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Upcoming Battles In The Month Of March

With over 30 battle events already booked for March, it can be hard to keep track of it all. To make things a little easier, we’re highlighting some of the more high profile upcoming battles. You can also, head over to our events page, for flyers from all of the events this month.

While a date hasn’t been set, we do know that URL will be hosting the DNA vs K-Shine and Goodz vs X-Factor battles, originally scheduled for Armageddon, at some point next week. There will also be a couple of Proving Grounds battles, including Nuborn vs Johnie Alcatraz and Tone Montana vs Lotta Zay. We also may end up seeing Atlanta’s T. Riley and Michigan’s Jay Rell face each other in a PG battle. There will be a Proving Grounds event in Chicago on March 2nd, and there may be a PG event later on this month in Texas.

There’s plenty of upcoming battles in the month of March from King Of The Dot, with five events coming up. KOTD will be holding the first round of the 2013 Ground Zero Grand Prix throughout the month of March, with events in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Alberta and Toronto. The L.A. event will also feature J-Pro and QP battling each other in the main event of the card. Then on the 23rd, King Of The Dot will be holding their Vengeance 2 event in Toronto, featuring the debut of Charlie Clips in a battle with Hollohan. Also on the card is DNA vs The Saurus, Rone vs Fresco, and Real Deal against Don’t Flop’s Champion Tony D.

Speaking of Don’t Flop, Math Hoffa will be making his UK debut, in a battle with Shotty Horroh at Set The Standard VI. Conceited, DNA and Dizaster all have battles booked for Got Beef’s 3rd Birthday event. Conceited and DNA also have upcoming battles for Colorado Rap. Goodz and Shotgun Suge will be battling each other for Time Is Money, and Daylyt will be battling Lotta Zay for iBattle Worldwide.

To see highlights of a few more upcoming battles from this month, you can take a look at the list below. To see the full line ups for these events, and quite a few others, make sure to head over to our events page to take a look at all the upcoming battles.

Upcoming Battles In The Month Of March

  • TBA – DNA vs K-Shine (URL)
  • TBA – Goodz vs X-Factor (URL)
  • TBA  – Nuborn vs Johnie Alcatraz (URL PG)
  • TBA – Tone Montana vs Lotta Zay (URL PG)
  • TBA – T. Riley vs Jay Rell (URL PG)
  • 03/02 – The Saurus vs Syd Vicious ( No Coast)
  • 03/02 – RemyD vs Sonny Bamboo (No Coast)
  • 03/09 – J-Pro vs QP (KOTD West Coast)
  • 03/16 – Math Hoffa vs Shotty Horroh (Don’t Flop)
  • 03/17 – Conceited vs The Kid (Got Beef?)
  • 03/17 – DNA vs Anecdote (Got Beef?)
  • 03/17 – Dizaster vs Devast8r (Got Beef?)
  • 03/23 – Charlie Clips vs Hollohan (KOTD)
  • 03/23 – DNA vs The Saurus (KOTD)
  • 03/23 – Rone vs Fresco (KOTD)
  • 03/23 – Real Deal vs Tony D (KOTD)
  • 03/23 – Goodz vs Shotgun Suge (Time Is Money)
  • 03/23 – Tay Roc vs Rolla (7 Cities Sharks)
  • 03/23 – Rosenberg Raw vs D. Flamez (7 Cities Sharks)
  • 03/23 – QP vs Syd Vicious (Voicebox)
  • 03/24 – Lynx Montana vs Logic (Scheme Street)
  • 03/30 – Conceited vs Klutch (Colorado Rap)
  • 03/30 – DNA vs S. Youngin (Colorado Rap)
  • 03/30 – Daylyt vs Lotta Zay (iBattle Worldwide)
  • 03/30 – M. Ciddy vs K-Kendle (iBattle Worldwide)
  • 03/31 – Spee Dolla vs Dirt (Block City)
  • 03/31 – Cash Eatin vs Jai (Block City)


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