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JeFFrey Recaps The Uno Lavoz Battle

New Witty Smitty News interview, JeFFrey recaps the Uno Lavoz battle at The Wave event, says Saynt would be an “adorable” opponent for KOTD’s Massacre 3. [...]

May 21, 2017 Interviews, Recaps

JeFFrey vs Uno Lavoz | Ground Zero

New Ground Zero battle from The Wave event in Toronto for King Of The Dot, JeFFrey vs Uno Lavoz. [...]

May 20, 2017 Battle Spotlight, Battles

Philly Haze vs Uno Lavoz | HoneyComb Hideout

From the Fear No One Battle Tournament for the HoneyComb Hideout, Philly Haze vs Uno Lavoz. [...]

May 8, 2017 Battles

Uno Lavoz vs Swift Millie vs Hamo Grimes | HCH

From the Fear No One Battle Tournament for the HoneyComb Hideout, Uno Lavoz vs Swift Millie vs Hamo Grimes. [...]

May 5, 2017 Battles

Syd Vicious vs Uno Lavoz | No Coast

From the VDM4 event in Chicago for No Coast, Syd Vicious vs Uno Lavoz. [...]

April 1, 2017 Battle Spotlight, Battles

Goodz Prefers Small Room Battles

New Rap Grid interview, Goodz prefers small room battles, gives Uno Lavoz props and more. [...]

March 22, 2017 Interviews

Spee Dolla vs Uno Lavoz | EBC | U Dubb

From the Every Bar Counts event for the U Dubb Battle League, Spee Dolla vs Uno Lavoz. [...]

January 10, 2017 Battle Spotlight, Battles

Crisis vs Uno Lavoz | Dont Flop

From a recent Dont Flop event in Reading, Crisis vs Uno Lavoz. [...]

September 7, 2016 Battle Spotlight, Battles

Uno Lavoz vs N Pose | KOTD

From the Conflict event for King Of The Dot, Uno Lavoz vs N Pose. [...]

July 14, 2016 Battle Spotlight, Battles

E Ness On Upcoming Battles

New BlessDaMicDVD video, speaking with E Ness on upcoming battles with Shotgun Suge, Uno Lavoz, Ness Lee and DOT, Murda Mook asking for $100k, wanting a rematch with DNA, recaps the Steams battle. [...]

May 16, 2016 Behind the Scenes, Featured Content

Uno Lavoz Recaps The Cortez Battle

Some new behind the scenes footage at URL’s A Perfect Day To Die event, courtesy of Rap Grid, where Uno Lavoz recaps the Cortez battle. [...]

December 12, 2015 Behind the Scenes, Featured Content, Recaps

Marv Won vs Uno Lavoz | Dont Flop

From the A3C Festival in Atlanta for Dont Flop, Marv Won vs Uno Lavoz. [...]

November 23, 2015 Battle Spotlight, Battles

7BW Card Announced By Dont Flop

The full 7BW card has been announced by Dont Flop in a new video flyer, featuring Charlie Clips vs Shotty Horroh, DNA and K-Shine vs Marlo and Shuffle-T for the Doubles Titles, Caustic vs Soul, Pass vs Raptor, Uno Lavoz [...]

October 23, 2015 News

Uno Lavoz vs Zur Money | RBE

From the Lift His Soul 2 event for Rare Breed Entertainment, Uno Lavoz vs Zur Money. [...]

October 19, 2015 Battle Spotlight, Battles

Uno Lavoz vs Double L | KOTR

New battle from King of The Ronalds, Uno Lavoz vs Double L. [...]

October 8, 2015 Battle Spotlight, Battles

Uno Lavoz And JR Slander vs Quill And Impact | Dont Flop

From the Dont Flop event in Washington DC, Uno Lavoz and JR Slander vs Quill and Impact. [...]

September 12, 2015 Battle Spotlight, Battles

A3C Festival Video Flyer From Dont Flop

Check out the A3C Festival video flyer from Dont Flop, featuring Caustic vs Big T, Marv Won vs Uno Lavoz, Cortez vs Brixx Belvedere, A-Class vs Syd Vicious and Troy Brown vs Automatic Ray. [...]

September 4, 2015 News, Trailers

O-Red vs Uno Lavoz | Dont Flop

From the first ever Dont Flop Philly event, O-Red vs Uno Lavoz. [...]

June 24, 2015 Battle Spotlight, Battles

Tone Montana vs Uno Lavoz | Black Ice Cartel

From the Battle On Olympus event for Black Ice Cartel, Tone Montana vs Uno Lavoz. [...]

June 14, 2015 Battle Spotlight, Battles

Battle On Olympus Card In One Week

Black Ice Cartel’s Battle On Olympus card is going down in one week, featuring Danny Myers vs T-Rex, Xcel vs Born, Danja Zone vs Lotta Zay, Tone Montana vs Uno Lavoz, DOT vs Dubby Dub, Ah Di Boom vs Da [...]

March 7, 2015 News