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Update On The Dont Flop Situation

Here’s an update on the Dont Flop situation, with most of the staff leaving the company. While Eurgh has still not put out a public response, and the Dont Flop channel has not put out any new battles or videos, Cruger did put out a statement.

update on the dont flop situation from Cruger

While that brings as many questions as it does answers, it thankfully gives some insight into what’s going on. With Cruger saying he can’t get into specifics while proceedings are ongoing, it lends credence to the belief that there is either an ongoing discussion of a buyout, or lawyers have been contacted.

Eurgh is not the sole owner of Dont Flop, with Cruger owning 50% of the league, so it’s possible he’s trying to take over the company. Whether that means he’s trying to buy the other 50% from Eurgh directly, or acquiring it through legal means, is yet to be seen.

Either way, this hopefully means that the issues will be resolved soon, and the UK’s biggest battle league can get back to where it once was. Dont Flop has been a big part of the battle rap culture over the years, and it would be a big deal if it were to end. We’ll continue to update you on the topic, as it develops.

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