
  • Math started his round with a rebuttal about the topless chicks, crowd loved it.
  • Math just took a swing at Serius.
  • They started fighting, and Math is rocking him.
  • Didn’t even seem like Math had a reason to swing either, Dose all over again.
  • Either way, Math rocked him pretty good.
  • Got a feeling this event is about to be over, and Daylyt’s about to go ballistic.
  • And URL probably won’t be booking Stage 48 any more either, smh
  • Math bounced as soon as the fight was over.
  • Aaaaand it’s official, no JC vs John John or Daylyt vs Swave, event over.
  • Daylyt and his boys are not pleased at all, to put it lightly.
  • Daylyt’s going off, demanding money, saying they ain’t ever coming to Cali.
  • There’s apparently dozens of Grape Street dudes wilding out on Smack outside right now.
  • So supposedly, the crowd didn’t react to a Math bar, but Jones said “Woooooo!” and that’s when Math punched him.
  • Here’s a couple of vids from RapGrid, speaking with fans about the Math and Serius fight, as well as the Daylyt and Smack drama.
  • And below that is a tweet from Daylyt…
  • For more info on SM3, including interviews, recaps, bts footage, Math and Serius both addressing the incident, Daylyt confronting Smack and more, hit the Summer Madness 3 tag.

  1. battlefix says

    5StarDieHard AndrewBennett1 It’s being removed.

  2. 5StarDieHard says

    battlefix that was going to be my next comment……on to the next tho is things still moving slow over there?

  3. DrFunny23 says

    Dayum its 5:10 my time. (6:10 in NY and the first event didnt even start yet? Why cant for once url staff can have some shit starting on time, release a battle on time, give announcements on time, i mean something ON TIME… I been there before… being late and not caring (real nigga time) but my white friends introduced me to the art of being EARLY and ON TIME…. it really isn’t all that bad! I paid some of my bills EARLY. Got to work EARLY… and life has been easier… Spread the word!

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    5StarDieHard battlefix Yup, people are starting to boo because of the waiting around.

  5. 5StarDieHard says

    DrFunny23 yea i thought with all the backlashing URL been receiving they wouldve had things moving better…i guess not im still hoping the battles turn out to be real good becuase i dont like how people are just going at their neck bout the card and not having lux or any other top tier on the card

  6. smonson22 says

    kotd bout to take the battle game over just cause smack is doin stuff like this…it said 3:30…wow…im a real nigga but this real nigga time is ridiculous

  7. 5StarDieHard says

    battlefix 5StarDieHard smh not cool this yr has been a real rough one for URL

  8. jjevans85 says

    I feel sorry 4 whoever battling last… battle going to be late and crowd is going to be out of it! I thought smack would have fixed these problems… Do they have food vendors?

  9. Diallo_The_Great says

    I’d like to start off by giving a shout out to Battle Fix for giving updates in the first place…..People like me like to stay informed when we can’t make the trip to be there live. Salute.

  10. Diallo_The_Great says

    jjevans85 Smack said in one of his videos that he was gonna have food vendors in there this time.

  11. battlefix says

    Diallo_The_Great jjevans85 There’s food vendors, and Daylyt vs Swave is last, because you know…. who knows what Daylyt’s gonna do.

  12. Diallo_The_Great says

    battlefix Diallo_The_Great jjevans85 If Daylyt tries something disrespectful on Swave, it may be the last time the battles are held in Studio 48 lol

  13. MarcPapers says

    Smack you call this real nigga time?

  14. Rblanks88 says

    This is pretty nice. I actually dont mind just having this site up and chilling

  15. MarcPapers says

    Being there live is much better at seeing the battles. But the lack of professionalism for the league is the worst part.

  16. Rblanks88 says

    I dont understand how someone trying to get a weapon into the event delayed it by 3 hours. I’m’ not buying it. That is easily handled. Get out the line or i’m calling the cops. 10 minutes solved.

  17. Iller B says

    Does URL have an event director or someone in charge to keep the event on time? That seems like what they’re missing. It makes no sense for an event of this magnitude to be so late.

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    Arsonal got killed 3-0 recently by Dizaster.

  19. BryanBlack1 says

    AndrewBennett1 you buggn

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    im hoping kshine bring this W home i really didnt like his performance against BIg-t…..arsonal is ight to me nothing special

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    You serious. Diz is trash he yells out random 80% of the time

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    I got K-Shine beating Ars.

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    ars goin to win jersey!!!!!

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    AndrewBennett1 smh lol u wilding ars bodied him 3-0

  26. Iller B says

    Hopefully Shine makes it a battle

  27. AndrewBennett1 says

    yeah, he killed him

  28. Diallo_The_Great says

    I don’t really understand all of the hate that Arsonal gets.

  29. 5StarDieHard says

    Diallo_The_Great alot of people dont like his character….he is cool as a battle rapper i just think he gets over hyped

  30. Iller B says

    The hate from Ars comes from people thinking he’s overrated. Plus he rambles a bit in his rounds

  31. 5StarDieHard says

    looks like a solid round from ars….lets see if kshine can bounce back from his last performance

  32. AndrewBennett1 says

    Dizaster is the best out right now.

  33. 5StarDieHard says

    AndrewBennett1 someone deactivate his account lol

  34. twinboi says

    AndrewBennett1 yyou crazy as hell

  35. StewRell says

    That was a tie. If you think Ars lost or Dizaster…then you a fan of one of em.

  36. StewRell says

    They on black people time.

  37. Diallo_The_Great says

    5StarDieHard AndrewBennett1 LMAO

  38. 5StarDieHard says

    of course ars would take shots at smack i mean he dissed him before and smack still brought him back to URL to battle verb now k shine smh….

  39. AndrewBennett1 says

    Best Battle Rappers are
    Pat Stay
    Arcane & Hollohan.

  40. 5StarDieHard says

    AndrewBennett1 HA! its official we found one of the guys lamar odom gets high with

  41. Iller B says

    You wildin homie

  42. Diallo_The_Great says

    Shine brought out midgets? Lmao

  43. smonson22 says

    AndrewBennett1 no no no and no

  44. TrueMyian says

    AndrewBennett1  trolling is lame unless you are actually funny.

  45. smonson22 says

    shine finally goin in

  46. smonson22 says

    still dont like him…lol

  47. 5StarDieHard says

    damn u know whats crazy? its 7:40 eastern time and only one battle completed with 7 more this might go on until 1 am smh i hope the mc’s energy stay up to put on a good show

  48. 5StarDieHard says

    well thats one battle that wasnt bad…..and i thought this battle was a throw in

  49. X0_Boogs says

    He named battle rapper that only white people really like lol

  50. RyanHamilton2 says

    people just love to hate arsonal i  wait for the footage i’m not goin off he say she say

  51. Untld1 says

    You on one for that lol

  52. smonson22 says

    who got the next battle

  53. X0_Boogs says

    Didn’t arcane get exposed for buying Bars…… Dont worry I’ll wait

  54. 5StarDieHard says

    smonson22 the one ive been waiting for big t vs o red

  55. TarasRipCinoBrandon says

    I fuck with red heavy but come on Big T show that nigga how chi town get down!!!!

  56. smonson22 says

    5StarDieHard on the low…i wanna see what jaz talkin bout…she be havin bars

  57. 5StarDieHard says

    smonson22 5StarDieHard yea me too…. she gets alot of hate on the low but that pretty thing can spit…i hope she is ready for that crowd

  58. 5StarDieHard says

    TarasRipCinoBrandon i dont have a winner for this battle they both my favs…..i just wanna see a classic no choking no lite rounds just str8 bars

  59. jon_blaz3 says

    is this event being streamed live someone plz lmfk!!??!

  60. 5StarDieHard says

    jon_blaz3 no its not

  61. 5StarDieHard says

    im hearing ored is going thanksgiving honey baked ham right now

  62. jon_blaz3 says

    this the battle i wanted to see.. im callin o red 3-0 hes hungry

  63. smonson22 says

    5StarDieHard jon_blaz3 that is where kotd got url beat…just charge ppv and get more money

  64. 5StarDieHard says

    im hearing that big -t vs o red is a classic alot….i hope so all i kno is that so far sm3 is 2-0 with good battles from what im hearing…if the footage says the same then these big names can forget about getting those numbers they were asking for

  65. battlefix says

    Talk to me while I got a chance between battles, is the site lagging out and giving errors for you guys, like it is for me updating?

  66. LstrObamathon says

    battlefix just barely

  67. DavidPalma says

    Definitely appreciate the summer madness updates.. Thank u..

  68. battlefix says

    LstrObamathon battlefix Good, it’s crazy on my end. Definitely going to look into a better way to do this for the next event. Appreciate the feedback.

  69. Iller B says

    It’s funny what you get when you put these hungry battlers on that big stage

  70. 5StarDieHard says

    battlefix LstrObamathon yea its taking awhile how is it in there….is the crowd still alive?

  71. LstrObamathon says

    battlefix LstrObamathon i mustve refreshed 50 times and only got 2 errors and they only lasted for about 5 seconds

  72. Iller B says

    Not really

  73. LstrObamathon says

    they shouldve saved the females for last.. so if nobody wants to sit through that bullshit they can just leave.. but then most likely the whole building would be empty

  74. 5StarDieHard says

    Iller B yea u right but did u see the amount of hate URL got for this card…thats why im happy so the battles been good

  75. 5StarDieHard says

    LstrObamathon nah let them go now….people really wanna see daylyte

  76. Iller B says

    The only battle I worry about being subpar is math Hoffa vs Serius Jones

  77. TrueMyian says

    battlefix not as often as you think. It’s happened a couple of times but nothing you need to worry about….appreciate this site….I always come here for the news and updates #salute

  78. battlefix says

    I’m about to embed a storify post and update from that, because the server is fucking with my updates. That way I shouldn’t have any problems. Bonus, you guys won’t have to refresh, either.

  79. 5StarDieHard says

    smonson22 5StarDieHard jon_blaz3 tru…..but what about bootleggers? url has a certain way of presenting things to the people and i dont think it should change.. if thats the only thing that kotd has over url then shit ill take that

  80. Iller B says

    Yea but its expected especially when you’re doing something new

  81. OmarJohnson0 says

    My top 5 no specific order:
    DNA, Dizaster, Daylyt, O-red, Swave Sevah…..just to add a 6th Uno Lavoz cuz he cracks me up

  82. Iller B says

    How long are they waiting between battles?

  83. 5StarDieHard says

    Iller B u right…but people will find anything to hate on….no lie i hate the new fans all of them lol

  84. TarasRipCinoBrandon says

    5StarDieHard TarasRipCinoBrandon  hell yeah

  85. AndrewBennett1 says

    The sexiest female battle rapper is 40 Barrs.

  86. 5StarDieHard says

    AndrewBennett1 thats the smartest thing u said today….u must be sober

  87. Deboakathatnigga says

    He did not get killed by dizaster stop dick eating

  88. Iller B says

    Is Bonnie Godiva dead?

  89. DavidPalma says

    I think dat ored vs big t was the best match-up on dis card

  90. 5StarDieHard says

    Iller B damn i forgot bout her…..homie had me fucked up by saying something smart

  91. 5StarDieHard says

    DavidPalma mos def

  92. Diallo_The_Great says

    DavidPalma agreed

  93. battlefix says

    Ok, maybe I was wrong, you might still have to refresh for the updates. But I won’t be having any more problems posting them, so they’ll be coming quicker. Only problem is, sometimes storify delays a minute or two to show the updates. They’re coming in steady now, though. Thanks for all of your understanding.

  94. JayButta says

    I got Hustle winning this battle… Jazz nice don’t get me wrong, but y’all “fans” be too thirsty for her

  95. Iller B says

    He almost got us homie almost. Plus if he only put KOTD rappers as best out he could’ve mentioned Charron who is ill

  96. 5StarDieHard says

    Iller B lol… that time he was on cloud nine wit pookie

  97. OmarJohnson0 says

    AndrewBennett1 Dutchess the sexiest

  98. Iller B says

    Thanks for the updates

  99. 5StarDieHard says

    JayButta no lie….they only want her to win becuz she cute….im talking bout the ones who gets no ass

  100. X0_Boogs says

    OmarJohnson0 AndrewBennett1 Cant forget Phara Funeral

  101. JayButta says

    To tell you the truth, I think she’s ok… She has dat innocent look… Cute face but no crazy body.. She’s cool so dats a plus but nothing too special..

  102. X0_Boogs says

    JayButta Hustle think she the Math Hoffa of QOTR lol She try too hard to be a “Bully” she got bars tho

  103. 5StarDieHard says

    lol what time do yall think this event is going be over….i see tha last battle happening at 1 am

  104. JayButta says

    It’s definitely taking longer for your updates than b4… Still appreciate it tho

  105. Diallo_The_Great says

    5StarDieHard Man this is the 3rd battle of 9….it might not end until 1 or 2 lol….and that’s if everything else goes smoothly

  106. JayButta says

    Lololol true

  107. AndrewBennett1 says

    O-Red probably beat Big T but you can be sure he walked away with some scars. No one 3-0’s T.
    Not even Lux could.

  108. Iller B says

    At the earliest like 130

  109. 5StarDieHard says

    Diallo_The_Great 5StarDieHard lol thats not good everyone is gonna be tired

  110. JayButta says

    Quick question…. Why are the events always on Sundays?? Ppl do work the next day..

  111. jon_blaz3 says

    seems like the audio guy is the only one whos leavin in a bodybag

  112. Iller B says

    Good question you would think it’d be on a Saturday. Maybe the venue is cheaper on a Sunday

  113. Iller B says

    Put his bodybag in a bodybag *tech 9 voice*

  114. 5StarDieHard says

    jon_blaz3 i hope it doesnt fuck up when the footage comes out….but yeah he has to go

  115. JayButta says

    Yea that’s the only thing I can think of, URL always trying to cut cost.. You might get a bigger crowd if its done on a Saturday

  116. 5StarDieHard says

    its all fun tonight until we wake up and notice smack not droppin nothing until halloween lol

  117. Iller B says

    If these updates are accurate SM3 is 3/3 on good battles right now

  118. 5StarDieHard says

    Iller B twizz just said shine n ars battle was ass they both lost….but if we going off updates then yea 3/3

  119. JayButta says

    Easily!!! Lololol

  120. 1two1twoH2O says

    what type of niggas boo the ring card girls????… i swear niggas are weirdos now-a-days… this queer shit is out of conrol… smh

  121. Iller B says

    Ill be optimistic about it simply because I like the concept

  122. Diallo_The_Great says

    5StarDieHard Diallo_The_Great Everybody tired already. Shit was suppose to start at 3:30 and didn’t start until almost 7

  123. ima_dreadhead says

    AndrewBennett1 hollow did it

  124. jon_blaz3 says

    calicoe nice but i gotta feelin rex gunna go ham.

  125. Iller B says

    I don’t understand the leather pants thing with rappers

  126. Iller B says

    Calico has really basic bars to me

  127. 1two1twoH2O says

    O-Red vs. Big T …and Tay Roc vs. ILL Will are the battles I look forward to seeing the most
    My current top 5:
    1. O-Red
    2. Tsu Surf
    3. Tay Roc
    4. Lotta Zay
    5. ILL Will

  128. JayButta says

    I got Rex 2-1 this battle… Could be debatable on Cam tho

  129. DrFunny23 says

    smh leave it to ny crowds to Boo the Ring card girls… smh

  130. 5StarDieHard says

    Iller B u know whats even worst the leather sweat pants

  131. 5StarDieHard says

    Iller B really basic no lie on some real he got over hyped sooo much last yr….thats y it hurt soo much when he lost to lux

  132. 1two1twoH2O says

    DrFunny23 They on that queer shit… the queer movement continues to get stronger… smh

  133. Diallo_The_Great says

    I hope its true that Hitman vs Conceited drops on Tuesday….I’ve been dying to see this 1st round from Hitman that I keep hearing about

  134. Iller B says

    He looked amazing against Hoffa because he is another basic bar guy

  135. 5StarDieHard says

    Diallo_The_Great u see how wack that sounds tho…..i wanna see a one round from a top tier…im not knocking u just saying its wack how these top tiers are comng wit one round but talking bout they want money….im glad smack didnt put them on the card

  136. JayButta says

    URL crowds in NYC are usually 90% out of towners… Trust and believe that

  137. Diallo_The_Great says

    5StarDieHard I agree with you about them only having one round. They do need to put more effort into what they do. But in regards to this battle, people were talking like Hitman’s 1st was his best ever and one of the best all time. That’s my reasoning for wanting to see this battle…..And the only reason lol

  138. 5StarDieHard says

    Diallo_The_Great 5StarDieHard lol the hitman i liked died after the battle with arsonal….after that he been feeling himself too much

  139. Iller B says

    Is 40 bars gay??? Please say no

  140. 5StarDieHard says

    Iller B says who?

  141. Iller B says

    Thought she said it during a battle

  142. 1two1twoH2O says

    Looney Divine is the baddest female battle rapper

  143. 5StarDieHard says

    Iller B maybe she meant bi….and she is gay if there is no dick around lol

  144. DerekBibbs says

    Smh that sound issue is just another reason to delay the release of these battles just watch

  145. Iller B says

    Looney aight got that muffin top haha

  146. KnicksFan1122 says

    Iller Blolll yall dont watch QOTR do yall…

  147. JayButta says

    She does have the Fatty!!

  148. JayButta says

    Yea heard she gay…

  149. 1two1twoH2O says

    JayButta Did you see her battle against Bonnie Godiva???… sexiest battle in history… Bonnie had way more bars… but Looney has way more booty

  150. DerekBibbs says

    Unfortunately she is she made a reference to her girlfriend in her Tori Doe battle

  151. JayButta says

    Lol yup that’s exactly where I seen her shit!! I was like damn…

  152. HITMAN47 says

    Everything is RNT with Smack.  Summer madness -> In the “Fall”.  Battles start late, Battles released late.  As long as this URL team has been doing these.  You’d think they have shit more professionally figured right now.  Alright, I’m done.

  153. 1two1twoH2O says

    HITMAN47 I wish Smack was on Real Japanese Time… or Real Swedish Time… because Real Nigga Time isn’t workin’ out so well… I love my people… but we aren’t known for timeliness

  154. JayButta says

    Silly niccas keep paying a $100 for each venue.. Why should Smack stop or change his ways?? It’s not gonna stop till ppl stop settling for the bullshit..Get into his pockets and I bet Smack and the whole URL team cut the bullshit

  155. JayButta says

    Real Nicca Time is just a slogan not an excuse to be late and unprofessional…he would be doing “Real Nicca” shit if his business flowed right…

  156. Iller B says

    Yea not religiously but yea

  157. 5StarDieHard says

    well it looks like summer madness is 4/4 wit the battles….even tho i dont think every battle will happen tonight…i think swave n daylyte and math and jones will happen…the last two will be one off

  158. 1two1twoH2O says

    JayButtaJayButta Beasley seems like a smart professional dude… maybe he needs a bigger role within the company… Smack can be the one in front of the camera and do all that shit… but maybe he needs to relinquish some of his authority

  159. 5StarDieHard says

    JayButta yea i wasnt paying 100…even tho i fuck wit smack his events dont be on point

  160. Iller B says

    Why won’t every battle happen?

  161. X0_Boogs says

    Personally rex’s style and flow is getting olddd

  162. 5StarDieHard says

    Iller B one of my homies is there saying thats the word going around

  163. DrFunny23 says

    I have always thought about flying out to a battle event but something always tells me not to… it is 1130 over there and they about HALF way into the event… why cant url be early for some shit. I will NEVER ever go to an event if this is how they conduct business..  The funny thing is beasly was defending sm3. When people were sayin WD4 was better. he was like “wait untill sm3 happens before yall say that”… we dont have to WAIT anymore to see that url cant be on time for shit.

  164. DrFunny23 says

    1two1twoH2O  and niggas get salty when we say KOTD is finna take over…

  165. Iller B says

    Oh okay. If I paid I’d want my money back if I don’t see every battle in full

  166. Truth_is says

    You complaining but your not a paying customer. The fact still remains, when a battle drop you still are going to watch that shit. Smack still going to sell out shows and his videos will get more plays then any other league. It’s only 10:38 where I’m at. This may go on until 130 am. So stop crying and keep hitting that refresh button all night

  167. DrFunny23 says

    Reasons why KOTD is gonna take over…
    1. They have big names over there
    2. People over there always come with full three rounds
    3. There is No crowd bias, Nobody boo’s
    4. They have PPV,,, so we dont gotta hear that bullshit “well if u wanna see the battle then just fly out and bcome to NY”
    5. Their huge events last 2-3 days… so niggas dont have to stand for hours in one day and get bored and frusterated
    6. They have a battle release date schedule… to keep their fans updated .
    7, Organik can speak full sentences in his introduction without spamming the phrase Ya-Nah-meen and mutherfukin followed by stutters and stumbles….

  168. Diallo_The_Great says

    X0_Boogs I agree. I thought I was the only one that thought this

  169. Diallo_The_Great says

    5StarDieHard Iller B What was the reason why Big T and Surf didn’t happen at the venue in Detroit? Anybody know? I can’t remember

  170. DrFunny23 says

    Truth_is its 1038 where im at too… however in NY its a different time zone… Im not a paying customer because I only invest my money in places of PROFESSIONALISM . Id be damned if i paid 100 dollars and stood for hours all night in a sweaty hot room. And i dont watch every smack battle… i only watch my favorite artist. Of course he gonna sell out shows cause niggas is dumb.and just because im spittin facts… does not mean im crying. keep it moving sir!

  171. JayButta says

    Lololol …. #7 has me in TEARS!!!!!!!!!!

  172. JayButta says

    #’s 4 5 & 6 are very tru!!

  173. JayButta says

    Disagree… Is a top 5 battler and always comes prepared!

  174. 1two1twoH2O says

    The crowd boo’d Bow Wow… welp, we wont see Smack on 106 anymore… LMAO

  175. DrFunny23 says

    JayButta i almost forgot… 8. they dont have that annoying Dj Don demarco horn and plug. for every single average punchline

  176. X0_Boogs says

    If we talkin all time top 5 def! But idk modern day battlers. Dont get me wrong he spit some hot shit but just like ars we know what gon hear it just might be remixed to seem different lol

  177. SykeWitIt says

    DrFunny23 everything true… BUT they got a bunch of fags like lushone and that gully kid in the beginning saying the SAME shit every fucking time…. SMH… I fucks with KOTD though..

  178. Truth_is says

    You stated kotd is better because they offer a better customer experience, at the event, but when you watch it on youtube, the battles suck! The crown sucks! I like when the crowd boos. It’s apart of hip hop, you say some shit and the crowd aint feeling you then you get booed the ffuck off stage. The reason I’m saying URL will always be the best is because they make better battles. Numbers don’t lie. URL events generate more money then kotd. You just started listening to this battle rap shit last year. I’ve been watching since the smack DVDs . U dont fuck wit URL then why the fuck are you here??.? You just another lost Nigga

  179. 1two1twoH2O says

    KOTD will never take over… they have their own lane and their hardcore fanbase is easily impressed… I respect how they run their business… but keepin’ 100… KOTD battles are not up everyones ally…. if Smack falls off.. then another “street” oriented league will pop up and take over

  180. Untld1 says

    DrFunny23  lmao @ speak full sentences

  181. Iller B says

    I think it was too many people or they couldnt get the venue they wanted can’t recall the exact reason

  182. Iller B says

    I was just about to say that. KOTD doesn’t have the street element or feel. They have good battlers but they have few real top tier guys

  183. Iller B says

    Looks like 5/5

  184. 5StarDieHard says

    Diallo_The_Great 5StarDieHard Iller B surf got locked up that day

  185. DrFunny23 says

    Truth_is nahh i been watching battles for a few years now… 
    niggas get boo’d for no reason now a days… if u aint lux u get boo’d… For god sakes the RING CARD GIRLS GOT BOOD… 
    and u corny for quoting lux at the end of your paragraph. 
    I fucks with url… but my money doenst!

  186. 5StarDieHard says

    Iller B looks like summer madness is living up to the bars over names theme

  187. 5StarDieHard says

    plz deactivate these kotd guys…..

  188. 1two1twoH2O says

    Iller B Exactly… Pat Stay vs. Arcane was a main event championship battle on KOTD… URL’s PG battles are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than that…. I dare Pat Stay to put his championship chain against a lower-tier Smack battler… NuBorn would kill Pat Stay.. Tone Montana would kill Pat Stay… Danja Zone would kill Pat Stay… Johnnie Alcatraz would kill Pat Stay… I could go on and on forever

  189. 5StarDieHard says

    1two1twoH2O Iller B damn u know its bad when u say homie wit the toungue ring can win anotha battle lol

  190. 1two1twoH2O says

    5StarDieHard 1two1twoH2O Iller B  its real shit tho… LOL.. Johnnie Alcatraz would be a superstar in KOTD.. they’d swear he was the greatest

  191. Iller B says

    Yep hope it holds up on film

  192. 1two1twoH2O says

    I dare Pat Stay to put his chain up against a lower-tier Smack battler…. Super Writer would torch Pat Stay… all you KOTD fans… please cut it out

  193. 5StarDieHard says

    they saying math n jones fighting smh

  194. 1two1twoH2O says

    5StarDieHard and they suppose to be the OG’s of the sport… smh

  195. Iller B says

    Johnny Alcatraz can rap that’s the bad part that tongue ring thing is keeping him in the PGs

  196. 5StarDieHard says

    the blogs are going to go crazy bout this

  197. 5StarDieHard says

    1two1twoH2O 5StarDieHard my homie saying jones is sleeping

  198. Iller B says

    Wtf jones just brought some naked chicks on stage

  199. 1two1twoH2O says

    5StarDieHard 1two1twoH2O damn… like that?

  200. 5StarDieHard says

    1two1twoH2O 5StarDieHard pl someone besides url have this on footage plz….

  201. Iller B says

    I said Hoffa and Jones could be the worst battle of the night and look at that they about to kill the culture

  202. 1two1twoH2O says

    Iller B He got knocked out in front of his naked bitches????…. damn

  203. Diallo_The_Great says

    @battlefix Man we need fight updates lol

  204. 5StarDieHard says

    Iller B math ruined a almost perfect night for url…..smh but why he left jones sleepin on stage tho i cant stop laughing at the fact that jones got manny pac at summer madness

  205. 5StarDieHard says

    1two1twoH2O Iller B he prolly got rocked cuz he didnt bring none for math

  206. 1two1twoH2O says

    They said Serious Jones swung first… smh

  207. lordfuego says

    smh muthafuckas showing disrespect for fighting at battles, take that shit some where else, we need bars!

  208. 5StarDieHard says

    well they saying its over….event shut down smh Iller B would u ask for ur money back since u didnt get to see all the battles? lol

  209. 1two1twoH2O says

    This incident might ruin URL… shit has been lookin shaky lately.. this might be the straw that breaks the camels back… sad day for battle rap

  210. Iller B says

    Hell yeah I paid for a rap battle not a boxing match

  211. 5StarDieHard says

    1two1twoH2O o if im smack i prolly trying to knock math head off….ever since armageddon url been looking bad nothing really went right after that event…..smh math was talking all this peace shit after that rematch wit dose n now this…

  212. DaJuanDStroyer says

    Good thing is,  Swave vs Daylty and Jc vs John John might be one offs.

  213. Iller B says

    FUCK MATH HOFFA seriously

  214. lordfuego says

    fuck math and fuck serius jones. i wanted to see my dawg daylyt battle

  215. ItsDeman24 says

    This is sum motha fuckin bullshit.,,.like wow really…fuckin selfish ass people only worried bout themselves….then they wonder why people don’t take this shit serious man..what ashame

  216. ItsDeman24 says

    Now I hope daylyt beat acouple people up…

  217. 5StarDieHard says

    im hearing daylyte n his boys are pissed n now they beefin wit smack….smh yo math goes down as one of the biggest pussies in battle rap for this

  218. DaJuanDStroyer says

    ItsDeman24 You knew Math only cared about himself when he said he wasn’t going to take ONE free battle. He don’t give no fuck about the fans.

  219. 1two1twoH2O says

    5StarDieHard 1two1twoH2O  in Math’s defense tho… niggas is saying Serious Jones swung first.. but idk

  220. Iller B says

    Man what really happened though if it was a sucker punch I can’t condone that. Math is wack to me but this is far beyond that. He’s suppose to battle K-Shine here in Atlanta on the 26th most def not going.

  221. 1two1twoH2O says

    I feel bad for Daylyt… i’m from L.A…. I was really lookin’ forward to his URL debut.. if the reports are true… Fuck Serious Jones.. you come to the battle with wack bars, swing on Math and then get knocked out… smh, dumbass

  222. Iller B says

    Wouldn’t you be? Day and Swave both might’ve had something special and these two lame ass fools ruined it

  223. 5StarDieHard says

    damn this very wack for real n math just left smack hanging like that

  224. 1two1twoH2O says

    5StarDieHard if he got swung on first then its not his fault tho

  225. Truth_is says

    Math shouldn’t even been on the card, that nigga is OVERATED! I’d rather have seen swave sevah karate chop Daylyt goofy ass

  226. ItsDeman24 says

    These dudes are so unorganized it ain’t even funny….how can u take smack serious….what a dumb ass buisness man he is wow ,,,,,he got comin to him what he deserve fuck it

  227. 1two1twoH2O says

    I’m not a Hoffa fan at all… he bores me to death… but we can’t blame him if Serious Jones swung on him first… the nigga that gets laid out is not always the victim

  228. Iller B says

    Organik paid Math to do it I’m sure of it

  229. ItsDeman24 says

    Smack hands prolly shakin countin out acouple stacks for daylyt n his crew hahaha.,,pussy boy..go hang out wit bow wow and draw pictures of each other

  230. 1two1twoH2O says

    Iller B LMAO

  231. ItsDeman24 says

    Well way to go math fuckin shit up….daylyt should beat his ass this time around since he always wanna sucka punch sum body

  232. Untld1 says

    Smack prolly paid math to do..nigga realized it was 1230 and there was still 3 or 4 more battles to go lol. he was tired and needed a reason for that shit to end

  233. Truth_is says

    What?! Nigga stfu, u sound stupid. If Smack is a dumb business man then what are you?

  234. ItsDeman24 says

    I know and now look at the bullshit he pulls..somebody need to knock that man out already

  235. OmarJohnson0 says

    Lol niggas mad at smack, Be mad at Math, im fuckin PISSED math did this shit….i was just startin to fuck wih Math to smgdh

  236. ItsDeman24 says

    A dude that’s important enuff that u felt the need to read my comment and then take the time out to write one back.,..appreciate it ….hop off. His nuts guy

  237. Iller B says

    Serius doesn’t seem like he’d swing on anybody seriously for now I’m believing that the guy that swing on Dose for no reason just did the same thing.

  238. Truth_is says

    So explain how is smack a dumb business man, he’s been doing this battle rap shit longer then any other league and makes more money and puts out better battles. Your not important, it’s just that when I see trolls writing dumb ass shit that dont make any logical sense i have to reply and tell them how fuckin stupid they are. Take yo kotd watching ass over here and gtfo URL shit

  239. ItsDeman24 says

    Lmao …u proud of yaself right now…..and YES he is a DUMB buisness man….he can’t even keep his venue together, organized, erything done half ass sloppy and u see that as a good buisness man, u homebody prolly don’t own shit so I can’t expect you to understand ….so for now go watch sum battles and catch up on life k….oh and again hop off the nuts my dude…bad look for ya

  240. Iller B says

    Reading more and more that Math sucker punched Serius sounds like he was freestyling didn’t come prepared with anything written

  241. TrooperJoe73 says

    Serius always mixes freestyles into his battles.  Since all these memory battle rappers have no improv skills, people think that’s the only way to do it.  Math has been known as a sucker punch guy and he still that.  He’s a turd!

  242. Truth_is says

    Smh are you familiar with the definition of a hater? Do you have experience with business? You sound dumb ass fuck. Lmao dumb ass. I don’t own shit, my house is bigger than your 2 bedroom apartment. You really don’t know who the fuck your talking to, lord please forgive for he does not know, and please help this lost nigga find his way. Amen

  243. Iller B says

    I meant Hoffa was doing all the freestyling

  244. Iller B says

    Sad day for the culture

  245. juiceman123 says

    To me on some real shit Math worked the hardest this yeah and now he punching niggas for no reason like wtf

  246. ItsDeman24 says

    Lol right but yet u know who I am since u claim I live in a 2 bedroom apartment lol…..? Ur a clown homie ..have yaself a good nite clown

  247. battlefix says

    Added a couple videos with fans speaking on the Math/Jones drama, as well as the Daylyt/Smack drama. They’re at the bottom of the storify post.

  248. flossyEZ says

    I have came to the conclusion that Math Hoffa no longer needs to participate on the URL stage. As artist of a special talent, their words deliver more of a punch verbally, than physically. In Hoffas case he’s proved that he does not respect the craft. It’s an insult to hip hop, the fans, the URL, the culture, and the future culture.  Ban him, don’t pay him, and call it an end to a professional partnership between him and the URL.

  249. NickEmslie says

    flossyEZ stop being a whiny little bitch, you watch battles of people promoting gun violence and selling crack, then cry at a punch, your a hypocrite and a sissy.

  250. NickEmslie says

    If your going to act like a gang banger dealer, then you should be ready for static period, math 3/0 with a fist.

  251. TrueMyian says

    Untld1 I was thinking the same thing

  252. StewRell says

    Truth_is I never knew why he made it in battle rap this far. He really is the worse in my opinion.

  253. celebnet says

    That little “punch”, is the reason why me and hundreds of people who
    payed to see Swave vs Daylyt, didn’t get to see that battle, fuck you
    and Math. Why don’t you cover everyone for the refund they deserve, since it’s not a big deal.

  254. coop3616 says

    Jones spoke some real shit right after SM3…and aint got a scratch on him smh..

  255. SoulSistaWoo says

    Math Hoffa is FINISHED… That was some selfish; unprofessional Bullshit.
    Math needs to remember this… “You can not be both emotional and logical at the same time” He chose to be emotional and fucked up an entire event… for EVERYONE… All the people that traveled to that event, took Monday off from work and paid their money. Math Hoff’s emotional moment also cost the entire battle rap culture a black eye in the eyes of the city of NYand this venues that can hold this type of an event…
    This shit is just sad… Why does someone ALWAYS have to have a selfish moment and fuck up shit for EVERYBODY…

  256. ingenius says

    this whole ish is suspect as hell

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