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Double Impact 2 Live Updates & Results

We will be posting Double Impact 2 live updates and results for today’s URL event, featuring Hitman Holla & Aye Verb vs T Top & Brizz Rawsteen, Goodz & Charlie Clips vs Arsonal & Shotgun Suge, Rum Nitty & Ill [...]

June 24, 2017 News

Double Impact 2 PPV Will Be Available From URL

New trailer announcing that a Double Impact 2 PPV will be available from URL starting at 2:30pm EST on Saturday, June 24th, which you can cop here for $35. URL’s Double Impact 2 features Charlie Clips and Goodz vs Arsonal [...]

June 21, 2017 News, Trailers

Love And URL Featuring X-Factor And Midwest Miles

Here’s the first episode of StarFace Media’s Love And URL featuring X-Factor and Midwest Miles speaking on their URL legacy, before their return at Double Impact 2. [...]

May 31, 2017 Blogs, Featured Content

Double Impact 2 Full Trailer Released By URL

The official Double Impact 2 full trailer has been released by URL, announcing the card for their second aneual 2 on 2 event. URL’s Double Impact 2 will feature Hitman Holla and Aye Verb vs Brizz Rawsteen and T Top, [...]

May 30, 2017 News, Trailers

Second Double Impact 2 Announcement From URL

Here’s the second Double Impact 2 announcement from URL, announcing the returns of X-Factor and Midwest Miles, as they team up at URL’s Double Impact 2 event. [...]

May 22, 2017 News, Trailers

The ReUp Trailer from BBG Media

Here’s The ReUp trailer from BBG Battles, featuring Aye Verb vs Midwest Miles, JC vs Pass, Jay Rell vs Big Kannon, Dyce Rolla vs Super Black, Al Jones vs Boss Kellz, Looney Barz vs Ash Cash and more. BBG Media’s [...]

June 30, 2016 News, Trailers

ReUp Card And Ticket Info From BBG Media

BBG Battles will be throwing their ReUp card in Detroit on July 30th, featuring Midwest Miles vs Aye Verb, JC vs Pass, Jay Rell vs Big Kannon, Dyce Rolla vs Super Black, Al Jones vs Boss Kellz and Looney Barz [...]

June 15, 2016 News

Head Ice vs Midwest Miles | BBG

From the Power 2 event for the Barbarian BattleGrounds, Head Ice vs Midwest Miles. [...]

November 26, 2015 Battles

Power 2 Card Announced By BBG

BBG Battles has announced the Power 2 card, featuring Quest Mcody vs Math Hoffa, T-Rex vs Marv Won, Calicoe vs Ill Will, B Magic vs Mackk Myron, Head Ice vs Midwest Miles, M Ciddy vs Xcel, Tycoon Tax vs Shotti [...]

October 23, 2015 News

Midwest Miles vs DNA Review From Jay Blac

New Midwest Miles vs DNA review from Jay Blac, speaking on the battle from Go-Rilla Warfare’s The Awakening event. [...]

January 17, 2014 Recaps

DNA vs Midwest Miles Recap From Angry Fan

New DNA vs Midwest Miles recap from Angry Fan, plus a rant about URL and much more. [...]

December 22, 2013 Blogs, Recaps

DNA vs Midwest Miles | Black Ice Cartel

From The Awakening event in Chicago for Black Ice Cartel and Go-Rilla Warfare, DNA vs Midwest Miles. [...]

December 19, 2013 Battles

The Awakening Trailer From Go-Rilla Warfare & Black Ice Cartel

Here’s The Awakening trailer from Go-Rilla Warfare and Black Ice Cartel, featuring highlights of Charlie Clips vs JC, Mickey Factz vs Danja Zone, Big Kannon vs Cortez, Chilla Jones vs Young Kannon and DNA vs Midwest Miles. [...]

November 9, 2013 Featured Content, Trailers

Midwest Miles On Battle Rap Arena

Here’s Midwest Miles on Battle Rap Arena, speaking on the DNA battle, Strictly Bars and more. Full interview below. [...]

October 20, 2013 Radio

Awakening Trailer From Go-Rilla Warfare And URL

New Awakening trailer from Go-Rilla Warfare, in association with Black Ice Cartel and URL, featuring Chilla Jones vs Young Kannon, DNA vs Midwest Miles, Big Kannon vs Cortez, Charlie Clips vs JC and now also Mickey Factz vs Danja Zone. [...]

September 16, 2013 News

Tickets Are Now On Sale For The Awakening Event

Tickets are now on sale for The Awakening event from Go-Rilla Warfare and Black Ice Cartel. The Awakening event take place in Chicago on October 19th, and features one of the most promising cards of the year. Not only does [...]

September 6, 2013 News
Strictly Bars D.O.A. PPV Stream available

Strictly Bars PPV Stream Available For D.O.A.

There will be a Strictly Bars PPV stream available for the D.O.A. event, which you can purchase for $10. The event takes place on Sunday, May 5th from 4:00PM – 10:00PM EST. The main event of D.O.A. features the returns of [...]

May 4, 2013 News

Daylyt Addesses Midwest Miles Comments

New vlog from Daylyt, responding to some comments made by Midwest Miles. Daylyt battles Calicoe and Midwest Miles battle Bones Briganta at the D.O.A. event in Detroit on May 5th for Strictly BARS. [...]

April 17, 2013 Blogs, Featured Content

Midwest Miles Speaks On His Return

New interview from Strictly Bars, Midwest Miles speaks on his return to battle rap, against Bones Brigante. [...]

April 17, 2013 Interviews

Strictly Bars | D.O.A. Trailer

New trailer for the D.O.A. event from Strictly Bars on May 5th in Detroit. The main event features a couple of returns to the battle world, Midwest Miles vs Bones Brigante. Also on the D.O.A. card, will be X-Factor vs John John Da [...]

April 4, 2013 News, Trailers