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Young B The Future And Babs Debate On Hollow vs Budden, Diz vs Cassidy

Here’s some classic behind the scenes footage from Rap Grid, featuring Young B The Future and Babs debating on Hollow Da Don vs Joe Budden and Dizaster vs Cassidy. [...]

June 3, 2017 Behind the Scenes

Sippin | Babs Bunny

New music video for the “Sippin” track from Babs Bunny, courtesy of Queen Of The Ring. [...]

March 10, 2017 Music Videos

Babs Bunny On Queen Of The Ring

New ThisIs50 interview, Jack Thriller speaks with Babs Bunny on Queen Of The Ring, female battle rappers, her new single and more. [...]

March 5, 2017 Interviews

Event Updates For Queen Of The Ring

New video from Debo with some event updates for Queen Of The Ring, announcing that the Check Mate and Going Back 2 Cali events are being pushed back, in order to give some breathing room for the upcoming All Hail [...]

February 2, 2017 Blogs, News

Queen Of The Ring Cypher On Shade45

Check out the Queen Of The Ring cypher on Sway In The Morning’s Friday Fire Cypher on Shade45, featuring Brooklyn Babs, MyVerse, E Hart, Jaz The Rapper and Star Smilez. [...]

February 2, 2016 Featured Content, Performances

The Bar Exam Game Show Season 3 Episode 6

Check out The bar Exam Game Show Season 3 Episode 6 from 15 Minutes Of Fame Radio, featuring Queen Of The Ring’s Brooklyn Babs and Vague, along with Zilla from 100 Bars Magazine. [...]

June 30, 2015 Blogs, Featured Content

Battle Of The Sexes Talk From QOTR

New 15MOFE interview with Battle Of The Sexes talk from QOTR’s Vague and Babs. [...]

June 18, 2015 Interviews

Babs Says Queen Of The Ring Is The Throne

New VladTV interview, Brooklyn Babs says Queen Of The Ring is the throne, speaks on the females stealing the show at URL’s NOME4 and talks about the potential of a female battle rap reality show. [...]

August 25, 2014 Interviews

Babs On Who Holds The Crown

New VladTV interview with Brooklyn Babs on who holds the crown, says E Hart right now. [...]

July 3, 2014 Interviews

Babs Talks URL vs QOTR, NHB

New VladTV interview, Brooklyn Babs talks URL vs QOTR, and expecations for Queen Of The Ring’s No Holds Barred event. [...]

June 28, 2014 Interviews

Babs On Daylyt Flashing At QOTR

Here’s Brooklyn Babs on Daylyt flashing at Queen Of The Ring, in an interview with VladTV, who she’d have judge QOTR battles, the upcoming No Holds Barred event and more. [...]

June 28, 2014 Interviews

Babs Speaks On NHB, QOTR, Daylyt

New ThisIs50 interview, Brooklyn Babs speaks on NHB, QOTR, Daylyt, Lady Luck’s return and more. [...]

June 26, 2014 Interviews

Babs Bunny Talks NHB, New Talent

New interview on 15 Minutes Of Fame Radio, Babs Bunny talks NHB, breeding new talent and more. [...]

June 21, 2014 Radio

Babs Says Ms. Fit Can’t Sleep On Bonnie

New VladTV interview, Brooklyn babs says Ms. Fit can’t sleep on Bonnie Godiva, speaking on Queen Of The Ring’s No Holds Barred event and more. [...]

June 21, 2014 Interviews

Babs Bunny Speaks On NHB

New 15 Minutes Of Fame Radio, Babs Bunny speaks on Queen Of The Ring’s No Holds Barred event, says a fan will choose the order of the battles. [...]

June 13, 2014 Radio

What Inspires Brooklyn Babs

New interview from TheBeeShine, finding out what inspires Brooklyn Babs. [...]

August 1, 2013 Interviews

No Backing Out BTS With Over 40 Mins Of Footage

New No Backing Out BTS with over 40 mins of footage from Queen Of The Ring’s latest event, featuring Vague, Brooklyn Babs, Don Ladyii, Debo, QB, Star Smilez, Phara Funeral, Jaz The Rapper, O-Red, K.Prophet, Nuborn, Norma Bayts, Chayna Ashley, [...]

July 18, 2013 Behind the Scenes, Featured Content

No Backing Out Promo From Queen Of The Ring

New No Backing Out promo from Queen Of The Ring, featuring Brooklyn Babs running down the lineup for the next event on July 13th. [...]

June 21, 2013 Featured Content, Trailers

Dutchess On Viixen, No Dates For Jesse

New interview from TheJetLagTV, talking to Dutchess about the Viixen battle, and no dates for Jesse. [...]

April 10, 2013 Interviews

Brooklyn Babs On Sway In The Morning

A couple of freestyles and interview segments from Brooklyn Babs on Sway In The Morning. [...]

March 30, 2013 Interviews, Performances