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URL | Armageddon | Live Updates & Results

Much like we did for Summer Madness 2 & Revelations, we will be posting live updates and results for the URL Armageddon event.  The event features the URL debut of Dizaster, facing Dot Mobb’s T-Rex in the main event. Also on the Armageddon card will be Conceited vs Tsu Surf, Yung Ill vs JC, K-Shine vs DNA, Goodz vs X-Factor, & Bill Collector vs Shotgun Suge. The highly anticipated rematch between Math Hoffa and Dose, has also been added to Armageddon.

As always, take everything with a grain of salt, because things usually come out differently on video.  These updates are based on reports from those in attendance, and live crowds often see things differently than they end up looking on video. That said, these updates will give an idea of how theArmageddon battles looked to those in attendance.

URL | Armageddon | Proving Grounds

  • The Proving Grounds event will be starting shortly.
  • Apparently the event is at a gay bar, but that’s according to Daylyt so…
  • They’re battling on the roof. No confirmation yet, on whether or not the loser has to jump.
  • Young Robbles vs Prediential Dubz: Nothing much was said, other than the battle wasn’t bad.
  • Tone Montana vs Cashus: Tone Montana went off, 3-0. Really impressive showing.
  • Syahboy vs Lotta Zay: Both dudes went crazy, dope battle.
  • Nuborn vs Superwriter: Both were good, but Nuborn was on another level. He’s back.
  • Vicci vs K-Holla: Both were pretty good, decent battle. Little altercation in the 3rd.
  • H-I Croft vs Dubb Da Feenom: Dubb went off, made an impressive debut.
  • That’s about it from the PGs, we’ll be back tomorrow with (much more detailed) updates for Armageddon.

URL | Armageddon | Details

  • Venue Change For URL’s Armageddon, after problems with Webster Hall.
  •  The Gramercy Theatre 127 E 23rd Street NY, NY 10010
  • Doors open at 4:00, tickets are $100 at the door.
  • This is the venue that the last UW Battle League event was held.
  • Room holds roughly 500, much smaller than Webster Hall, so get there early.

URL | Armageddon | Live Updates & Results

  • The doors have opened up at The Gramercy Theatre for URL’s Armageddon event.
  • About 300 people inside, and still 500 in line, not everyone is going to be able to get in.
  • It’s chaotic at the door, people trying to rush in, giving them a hard time.
  • There’s just not going to be enough room for the people trying to get in.
  • Cheeko’s spazzing on people at the door, went in on Bill Collector.
  • Cheeko to Bill “I made you nigga”.
  • It’s raining, people are not happy out front.
  • Things aren’t looking good right now, people saying the event is getting shut down.
  • People kept rushing the door, security and cops lost control.
  • We’ll make sure to let you know once we get an official update on what’s happening with the Armageddn event, now.
  • Knowing URL, the battles will still probably go down. Who knows where though.
  • Armageddon might just turn into the most stacked “Night of One-Offs” ever.
  • Cops are still trying to shut it down, people are spilling out into the streets, not looking good.
  • Armageddon may be continuing, after all. A few more people have been let inside… We’ll keep you updated.
  • Music is playing again, they said the Armageddon event should start soon. Things may be under control.
  • Pen and Norbes on stage, Diz dancing to Bill Collector’s music, Armageddon pushing forward.
  • JC vs Yung Ill it the first battle up at Armageddon.

URL | Armageddon | JC vs Yung Ill

  • First battle should be starting shortly.
  • People are still being let in, venue’s not even full yet, and first round is already about to start.
  • Paddy wagons just pulled up outside the event, still chaotic outside, but inside… event’s about to start.
  • First round on Yung Ill.
  • Ill’s going crazy to start things off, his first round’s insane.
  • “I left the window open to let my son/sun shine” – Yung Ill
  • Really strong first round from Ill, it’s on JC.
  • JC’s first is strong too, going at everyone from STL except Magic.
  • JC’s going in on Aye Verb, right now.
  • JC had a really good round, hearing people say 1-0 in both directions.
  • Round 2 on Yung Ill.
  • Ill’s spitting a karate kid scheme.
  • “Second and third rounds are like step sisters… They ain’t gonna be close” – Yung Ill
  • “How are you in the studio going ham, but never drop cold cuts” – Ill
  • Yung Ill’s second was just as good, flawless performance so far.
  • Round 2 on JC.
  • “There’s a difference, in our similarities” – JC
  • “I should be cyclops, I/eye kill” – JC
  • JC’s 2nd is really good too, close battle so far.
  • “All you cry baby niggas start dropping a tier/tear” – JC
  • Majority seemed to edge first to Ill, 2nd to JC. It’s close, and looking like a classic.
  • Ill starts the third clowning JC about the vid of him dancing.
  • “Let’s talk about his video, since you tried to dance around the topic” – Yung Ill
  • Yung Ill just started doing dance moves in JC’s face.
  • I’lls 3rd was really solid once again, this one’s going to be decided on video.
  • “Nigga… you are faker than every Contra gun” – JC
  • People are calling JC Top Tier, having the performance of his life.
  • First battle of the night, and it’s already supposedly better than every battle at Summer Madness 2.
  • JC took a shot at Hitman.
  • Both stepped it up in the third, even though the first two were both really good as well.
  • People edging it 2-1 both ways, too close to call live. Instant classic.

URL | Armageddon | Chaos & Venue Change #2

  • Bill Collector vs Shotgun Suge battle is up next.
  • Or not… sounds like event’s getting shut down again.
  • Or maybe not… outside the event, people are getting told it’s shut down.
  • Inside, Bill and Shotgun on stage ready to start, barely anyone let in the venue.
  • Calicoe and Hanz are in each other’s faces, about to fight in the crowd. That can’t help.
  • House lights on, they broke it up. Chaos everywhere.
  • Battles still happening while shit goes down in and outside the venue, it really is Armageddon.
  • Aaaaand, looks like it got shut down again. SMFH.
  • Stick around, battles probably still going down, one way or another, and we’ll keep you posted on them.
  • People are apparently fighting with the cops outside, so they aren’t going to let it continue.
  • Battles may still happen at another location one-off style, we’ll see.
  • “The police here are fuckin cock sucking racists that deserve to die” – Dizaster
  • “Working on that plan” – Poison Pen
  • ^ Still hope the rest of the card goes down, somewhere, in one form or another.
  • Nothing new coming in really, staff is still looking for a solution.
  • Take a look around our site while you wait, bookmark us, like us on FB, follow on Twitter.
  • We’ll have more updates as they come in, and will let you know if the event will go on somehow.
  • Sounds like they may have figured out a solution! make sure to check back for more info.
  • AT LEAST one more battle is going down, stay tuned.
  • Tsu Surf said he got called for a one-off, so Tsu Surf vs Concieted should be going down.
  • Possibly more battles, we’ll let you know shortly.
  • “Tsu Surf vs Conceited tonight. Pyramid 101 avenue A. Come on down.” – Poison Pen
  • Goodz tweeted about doing a one-off
  • Verb is talking about a Diz & Rex one-off, so more battles may be happening.
  • Sounding like Surf vs Con isn’t the only battle going down.
  • Below there’s footage of Beasley explaining what happened.
  • Also some footage of the line at the first venue.
  • And here’s some footage of the cops beating someone down, after two guys started a fight with them.
  • URL might be dropping Conceited vs Yung Ill tonight.
  • T Rex vs Dizaster might still be going down. Rex is saying no, but they’re both at the new venue.
  • Goodz said him and X-Factor will be going down in a week or two.
  • The Math Hoffa vs Dose rematch might still be going down, things are getting close to starting.
  • Still waiting on Conceited to show up to the venue, that’s why there’s such a long wait.
  • Take a look around our site while you wait, bookmark us, like us on FBfollow on Twitter.
  • Conceited has made it to the venue, event should be starting back up shortly.

URL | Armageddon | Tsu Surf vs Conceited

  • Battle is about to start, Math Hoffa vs Dose rematch next!
  • Those two are the only battles going down for sure, possibly others.
  • First round on Conceited, and he’s going off right from the jump.
  • “I don’t need no boogie board, to body Surf” – Conceited
  • Con’s clowning on Shotgun Suge now.
  • Conceited is impressing everyone with his first.
  • “After I get the two techs, I’m coming out to Jersey like Dennis Rodman.” – Con
  • Con lost a bit of steam towards the end, and has a weak Muslim scheme.
  • Still a really good round.
  • Surf’s up, and he’s killing it too.
  • “You gonna tell me the Nets left Jersey… That’s cool… The best shooters are still there” -Surf
  • Surf started slow and picked up steam, Con started strong and ended a little weak.
  • Really good rounds from both, though. Round 2 coming up.
  • Most people seem to be edging the first to Con.
  • Con is going off to start round 2.
  • Con is hitting him with bars after bars after bars.
  • People are saying the first round was one of the best rounds in URL history.
  • Con’s second might be better than his first.
  • Con is dissing Joe Budden.
  • ” I would say I sexed ya chick Joe, but Fab did already.” – Con
  • “I will snatch up Tsu young (Sue Yung), if she rush hours” – Con
  • “You lock pick the door, real niggas shoot the door down” – Con
  • Twitter is going crazy, with tweets about Con’s 2nd.
  • Surf’s up.
  • Surf is going in on Con’s outfit.
  • “Let’s play swear to God. Swear to God you wasn’t working at Reb Lobster…” – Surf
  • Surf is going in with the personals, having an amazing round too.
  • “You like a conceited bitch, hang around a lot of ugly bitches so you don’t feel ugly.” – Surf
  • ” I’m camping outside his mother house, wondering is the lebrons there” – Surf
  • People are edging the second round to Surf, mostly.
  • Plenty of 2-0s for both and a lot of 1-1s
  • Round 3 on Conceited
  • Con is going in on Surf about having STDs.
  • Con has some crazy shit in his 3rd, but it’s hit or miss this round.
  • “You gon’ see this round spin for the cream like an orea and this shotgun will send cox through the wall like a glory hole” – Con
  • Con just hit him with 4 straight slow it downs, picking his steam back up.
  • Con finished the battle really strong, made up for the slow start of the round.
  • Surf’s up round 3.
  • Surf started hitting hard right out of the gate in the 3rd.
  • Surf is roasting on him right now.
  • “These two 9s a staring flipping shit around. I call them two pair of normal activities” – Surf
  • “With all them tats, you should be used to niggas drawing on you” – Surf
  • “You are gonna be in the middle of that ch ch like church” – Surf
  • Surf’s 3rd was really strong, but seemed like he stopped a little short, just like in the 2nd.
  • Either Surf’s rounds were short, or Con’s rounds were long.
  • Either way, most people seem to be edging it to Con.
  • Sounds like a close battle though, and one that won’t be decided until the video drops.
  • All the drama aside, URL has put on two classic battles, and there still may be more.
  • Apparently no Math vs Dose rematch, and Sara Kana says to blame Mickey Factz. Not sure why.
  • Math really wants to do the battle, Smack and Beasley said no.
  • We’ll know for sure if there’s going to be any more battles soon.
Well, there doesn’t seem to be any more battles coming up. Goodz said him and X-Factor will be doing their battle in a week or two, and Diz said he’ll be back in 3-4 weeks for his battle with Rex. Not sure about the other battles, but you can probably expect them soon. If any more info comes out, we’ll continue updating this post.

We’d like to thank you for following along with our live updates, and appreciate all the positive feedback we got. We will continue doing these in the future, so be sure to check back if you can’t attend the next URL event. You can see all of our coverage of Armageddon by clicking here, including behind the scenes footage, predictions, interviews and more.

Also, please take a look around the site, and bookmark it if you like what we’re doing. We try to cover the culture of battle rap in its entirety, from the smallest tryout events and leagues just starting out, from all over the world, to the big events like tonight. There’s no other place where you can stay up to date on battle rap culture in its entirety. Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter, and like us on FaceBook, for updates and much more in the future.

You can also continue following along to what people are saying about Armageddon, in the twitter stream below the videos. There’s a few videos with footage of the line at the first venue, Calicoe and Hanz getting into it, police beating on one of the two guys that started fighting on them, and Beasley explaining what happened at the first venue. Once again, we appreciate the support, and everyone who followed along with our updates.

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  2. daexample414 says

  3. kreshnyc says

    is diz vs rex gonna happen?

    1. battlefix says

      @kreshnyc It might. RIght now Rex is saying no, but they’re both at the new venue. It’s definitely a possibility.

  4. Millertime4u2 says

    How does URL do bussiness. You promote webster hall for months. Dont you have a contract. or do you do some hood shit and just verbally agree. I follow this battle rap like a hawk. this is one reason why i never go to battles. you can get there 3 hours ahead of time and there is always some shit. Do it out of state. in a neutral area not to far. Maryland. and have real fans travel there and make a weekend of festivals. proving ground is a start. how about a meet a greet your battle rapper, dinner and drinks with a battle rapper, bring QOTR, there also. make it appealing and a real weekend event. of course there wlll be drama in ny. if you do it out of state most of there entourage cant go unless they get there PO permission. and we wont see 20 people on stage that has nothing to do with the battle. signing off frustrated battle rapper follower

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