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TOBattleBlog Drops Their Top 10 Bodybags Of 2013

TOBattleBlog drops their Top 10 Bodybags of 2013, taking a look back at the biggest bodybags of the year. You can read an excerpt below, and read the rest by clicking here.


For his URL debut, Daylyt bodied the whole event: from his threats to shit on the stage leading up to the battle, to his barrage of complaints the day of, but especially his epic tirade that spawned three new catchphrases in about five minutes. “Imma clap shit up,” “marked out” and “on errything” became instant memes on Twitter and in subsequent battles.

URL completely discounted Daylyt’s description of events, and that, paired with the fact that Daylyt’s version seemed to be different every time he told the story, helped them regain some dignity. We don’t know what really happened that weekend, but if it was anything like Day’s documentary suggested, it wasn’t pretty.

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