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PC Explains Why He Joined NWX

New HipHopIsReal interview, PC explains why he joined NWX, how the partnership came about, plus he gives his thoughts on URL’s Double Impact 2 event. [...]

July 10, 2017 Interviews

Rain and PC Speak On NWX

New 15 Minutes Of Fame Radio interview, Rain and PC speak on NWX, and what the process was for having PC join the team, before URL’s Double Impact 2 event. [...]

June 25, 2017 Interviews

Uncle NeeNee vs PC | Gold Bars

From the May The Best Man Win 2 event for the Gold Bars Battle League, Uncle NeeNee vs PC. [...]

June 23, 2017 Battle Spotlight, Battles

Piperboy Williams Speaks On PC Joining NWX

In his latest vlog, Piperboy Williams speaks on PC joining NWX, and giving his feelings on why he doesn’t care, and why he’s sick of all the battle rap cliques. [...]

June 22, 2017 Blogs

DNA And K-Shine Announce The Newest NWX Member

In a new video on DNA’s YouTube Channel, DNA and K-Shine announce the newest NWX member is PC aka Punchline Champion. [...]

June 19, 2017 Blogs, Featured Content

May The Best Man Win 2 Trailer From Gold Bars

Here’s the official May The Best Man Win 2 trailer from the Gold Bars Battle League, featuring Riggz vs T-Gunz, D Flamez vs DOT, Nunn Nunn vs Greywolf, PC vs Uncle NeeNee and more. [...]

April 25, 2017 Featured Content, Trailers

The Chival War Recaps From Rap Grid

Collection of The Chival War recaps from Rap Grid, with the battlers at the QOTR vs BullPen event. [...]

April 24, 2017 Interviews, Recaps

John John Da Don And PC Talk QOTR vs BullPen Battles

New video from Rap Grid, John John Da Don and PV talk QOTR vs BullPen Battles, and the card for the upcoming The Chival War event in Atlanta. [...]

April 21, 2017 Blogs, Featured Content

PC And 40 BARRS Speak On Their Upcoming Battle

New video from the ShrugLife Network, PC and 40 BARRS speak on their upcoming battle at the BullPen Battle League vs Queen of The Ring event, The Chival War. [...]

April 12, 2017 Blogs, Featured Content

NOME7 Recaps From Rap Grid

Here’s a couple of NOME7 recaps from Rap Grid, one with Drect running down the card and another featuring John John Da Don, PC, Big Will, Syd Vicious and June Pz recapping the event. [...]

April 9, 2017 Blogs, Featured Content, Recaps

BullPen Battle League vs QOTR Announcements

Here’s the BullPen Battle League vs QOTR Announcements, collecting all of the announcement trailers for The Chival War event. The Chival War event, featuring the BullPen Battle League vs Queen Of The Ring, goes down in Atlanta on April 22nd, [...]

March 27, 2017 News, Trailers

B Magic vs PC | BullPen Battle League

From the Close Range event in Atlanta for the BullPen Battle League, hosted by John John Da Don and Hitman Holla, B Magic vs PC. [...]

December 31, 2016 Battle Spotlight, Battles

Ty Law vs PC | Fade 2016 | BullPen

From the Fade 2016 event in Atlanta for the BullPen Battle League, hosted by John John Da Don, Ty Law vs PC. [...]

September 18, 2016 Battle Spotlight, Battles

Fade 2016 Trailer From BullPen Battle League

Check out the official Fade 2015 trailer from BullPen Battle League, going down in Atlanta on July 16th, featuring Loso vs Xcel, Riggz vs Cortez, PC vs Ty Law, Chef Trez vs DNA, K-Shine vs Charron and John John Da [...]

July 3, 2016 News, Trailers

Ty Law And PC Discuss Their Battle

New Rap Grid interview, Ty Law and PC discuss their battle at BullPen Battle League’s next event. [...]

June 12, 2016 Interviews

PC vs Zig Zag | BullPen Battle League

From the Southern Crown event for John John Da Don’s BullPen Battle League, PC vs Zig Zag. [...]

June 1, 2016 Battle Spotlight, Battles

PC vs Bad Newz | The BullPen

From the Genisys event in Atlanta for the BullPen Battle League, PC vs Bad Newz. [...]

February 7, 2016 Battle Spotlight, Battles

Genisys Card Announced By The Bullpen Battle League

John John Da Don’s Bullpen Battle League has released a trailer for their Genisys card, featuring Zig Zag vs D Flamez, Brixx Belvy vs Fonzie, PC vs Bad Newz, Riggz vs Street Hymns, DNA vs Syahboy and Charlie Clips vs [...]

October 23, 2015 News

PC vs Dallas Cash | MCMI: Warzone

The first battle to drop from PH’s new league MCMI: Warzone, PC vs Dallas Cash. [...]

January 31, 2014 Battle Spotlight, Battles

Automatic Ray vs PC Recap From The Envied Life

New Automatic Ray vs PC recap from The Envied Life, speaking on the battle from Spit Dat Heat. [...]

December 23, 2013 Recaps