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URL | Unfinished Business 2 4/20 | Live Updates & Results

Today, Smack and the URL are hosting the second Unfinished Business 2 event, featuring the Bill Collector vs Shotgun Suge battle, originally scheduled for Armageddon. Also on the 4/20 card, is Math Hoffa vs John John Da Don, Dose vs Lotta Zay and Nuborn vs Sco. We will be posting live updates and results, once the event gets under way. As always, updates are based on the opinions of those in attendance, and things may look differently on video. There will also be a twitter stream below, with people tweeting about the event.

Nuborn vs Sco | Unfinished Business 2 4/20 | Live Updates & Results

  • First up, battle’s about to start.
  • Nuborn’s up first.
  • Starting off strong, bar after bar.
  • “I’ll take your kids out early with this missile/dismissal” – Nuborn
  • Nuborn’s impressing so far in the first.
  • Solid round.
  • It’s on Sco.
  • “I wanna slap you so hard my fingers fighting my arms nigga” – Sco
  • “If he took a picture with the hammer, he still wouldn’t pose a threat” – SCO
  • A lot of jokes from Sco in the first, they’re landing with the crowd though.
  • Nuborn’s second is starting a little slow.
  • He’s got some bars, but not like the first.
  • Nuborn’s choking in the second.
  • More of a stumble, he recovered nicely.
  • Picking up some momentum now.
  • “You’ll get decked in front of your crib, that’s a patio” – Nuborn
  • Nuborn finished the second strong, made the stumble a minor thing.
  • Sco’s going crazy in the second so far.
  • He’s talking a lot of “real shit” to Nuborn in the 2nd
  • “They call him Nuborn/new born cuz every fight he ever been in, he came out pussy” – Sco
  • With the stumble from Nuborn, Sco got round 2.
  • Most seem to think it’s 1-1, going into the third.
  • Third on Nuborn.
  • “You remind me of a knight on a chess board, cuz every move you make is an L” – Nuborn
  • Nuborn’s doing good in the 3rd, lost the crowd a little bit though.
  • Or I guess you could say Sco took the crowd.
  • “That 40 will take a young nigga out, like a cougar date. Or he’ll get served with these two big can,s like that Hooters place” – Nuborn
  • Sco’s starting out strong in the 3rd.
  • Sco’s got the crowd with him, he might end up surprising a lot of people with the 2-1 win.
  • “I tell him get down or lay down, that’s how you give Born/Bourne an Ultimatum” – Sco
  • Sco’s impressing everybody with his performance, he’s not done but people are already saying he won.
  • Sco’s got a clear advantage in performance, and Nuborn relies on bars though.
  • Battle might ending up looking different on video.
  • Sco definitely got it live though, most people are really impressed.

 Dose vs Lotta Zay | Unfinished Business 2 | 4/20 Live Updates & Results

  • This battle’s up next.
  • And Dose has no fitted… battle’s about to start.
  • Lotta Zay’s up first.
  • Starting off strong.
  • “Smack is a doctor now, I see he like to put on scrubs” – Lotta Zay
  • Lotta Zay’s already got the crowd going, his bars are all landing.
  • Probably the round of the day so far from Lotta.
  • “This the wrong place you medicine/met us in, capsule pill/Caps’ll peel,You over Dose!/overdose!”-  Lotta Zay
  • First round on Dose.
  • Those who expected something different won’t be happy, Dose is rapping just like he did in the Math battle.
  • A lot more aggressive though, getting up in Lotta Zay’s face.
  • Crowd’s starting to fuck with him, picking up steam.
  • “Zay & Chilla both rock fitteds and button ups, even Hov change clothes” – Dose
  • Dose is starting to go crazy, crowd is rocking with him now.
  • First round is close, but it’s gonna be a classic if this keeps up.
  • Lotta started out stronger, but Dose probably finished stronger.
  • Second on Lotta Zay.
  • Lotta Zay’s snapping to start the second, this is going to end up battle of the night.
  • Lotta’s second might be stronger than his first.
  • He’s been steadily improving with every battle.
  • Round 2 on Dose.
  • “I’m from Philly, but Jersey we can get it on. It’s just hard to hear the shots, when the Nets is gone” – Dose
  • Dose isn’t doing bad, but he’s not getting the reaction from the first.
  • Lotta Zay’s second might have taken the momentum from him.
  • Not as good as his first, people saying 1-1 or 2-0 Lotta Zay going into the third.
  • Lotta Zay with some rebuttals in his third.
  • “The only reason Smack put you back on Smack, cuz you made Smack famous for getting smacked on Smack” – Lotta Zay
  • “You can’t even drink Hawaiian Punch, without thinking bout Math” – Lotta Zay
  • People are banging on the walls in the building, in response to Lotta’s bars.
  • Dose held his own, but unless he has an amazing third, this is over.
  • Dose did alright in his third, but he already lost the crowd.
  • Lots of 3-0s and 2-1s for Lotta Zay live, could be different on cam.

Bill Collector vs Shotgun Suge| Unfinished Business 2 | 4/20 Live Updates & Results

  • Up next.
  • Bill Collector’s got a shirt with all his past opponents crossed out.
  • They’re already arguing and going at it, and the battle hasn’t even started yet.
  • Suge slapped away Bill Collector’s hand and people had to separate them.
  • They might just fight instead, battle will go down at Unfinished Business 3.
  • Battle’s about to start.
  • Math’s still not at the venue, and Smack just said “We about to get into this main event”.
  • First round on Suge.
  • Suge started stumbling after just a couple of bars.
  • Recovered nicely though.
  • Suge just bumped chests with Bill, and started tapping his pockets.
  • Crowd is fucking with Suge, and his bully shit.
  • “Have my youngin’ push up on and body Bill/bodybuild” – Suge
  • Suge is being super disrespectful.
  • He’s all up in Bill’s face, and the crowd is going crazy for him.
  • Bill’s finally had enough of it, and they’re about to fight again.
  • First on Bill.
  • He touched Suge and Suge pushed him back, they’re getting into it again.
  • Bill’s doing good to start.
  • They keep having to hold Suge back.
  • Bill’s really getting under Suge’s skin, even Suge’s people are getting all pissed off.
  • Super tense on stage, gonna look crazy on video.
  • Round 2 on Suge
  • More of the same from Suge in the second.
  • “The streets ain’t for everybody, that’s why you got your ass whooped on the sidewalk” – Suge
  • A lot more disrespect on both side.
  • Round 2 on Bill.
  • Crowd is firmly rocking with Suge, not reacting for Bill at all.
  • “I break ’em down, like Yung Ill in his hometown” – Bill
  • Bill keeps testing Suge, Suge is not amused at all.
  • Crowd booing Bill towards the end of his second.
  • The crowd is having an effect on Bill, he cut his second short.
  • 3rd on Suge.
  • Bill’s going off, Smack telling him there’s still another round.
  • “If that was me, Summer Madness would have been a summer murder” -Suge
  • Lots of SM2 bars from Suge, but remember this battle was booked before SM2 even happened.
  • Suge apologizing for the Proof shit in his third.
  • Suge’s third seemed real short.
  • “Got knocked out, woke up more famous than you” – Bill
  • Bill is being Bill, crowd’s just not fucking with him.
  • 3rd was probably Bill’s best round.
  • They dapped it up and are cool with each other now that the battle’s over.
  • Everybody at the event is saying Suge 3-0

Math Hoffa vs John John Da Don | Unfinished Business 2 | 4/20 Live Updates & Results

  • False alarm, Math’s in the building. They’re setting up for the battle now.
  • Serius Jones on stage, saying he’s willing to battle anybody.
  • Battles about to start, first round on Math.
  • Goodz threw money at the ring card girl…. then picked it back up.
  • Math starting off with “You make the worst life decisions”
  • “If you ever had some hot shit… wait a minute, YOU about to try to FLIP some of MY SHIT” – Math
  • A lot of jokes from Math in the first, all smiles and enjoying himself.
  • “You gonna think he Eminem, cuz it get shady aftermath/after Math, interscope/in a scope” – John John
  • First round debatable, solid rounds but nothing too crazy from either.
  • Math is picking it up in the second.
  • More bars from Math this round.
  • More “You don’t got bars like that” too.
  • “Ya’ll should’ve gave me Surf cuz he got bars like me, and plus every time I face a crip, you see an R.I.P. “ – Math
  • Math’s second was better, but seemed short.
  • Round 2 on JJDD
  • John John heating up in the second, too.
  • “I might have to rewind this shit, if y’all don’t know what time it is off the first watch” – JJDD
  • Crowds into it now, really good round from both.
  • 3rd round on Math
  • Another good round from Math.
  • Might have been Math’s best round.
  • “Please don’t believe his fake ass, cuz he real butt” – JJDD
  • A lot of lines from John John have been said, or something very similar has been said.
  • Debatable battle live, no clear winner.
  • One of those battles that will be decided on video.

Well, that’s about it from URL’s Unfinished Business 2 event. If you enjoyed the updates, make sure and check back for future events. Also, take a look around the site for those who haven’t been here before. We do our best to cover everything in the world of battle rap. You can also see check back for behind the scenes footage, interviews and of course the battles from Unfinished Business 2, as they get released.

URL Unfinished Business 4/20 Live Updates & Results

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