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The Crown Live Updates & Results | Go-Rilla Warfare

Today, we will be posting The Crown live updates and results, for Go-Rilla Warfare’s big event in Chicago. The event will feature Big T vs Big Kannon, Charlie Clips vs Hitman Holla, Arsonal vs Yung Ill, Aye Verb vs Swave Sevah, B Magic vs JC, DNA vs Young Kannon and more.

The Crown Live Updates & Results

  • Updates will begin as soon as they start letting people into the venue.
  • Venues filling up, D-12 is in the building.

D Eagle vs Mr. Mill$ | The Crown Live Updates & Results

  • The first undercard battle is about to start, D Eagle vs Mr. Mill$.
  • D Eagle had a solid first round, the hometown crowd showed him love.
  • It’s on Mills, and he’s going off, the crowd is rocking with him.
  • Solid first from both, Mills probably took it though.
  • Mills is impressing a lot of people with his performance, picking up momentum in the second.
  • Solid battle overall, but Mr Mills stole the crowd and got himself a clear win.

Ooops vs Prince Lord | The Crown Live Updates & Results

  • Next battle up is Ooops vs Prince Lord.
  • Ooops had a choke in his first, but was able to recover.
  • First round is close, Ooops had better material, but he also had the choke.
  • Ooops is having a much stronger second round.
  • Prince Lord’s stepping up in the second as well, turning into a good battle.
  • Round 3 on Ooops.
  • “I got big guns that got me stumbling every round, that’s a Charlie clip” – Ooops
  • Ooops is having another impressive round, he’s probably done enough to take the battle.
  • Solid battle, most seem to be saying Ooops 2-1, despite the slip up in the first.

Tone Montana vs Mackk Myron| The Crown Live Updates & Results

  • Tone Montana vs Mackk Myron is next up.
  • Tone had a solid round, but Mackk is going off in the first.
  • Chicago crowd is rocking with Mackk, he’s putting on a great performance so far.
  • Tone’s stumbling in his second, he had a bit of a stumble towards the end of the first too.
  • Tone’s got so much potential, if only he came more prepared for his battles.
  • Makk’s having another impressive round in the second, Tone’s getting frustrated.
  • Tone Montana’s getting booed now, because he’s choking again in his third.
  • Mackk got it 3-0, probably Tone’s most disappointing performance yet.

 DNA vs Young Kannon | The Crown Live Updates & Results

  • First main card battle of the night is DNA vs YK.
  • DNA up first and he’s doing his Lux flow he used in that vlog and the Jesse Rican battle.
  • DNA lost some momentum towards the end of his round, left the door open.
  • YK is going off in his first, he keeps this up and he’s got the round for sure.
  • Amazing first so far by Kannon, he’s been on a crazy run.
  • First round clearly goes to YK, second round on DNA.
  • DNA’s doing alright in his second, nothing crazy.
  • Going to be hard for him to win the crowd back, if he don’t pick it up.
  • DNA started freestyle, taking shots at YK’s homies, the crowd got into it.
  • Kannon’s going crazy in the second as well, starting to look real one sided.
  • Another really strong round from Kannon, 2-0 so far.
  • DNA’s third is alright so far, but it’s just not enough compared to YK’s rounds.
  • A lot of freestyling from DNA in the third.
  • YK’s third is dope too, it’s clear he took this battle more seriously than DNA.
  • They’re asking the crowd who won, everybody’s saying YK 3-0.
  • Hopefully this means YK will starting getting the battles he deserves, he’s been killing it for a while.
  • Strippers up for intermission.

Arsonal vs Yung Ill | The Crown Live Updates & Results

  • Next up is Ars vs Ill.
  • First round on Ill and he’s spazzing, strong start.
  • This is the Ill people have been waiting for, hopefully he keeps it up.
  • Dope first round from Ill, it’s on Arsonal.
  • Arsonal’s starting off strong as well, this is turning out to be a great battle so far.
  • Crowd’s going crazy for Ars right now, we got a battle.
  • They tries stopping Ars for time, but he kept going.
  • Really strong round from both, Ars is going way over the time limits.
  • Yung Ill is doing a lot of jokes in the second, clowning on Ars.
  • Another really strong round from Ill, he ended it kind of flat though.
  • Ars is having a solid second as well, crowd is into his performance.
  • “His momma blowing me, trying to get me to work, like an old Contra game” – Ars
  • “He need a prescription… Ain’t got five cents to put cheese on a whopper, but he’ll feed his addiction” – Ars
  • Crowd is solidly behind Ars in the second, he’s got the venue going crazy.
  • Yung Ill started his third off crazy, this could end up being battle of the night.
  • Ill pulled out a prop, and is using it to clown on Ars some more.
  • Ill freestyled a bit at the end of his round, though.
  • It’s on Ars, and he’s picking right up where he left off.
  • Ars is going to end up edging this battle, he’s too polished.
  • Overrall, really good battle from both though.
  • It’s close enough that Ill could end up winning on cam, Ars is always gonna have the live crowd.

 B Magic vs JC | The Crown Live Updates & Results

  • Next battle up is Magic vs JC, JC’s going first.
  • JC is wasting no time, you can tell he means business.
  • “You got killed by Will/wheel, like Brandy was driving” – JC
  • “I heard Magic was married, I mean that shit… I would say congratulations, but I seen that bitch” – JC
  • It’s on Magic, and his punches are landing left and right.
  • We kick in your door, poppin’ in your living room like JC” – Magic
  • This battle’s definitely living up to the hype so far, crazy first from both.
  • First could go either way, gotta wait for the footage.
  • JC’s picking it up in his second, best JC we’ve seen in a while.
  • “Like Aunt Vivian, I black out and get to lighting that bitch up” – JC
  • Hard to quote bars with both dudes landing left and right, crazy battle.
  • Both of them went off in the second, this battle’s shaping up to be a classic.
  • JC’s third might be his best round yet.
  • “You’re a Flintstone car, you had to start with defeat/da feet” – JC
  • Magic comes out swinging with some haymakers to start his third.
  • “Get Ty Law in order, before he become a special victim” – Magic
  • Definite classic, that’ll be decided once it drops on video.
  • Most people are edging the 2rd to JC, 2nd to Magic, 1st is a toss up.
  • One of those battles that will come down to preference, and be debated for years.

Aye Verb vs Swave Sevah | The Crown Live Updates & Results

  • Next up is Verb vs Swave.
  • Aye Verb’s going first, Round 1 on him.
  • Verb is starting off real lyrical, crowd is rocking with him.
  • “Karate only works on niggas that do karate” – Verb
  • Verb’s first round was serious, it’s on Swave.
  • Swave’s got some shit in his first as well, turning into a great battle so far.
  • Swave lost some momentum towards the end of his round.
  • Might’ve cost him the first, Round 2 on Verb.
  • Aye Verb starts out the second with “It’s Showtime” and the crowd is loving it.
  • This is the Verb that’s hard for anyone to beat, crazy round.
  • “You from Harlem, where niggas rock glitter kicks and do shit like this..” Verb does the Harlem shake.
  • Second round on Swave.
  • “I’m gonna beat you with my bare hand, so I can feel your life leaving you.” – Swave
  • “I’ll air a smith/Aerosmith and make These/D’s mc’s run if they walk this way” – Swave
  • Swave’s getting booed and the crowd is yelling 2-0, host is telling them to let him rap.
  • The crowd is not fucking with Swave at all, they just want to hear Verb’s third.
  • Swave had a Philip Seymour Hoffman bar.
  • Verb is preaching to him in the third.
  • “Y’all knew I’d bag this shit. Battle rap is for weirdos and strange niggas, you can have this shit.” – Verb
  • Verb’s third was basically explaining why he’d done with battle rap.
  • Overral Verb’s third wasn’t as strong as his first two, but he may already have the battle won.
  • The crowd is heckling Swave again in his third, not really giving him a chance.
  • Swave has some shit here and there, but overrall the crowd’s just not into his content.
  • Battle’s over, looking like a clear 3-0 for Verb in the venue.

Hitman Holla vs Charlie Clips | The Crown Live Updates & Results

  • Hitman vs Clips is up next.
  • Hitman won the coin toss, and said he wants to go first.
  • Hitman’s starting off really strong, like usual.
  • “I got a brand new Nina, this bitch ugly …which one of yall gone take one for the team.” – Hitman
  • Hitman with a remix, not his best, but the crowd loved it.
  • “You never put your cans up nigga, you tell jokes like a stand up, but I’m a stand up nigga” – Hitman
  • Solid first from Hitman, it’s on Clips.
  • “Soon as it quiet down, I’d smack that bitch and make yoour queen flip/Queenzflip in a quiet room” – Clips
  • “I’d rather use a clipper that’s this small, when he get to shooting, his brother assist him… that’s Cliff Paul” – Clips
  • Dope first round from both, Hitman started the second with a crazy rebuttal.
  • Hitman’s on fire so far in his second, we got a battle going on.
  • “I’ll turn Chicago into a Harlem night” – Hitman
  • And Clips took the crowd right back to start his second, we got another classic on our hands.
  • “You Danica Patrick, you just a tough bitch with a lot of drive” – Clips
  • Both are having insane performances, but Clips’ punches might be landing a little harder.
  • “I want to mush you, but you pussy… it’s hard to get that smell off” – Clips
  • Hitman with another crazy rebuttal to start the third, this could go either way.
  • “A nigga owe me 10 dollars, I need it… I’m knocking on his door with a 357, like it ain’t 4 yet” – Hitman
  • “Shooting, and he ain’t opened the door yet” Hitman, continued off the line above
  • Holla’s got the whole room shaking, crowd is going crazy.
  • Hitman’s really going off in this third, crazy performance from him.
  • People are all calling it a classic already, and the battle’s not even over.
  • And Clips starts hitting right back to start his third.
  • “The clip so long, Vine won’t let me make an account.” – Clips
  • Clips said he got $20K to battle Hollow, straight cash.
  • Battle was crazy from the start, and just kept getting better.
  • Everyone’s calling it battle of the night, could go either way.

Big T vs Big Kannon | The Crown Live Updates & Results

  • Main event is up next.
  • Big Kannon’s going first, Round 1 on him.
  • Crowd doesn’t seem to be responding to Kannon’s bars so far.
  • He’s starting to pick it up a bit, took a shot at John John.
  • There was some good moments in BK’s first, decent round.
  • It’s on Big T.
  • Big T’s clowning to start out, taking shots at Gracie too.
  • “When a buck fifty put a smile on his neck, I’ll kill him with kindness.” Big T
  • Just when Big T was getting going, he choked.
  • Kannon just killed him with a rebuttal to start the second.
  • “He said he’d be good in the ring. A legend choking in his 1st round… Look at me king! – Kannon
  • Kannon’s going crazy in this second, crowd is rocking him with now.
  • “I’ll fuck him up, and turn him to a button up, that’s a casual T” – Kannon
  • That choke was a definite turning point, Kannon is spazzing now.
  • It’s on Big T now.
  • Now it’s Big T who’s not really getting a reaction from the crowd.
  • “U don’t chilaka boo shit? It sounds stupid? Bow! Thats my new shit, I call it a bowel movement” – Big T
  • Big T’s starting to get his momentum back, landed a couple of big punches.
  • Big T did a drum sound, and said he’d Nick Cannon him.
  • “Tell the fans after this battle, I can’t shake their hands… cuz I still got Kannon on my arms, like MegaMan” – Big T
  • Big T said Gracie’s a fotrune cookie, she opens up and nobody wants to eat it.
  • Big T did a great job turning things around, it’s Round 3 on Kannon.
  • Kannon starts the third with another mean rebuttal.
  • “How many lines he say playing grace, you eating cuz of her, you should be saying grace.” – Kannon
  • Kannon picked up in the 3rd, right where he left off in the 2nd, another crazy round.
  • Big T’s fighting back in the third, he’s making a battle out of it.
  • Despite the slow start, they’ve really turned things around in the 2nd and 3rd.
  • Turned into a dope battle, most seem to be edging it to Kannon.

Well that about sums it up, solid event with a couple of potential classics. Let us know what you thought about the event, in the comments below.

  1. CatlinBlackmacMcMullen says

    Damn i cant wait till tha 1st. Man i wish it was a live stream

  2. battlejunkie210 says

    hitman with 2 rebuttals?!? whut!?! aint ever heard him do that b4! he must b in beast mode tonite!!!

  3. battlejunkie210 says

    ““He said he’d be good in the ring. A legend choking in his 1st round… Look at me king! – Big Kannon
    lol Big K mean with tha rebuttals!

  4. Joonjavelin says

    Wowww that “saying grace” rebuttal sounds like it shoulda made the room burst into flames! Cant wait to see this

  5. battlejunkie210 says

    Joonjavelin yea bro u aint lyin!! Big K’s rebuttals are rite there next to Hollow’s IMO. he just aint as known as hollow

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