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Hatin On Me Track From Bill Collector

Check out the new Hatin On Me track from Bill Collector. [...]

March 22, 2017 Songs

Bill Collector Drops A Series Of Vlogs

Bill Collector drops a series of vlogs about Showoutt and Hitman Holla, DNA and K-Shine and more. [...]

March 18, 2017 Blogs, Featured Content

No Bars Track From Bill Collector

Check out the new No Bars track from Bill Collector, produced by Ill Willin Productions. [...]

March 6, 2017 Songs

Bill Collector And Dolla Boyz Studio Session

Here’s some footage of a recent Bill Collector and Dolla Boyz studio session, courtesy of the Angry Bill Show. [...]

March 2, 2017 Performances

Bill Collector Remixes The Classics Vol. 1

Bill Collector remixes the classics in Volume 1 of his new series, where he takes classic American pop culture tracks and makes them his own. [...]

March 2, 2017 Blogs, Featured Content

Angry Bill Show On Hitman Holla

New installment of the Angry Bill Show on Hitman Holla being scared to battle him, battlers that don’t rap and more. [...]

March 2, 2017 Radio

BL5 Predictions On The Angry Bill Show

Here’s some BL5 predictions on the Angry Bill Show with Bill Collector, giving his thoughts on URL’s next event, Remy Ma’s Nikki diss, Donald Trump and more. [...]

February 27, 2017 Radio

Glueazy On The Angry Bill Show

Here’s Glueazy on The Angry Bill Show with Bill Collector, recapping the Nu Jerzy Twork battle. [...]

February 20, 2017 Radio

J-Pro vs Bill Collector | BATB | KOTD

From the Battles At The Bunker event in Los Angeles for King Of The Dot, J-Pro vs Bill Collector. [...]

August 15, 2016 Battle Spotlight, Battles

Bill Collector vs Cyssero | Krack Liberty

From the Raise The Steaks event in Philly for the Krack Liberty Battle League, Bill Collector vs Cyssero. [...]

July 12, 2016 Battle Spotlight, Battles

Bill Collector Freestyle Live From Philly

New video from Kon Artist Films, featuring a new Bill Collector freestyle live from Philly. [...]

July 4, 2016 Performances

Bill Collector Addresses Angry Fan

In his latest blog, Bill Collector addresses Angry Fan, running down his issues that he has with him. [...]

July 3, 2016 Blogs

Qleen Paper And Bill Collector On Legends

New AngryFans Radio interview, speaking with Qleen Paper and Bill Collector on legends returning to battle rap and more. [...]

June 29, 2016 Radio

Angry Fan On Reed Dollaz vs T-Rex

New blog from Angry Fan on Reed Dollaz vs T-Rex being announced in a new interview with T-Rex, saying it needs to go down in Philly for Reed to have a chance, plus he addresses Bill Collector and DNA. [...]

June 29, 2016 Blogs, Featured Content

Bill Collector Spazzes On Legends

New AngryFans Radio interview, Bill Collector spazzes on legends like Murda Mook and Loaded Lux. [...]

June 28, 2016 Radio

Bill Collector On OBH Infiltrating Battle Rap

New AngryFans Radio interview with Bill Collector on OBG infiltrating battle rap, starting with Philly and growing from there. [...]

June 28, 2016 Radio

BATB PPV Stream From King Of The Dot

Today is the BATB PPV stream from King Of The Dot, featuring Dizaster against a mystery opponent, J Dose vs Reverse Live, Bill Collector vs J-Pro, Bonnie Godiva vs PNut, Big Kannon vs The Deadman, Madflex vs E Farrel and [...]

June 25, 2016 News

Bill Collector And Chubby Jag Debate

New AngryFans Radio, Bill Collector and Chubby Jag debate on who’s better, Bill talks Ty Law, joining OBH and more. [...]

June 16, 2016 Radio

Pull Up Cypher Ft Bill Collector, Qleen Paper & More

Check out Vada Fly’s The Pull Up Cypher featuring Bill Collector, Qleen Paper, Zig Zag, Glueazy, Fonzie and JakkBoy Maine. [...]

June 15, 2016 Featured Content, Performances

Bill Collector Speaks On Ty Law

Some new footage from BlessDaMicDVD, Bill Collector speaks on Ty Law looking like him, spits some bars and more. [...]

June 11, 2016 Behind the Scenes, Featured Content