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No Shame vs Joey Malice | Training Days

New Training Days battle from a Dont Flop event in Seattle, No Shame vs Joey Malice. [...]

March 23, 2017 Battles

Bonnie Godiva vs No Shame | BOTZ7

The co-main event from Dirtbag Dan’s BOTZ7 event, Bonnie Godiva vs No Shame. [...]

February 11, 2017 Battle Spotlight, Battles

Rone vs No Shame | Virus

New battle from Dizaster’s Virus event, Rone vs No Shame aka Bruce Jenner vs Caitlyn Jenner. [...]

December 8, 2015 Battle Spotlight, Battles

Rone And No Shame Recap Their Virus Battle

New interview, Rone and No Shame recap their Virus battle where it was Bruce Jenner vs Caitlyn Jenner. [...]

November 4, 2015 Interviews, Recaps

Iron Sheikh Speaks On No Shame, Daylyt & More

New video from Sho-TimeTV, Iron Sheikh speaks on No Shame, Daylyt, rappers wearing dresses and more. [...]

March 28, 2014 Behind the Scenes, Featured Content

The Dirtbag Dan Show Episode 28

Here’s The Dirtbag Dan Show Episode 28, featuring Illmaculate, No Shame and Kung Fu Vampire. [...]

March 23, 2014 Radio

No Shame Speaks On Controversy After His Battle Dropped

In a new vlog, transgendered battle rapper No Shame speaks on the controversy after his battle dropped, involving Angry Fan, Daylyt, QueenzFlip, Unbias Review and his upcoming battle with Shi Dog. [...]

March 23, 2014 Blogs

QueenzFlip Speaks On No Shame

New Battle Rap Arena clip, QueenzFlip speaks on No Shame being booked for Quiet Room Battles. [...]

March 23, 2014 Radio

QueenzFlip And No Shame On AFR

Here’s QueenzFlip and No Shame on AngryFans Radio, speaking on the Unbias Review situation and more. [...]

March 15, 2014 Radio

No Shame vs Michael White | AHAT

New battle from AHAT, No Shame vs Michael White. [...]

March 10, 2014 Battles

No Shame vs Kidd K | AHAT Utah

From the Body Bag Memorial event for AHAT Utah, No Shame vs Kidd K. [...]

June 12, 2013 Battles