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Upcoming Events In The Month Of May

As we do each month, we’re taking a look at the upcoming events in the month of May, and spotlighting some of the more high profile battles. With the bigger leagues not holding any major events this month, you might expect things to slow down, but that’s not going to be the case. There are still going to be quite a few potential classics taking place, and the debut events from some interesting newcomers into the battle world. As always, you can see the flyers of all the events coming up, by heading over to our events page.

URL’s Upcoming Events In The Month Of May

URL’s May 4th event has been pushed back to May 18th, which means the May 18th card has been pushed back as well. While not much has been confirmed up to this point, many of the battles on these cards have been making the rounds. It’s safe to say the the B Magic vs Tay Roc battle, will now be on the May 18th card. Other likely battles for this event, include Cortez vs Tech 9, Real Deal vs Ill Will and Qleen Paper vs Money Bagz.

There will most likely be a fifth battle on the card, and it could end up being either Danja Zone vs Tone Montana or Big Kannon vs Syahboy. Finally, the rumored Math Hoffa vs Daylyt battle is always possible, but is more likely to end up on the next card. There’s also the St. Louis event, headlined by Aye Verb vs Arsonal in the near future, but it’s not clear whether or not this event will be going down in May. We’ll be sure to update this post, once URL makes an official announcement on these upcoming events.

Upcoming Events From New Leagues In The Month Of May

There will also be a few events this month, from new leagues looking to make their mark in the world of battle up. First up, Strictly Bars is holding their D.O.A. event in Detroit on May 5th, which will be available on PPV. This card marks the return of Midwest Miles and Bones Brigante, when they face off in the main event. Also on the card, is Calicoe vs Daylyt, JC vs O-Red, X-Factor vs John John Da Don and Qleen Paper vs Young Kannon.

Then on May 11th, VladTV will be hosting the first Killaz Battle League event in New York. This event features the Math Hoffa vs T-Rex rematch, as well as Iron Sheikh vs Hanz and Bigg K vs Shotgun Suge. The event will also feature a performance from Styles P, as well as a 50 bar freestyle from Loaded Lux. Those looking to be in attendance for this event, can order their tickets by clicking here.

Upcoming Female Events In The Month Of May

VladTV isn’t the only hip hop personality, looking to make their introduction to the battle rap world this month, as Star (of Star & Bucwild)’s Battle Rap Media is hosting their Hell Up In Harlem event on May 18th. The event will feature two promising female battles, Tori Doe vs Krissy Yamaguchi and Boss Chick Raine vs Persia.

Queen Of The Ring will also be hosting their Bars Over Everything event on May 4th, featuring a few battles that many people are looking forward to. This event will feature Chayna Ashley vs E Hart, Ms. Fit vs Ms Hustle, 40 B.A.R.R.S. & Young Gattas vs Bonnie Godiva & Lexx Banko, Precyse vs Ms Miami and Royal Honey vs Ms. Murk.

KOTD’s Upcoming Events In The Month Of May

While KOTD isn’t holding a major event in May, they still have a busy month, as the second round of the Ground Zero Grand Prix will be taking place at their Survival Of The Fittest events, in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Los Angeles. The Toronto card on May 11th features Luciano Crakk vs Made Wade, Step Easy vs Emcee Bill and Notez vs Postal, as well as a few non-tournament battles.

The Calgary event  on May 11th features Wize Guy vs Adamantium in a GZGP battle, Uno Lavoz vs Ape Yola in the main event, and a series of undercard battles. Also on May 11th, the Los Angeles card features Ayem vs Megadef & Lex D vs Cobalt45 in the second round of the GZGP, as well as a series of undercard battles. Then on May 18th, the Vancouver division will host DDSS vs Cody The Catch and Manik vs Kryple in the GZGP, and features Pigsy vs Aspire in the main event.

Don’t Flop’s Upcoming Events In The Month Of May

Don’t Flop is coming off of arguably their biggest event, in Check Point, but that doesn’t mean they’re slowing down. They have a few events coming up in May, starting off with the Don’t Gas vs Don’t Flop event on May 5th. The event features Dialect vs Sensa, Zen vs Bleek, Pedro vs DPF, Bru-C vs Flexplicit and much more.

The on May 12th, Don’t Flop will be hosting the Set The Standard 7 event, headlined by Arkaic vs Illmaculate. Also on the card, you can expect to see Shuffle-T vs Soweto Kinch, Impact vs Flexplicit, Agent vs Olde English and some team freestyle battles. There will also be a Don’t Flop event in Liverpool on Math 18th, featuring three battles chosen by the fans.

Other Upcoming Events In The Month Of May

On May 3rd and 4th, The O-Zone is holding their Blast! event in Sweden, featuring Pat Stay vs Nils M Skils, Dizaster vs Crome, Dirtbag Dan vs Jimmy Pistol, The Saurus vs Spirited Sage, Ness Lee vs Jeff, Rone vs PJ and much more. The event also features performances by Arsonal, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Crooked I, Freeway and many more.

Cortez vs John John Da Don will be going down for BattlBoxTV on May 26th, and they’re also holding a competition where someone can earn a battle with Conceited.  Heartless vs Da Example headlines Black Ice Cartel’s Milwaukee MayH.A.M. event, Loe Pesci vs Zain Azrai headlined The International Standard for M.Y. Battles, and Nuborn vs Nuff Said headlines Off The Chain for Pit Fights. 

Plus, Daylyt is making the trip to Alaska to battle for Word 2 The Wize, Big T and Big Kannon are hosting a Go-Rilla Warfare event in Chicago, Nuborn and Danja Zone are featured on KBL’s Allstars event and much more. You can head over to our events page, to see the flyers for all of this month’s events.

Upcoming Battles Spotlight For The Month Of May

  • 05/03 – Pat Stay vs Nils M Skils (The O-Zone)
  • 05/04 – Dizaster vs Crome (The O-Zone)
  • 05/04 – Bonnie Godiva & Lexx Banko vs 40 B.A.R.R.S. & Young Gattas (QOTR)
  • 05/04 – Chayna Ashley vs E Hart (QOTR)
  • 05/04 – Ms. Fit vs Ms Hustle (QOTR)
  • 05/05 – Midwest Miles vs Bones Brigante (Strictly Bars)
  • 05/05 – X-Factor vs John John Da Don (Strictly Bars)
  • 05/05 – JC vs O-Red (Strictly Bars)
  • 05/05 – Calicoe vs Daylyt (Strictly Bars)
  • 05/05 – Qleen Paper vs Young Kannon (Strictly Bars)
  • 05/11 – Math Hoffa vs T-Rex (Killaz)
  • 05/11 – Iron Sheikh vs Hanz (Killaz)
  • 05/11 – Bigg K vs Shotgun Suge (Killaz)
  • 05/12 – Arkaic vs Illmaculate (Don’t Flop)
  • 05/18 – Tori Doe vs Krissy Yamaguchi ( BRM)
  • 05/18 – Raine vs Persia (BRM)
  • 05/26 – Cortez vs John John Da Don (BattleBoxTV)
  • 05/26 – Nuborn vs Nuff Said (Pit Fights)

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