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Today, Smack and the URL are hosting their impromptu Unfinished Business event, featuring the DNA vs K-Shine and Goodz vs X-Factor battles, that were originally planned for Armageddon. The event will also feature a battle between two Proving Grounds standouts, Tone Montana vs Lotta Zay. The event will be starting shortly, and you can follow along to live updates from the events. As always, take what’s said with a grain of salt, as things always look different on cam.

Question: Now that the event is over, we’d like to hear back from those who followed along. Did you like the new format of posting the tweets directly, or the old format where we’d post updates with a twitter stream below? Let us know in the comments, so we can decide on how to do the updates for the next event.

URL | Unfinished Business | Live Updates & Results

Unfinished Business

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@JohnJohnDaDon @nubianbookstore hey john! *waves* u gonna have to see that man eventually.Mickey Factz
its crazy how when u "COOL" wit a nigga u 1 of his favorites but when u dont fuck wit da niggas as much u not THAT NICE smh lolJohn John Da Don
of course HE would say dat“@lito_dat: @johnjohndadon RT @MickeyFactz: @nubianbookstore jjdd would get hurt man”John John Da Don
smh“@iLoveLadyred: @DNA_GTFOH just took a shot at @JohnJohnDaDon I thought dey were cool”John John Da Don
Tone Montana was good. This was just what he needed to be a beast. Lotta Zay had that heat.Harlem Von Doom
i told niggas kshine wasnt gon lose to hancock….this nigga dna got a swag jus like hancock bruh i swearyoung jambalaya
Sound like @_kay_shine krushed DNA lmao.well damnT.R.A.P
I can’t lie @_kay_shine killed @DNA_GTFOH. Hands down I’m taking nuffin from that brotha but 3 words #zip em upBattleRapPlanet
I’m also hear n my nigga @_kay_shine got on sum other shit…man I gotta see this shit…. @SMACKWHITE do right my nigga n drop that asap!loyaltyOvEveryThing!
When ur whole TL debates on the wins n loss of a battle rapper ok.. BUT when ur whole TL is screaming 3-0 ?SaRa KaNa
@_kay_shine and @IHATETREX Mookie
A battle rappers favorite saying is now wait til the footage come out lol#bankroll
RT @micogr: @MurdaMookez @_kay_shine cmon, u supposed to say that—-ask around!!!!!!!Mook.
Yo Man @_kay_shine just went fuckin CRAZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYMook.
PROFESSOR @_kay_shine !!!!!!! GOTDAMNNNNNNNMook.
@_kay_shine @DNA_GTFOH omfg. Thank You .Sú Nombre Aquí
@BIGTQMB vs @TheRealGoodz need to happenant
DNA put on a beat. It could have went better if shine didn’t wild out that bad.Harlem Von Doom
Damn from that pic K-Shine brought out the Horace Grants tho..Juice Willis
So IS Goodz the one to kill or is it K shineBIG T
To the old battle rap is dying.. To the new battle rap just got warmed up!SaRa KaNa
I tried to tell niggas @TheRealGoodz was going to fuck X factor up. And his ass said he would 3-0 goodzHarlem Von Doom
i have made it ti where battle.rap.will stay alive… @dotmob …we run this shit
its official.i have chaged battle rap for ever.. dotmob ! @kshine zimp him the fuck upM.F.Daylyt
@YoungKannon131 I can dig itBIG T
I seen Goodz bring all his old lines back like his daddy (ME)IG Team_Admg
K Shine had on a zip em up lab coat man something wrong wit this niggaNo Mercy [346]
DNA asked for a beat. Yep he lostMr.Yeah
Yep lmfao RT @NoMercyHarlem: DNA pulled a Freeway?Mr.Yeah
This shit raising my blood pressureThe REAL Sm00ve
@bigtqmb cuz we not cut like that. Chi-city niggas don’t make excuses, we make it happen #CHIRAQY.K. (Young Kannon)
Heard shine took the WMr.Yeah
@bigtqmb I’m sayin T, I know u don’t condone all the complaining & excuses about the crowd, u ain’t complain & make excuses for hollowY.K. (Young Kannon)
Why tf he brought out a beat tho ? In memory of biggie ? LmfaoThe REAL Sm00ve
Shine clearly took John John light and had everything prepared for DNA. Those performances don’t even compareHarlem Von Doom
DNA pulled a Freeway?No Mercy [346]
K-shine set up a science fair project in the middle of the fckin battle & DNA took it back to the alley rappin on a beat.. I quit this shit.The REAL Sm00ve
Lotta zay 3-0Matt
Goodz 3-0Matt
Shine 2-1Matt
Nigga DNA brought a beat !? Smfhhhhhhhhh I quitThe REAL Sm00ve
If Shine executed that 3rd that coulda been another one of those first rd vs Surf haymaker rounds… #IHateFatSnacks
DNA vs K-Shine Might Be That Battle Of That Year.The Superiors
Vicci came up to me like what did I tell u bout shine first round. I knew about the board shine had but had no idea he was going to spazzHarlem Von Doom
Kshine 3rd was Classic..Fada Sizz
@chillajones they said Goodz bodied conceited too and when the footage came out that was definitely not the caseBruce
Live Kay shine 2-1 DanA’s rd 3 wasn’t as effective with that beatMrs. More Bucks
@chillajones Crazy how home court has such an effect on battles. They need to do small rooms. That’s a HUGE reason you vs. JC was classic.GRANDE PAPI
In today’s era, yes RT @KeevieJ: Is A Beat Considered A Prop? Or Nah? #IHateFatSnacks
DNA threw a beat on ? I’M CRYING #IHateFatSnacks
Shine 2-1Flamez
Its overFada Sizz
Dam shine vs dna………I’m confused…. Which battleprop workedURLTEL
Yes it’s over K-Shine 2-1Chandon Con
DNA brought out a beatMrs. More Bucks
Dna and Xfactor are not Top Tier..Fada Sizz
Some niggas booing DNA but its not like his shit was wack. Shine just took all the energyHarlem Von Doom
It’s nothing stoping yall just do it RT @YoungKannon131: Me, B-Magic, JC, Big Kannon, MCIDDY, ILL (cont) T
@JazTheRapper wow that shits gettin crazy I see lmfaoooooooChris Kane
LMAOOOOOOOOOO DNA just told Don Demarco to throw on a beat ! Now he rapping over a beat I’m so DEADDD Jaz the Rapper
Lmaooooooooooooooooo dna thru a beat onMatt
DNA jus put on a beat?!?!? Wtf?!?!?IG: HarlemWhite
DNA turned on a beat And grabbed a mic. Not on some freeway shit Von Doom
Im so battle rapped out I don’t even care who wins no more I just wanna see classic battles… #IHateFatSnacks
Why RT @YoungKannon131: Yung ill done, X factor whining, he done too, Calicoe is lost, miles is (cont) T
Dna put on ah beat.. He over..Fada Sizz
What’s goin on wit DNA v shine!!??VERB VON DOOM
Dna put a beat on lmaoooooMatt
Best battle tonight .. Lottazay.vs toneñontanaFada Sizz
If DNA don’t freestyle rebuttal imma be pissed. Death to props !The REAL Sm00ve
DNA talkin his 3rd thoJaz the Rapper
Dna goin at o redPoison Pen
Dna dissed ored he here in the crowdMatt
Dna keep bring up the butt shit he losing the crowdMatt
@MickeyFactz do you think k-shine’s 3rd vs DNA was better than his 1st vs Tsu Surf?marcus williams
I usually hate battles with props but shine went above n beyond.Poison Pen
Ayo big salute to @DNA_GTFOH & @_kay_shine , I hear these niggas putting on a showYIKES!
Omg k shine is destroying dnaIG: HarlemWhite
WHAT THE HELL IS K SHINE DOING? !?!?!? Mercy [346]
Bottom of rd 3 on DNAMrs. More Bucks
Teach that nigga Shine ??? LMAOOOYIKES!
On dna thoMatt
Shine 3rd was crazy thoMatt
X did not choke wut u talkin bout @heyynowo_0: Shit idk but x choked lol“@danderson8602: @heyynowo_0 lol oh wtf they mean he was talkin toim NOT a RapPer
Kay shine spazzed rd3Mrs. More Bucks
On dna couldn’t hear shine too much vicci pause lolMatt
I just witnessed k shine best round if not performance ever!!!Harlem Von Doom
Nooooooo fuckin Way!!!! This nigga Shine Teaching smh I might be over …MIGHT! Con
K Shine makes me sick b lmmaoooThe REAL Sm00ve
K shine said @ConceitedNYC I ain’t like you anyway you pretty motherfucker lml im NOT a RapPer
Truthfully: K shine has one of the best 3rd rounds everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrMickey Factz
I knew I should’ve went to this event.. lolEveryday_KnicksFan
WOW ! K Shine’s 3rd is GREAT !!Jaz the Rapper
Son we in science class and Shine ODingHarlem Von Doom
Yo k shine is very intelligentURLTEL
Kshine 3rd rd>>>>>>>>Flamez
DNA could never live in a cell if you don’t got no heartHarlem Von Doom
K shine got rd 3 idc wut DNA come back with lmlim NOT a RapPer
Lmao nigga in the crowd next to me said "Teach that nigga Shine!!!"Jaz the Rapper
Shine got goggles on..Fada Sizz
Idk how DNA going to get this 3rd roundHarlem Von Doom
Damn that was a cold angle no1 ever really took I hope he execute it well RT @Harlem_Dream: Shine breaking down DNA #IHateFatSnacks
Introducing doctor K shine… This how you break down DNA lml NOT a RapPer
Professor shine More Bucks
Kshine won this battle dna dont have to do his 3rd..Fada Sizz
K shine just compared DNA’s bars to a double helix OMG Jaz the Rapper
Vicci still pissin me off by the way lolMatt
He breaking down dna human body..Fada Sizz
K shine lol has a science coat on More Bucks
Shine vs DNA #url Ness
K shine wilding Battle Rap Arena
Shine breaking down DNA Von Doom
K Shine vs Dna is a fuckin #classicLOM Mixtape
3rd Rd Now.. Kshine drops a bomb first bar.. And changes into ah professor suit.. With ah chalkboard and ruler takin dna to school..Fada Sizz
K shine goin crazyyQ.B.
Lmao nigga k shine put on a ZIP EM UP lab coat some goggles and brought out a board ! Gettin intellectual on DNA’s smart ass !Jaz the Rapper
Time for a lesson Von Doom
Another prop ? SmfhhhhhhhThe REAL Sm00ve
He a scientistMatt
K shine just pulled out a propim NOT a RapPer
Shine pulled a prop outMatt
Kay shine closing lolMrs. More Bucks
Shine on his 8 mile shitMatt
Dna sound like he on Grindtime .. Barz not hitting .. Got booed jus now.. His 2nd is boring.. Might be 2-0 already.. But sum ppl insist 1-1Fada Sizz
Last round nowChandon Con
K-Shine vs DNA 1-1Chandon Con
I got it 1-1 so farHarlem Von Doom
Its 1-1 on to the 3rdMatt
It’s 1 up top of rd 3 on KayMrs. More Bucks
It’s 1-1 .. DNA rd 1 / K Shine rd 2Jaz the Rapper
Dna jeans tighter than a mutha fucka lmaoooo pauseMatt
Kay shine got rd 2Mrs. More Bucks
First rd debatable … 2nd rd shine got itNasdaq Ness
“@YaBoyMatt125: Dna 2nd kinda wack” he always fall off after rd1#bankroll
Goodz x was whining said he ain’t battling in NY anymore “@MrGrindSeason: @Rabie_Baby11 who won out of goodz an X factor?”Mrs. More Bucks
DNA rd 1 K shine rd 2im NOT a RapPer
DNA vs shine is rockin so farNasdaq Ness
Dna 2nd starts out like.. Having ah man palm ya ass is somethin u gotta deal with.. He palm ya ass u said Zipemup act like u aint feel shitFada Sizz
Having a grown man fondle yo ass is something u had to deal with Jaz the Rapper
X vs goodz was horrible … Goodz won tho .. 2nd an 3rd from goodz was niceNasdaq Ness
Shine 2nd was ok in the end .. He knows how to perform his fillaFada Sizz
Shine 2nd was amazing his performance thru the roofMatt
Shine was a different nigga in that 2ndHarlem Von Doom
Shine is wildin out!!!!!Nasdaq Ness
Kshine addmitted he bit a Mañ .. And said the dude bit him first.. Dam as im tweeting shine comes alive with.camacho line ..Fada Sizz
This has classic potentialHarlem Von Doom
Kay spazzing rd 2Mrs. More Bucks
K shine going df off rd 2im NOT a RapPer
Dna better win….after how x let me downRuthless #YBG
Shine losin steam 2nd rd .. Takes to long to get to the point and it dont hit hard in the EndFada Sizz
@_kay_shine vs @DNA_GTFOH dna @urltv The God
Man shine going crazy in this 2ndHarlem Von Doom
C’mon X-Factor…SMHTrap Valtrap
@_kay_shine tooth scheme was toughMrs. More Bucks
@Harlem_Dream please don’t tell me DNA sayin stuff like k mart k b toys k this o.. K. And Etc and all dese mediocre flipsTsmope
Rd2. NowFada Sizz
1st Rd hard to Judge if i had to give it .. It would be .. Shine.. He was funnyFada Sizz
Shine went crazy…Dna now Battle Rap Arena
DNA got round 1 ….!!!! #DontDebateMeChandon Con
DNA said John John n k shine both copy cats lmlim NOT a RapPer
Round one close but I got to edge it to DNAHarlem Von Doom
DNA blackin rd 1 ! "I will hook on a dot like a question mark " .. DON DEMARCO !! Jaz the Rapper
Lower case letter only way u c this dot over I… DnaFada Sizz
K shine set da tone but DNA fucking him up this 1st rd sheeshim NOT a RapPer
They gassed every average ass bar he said!! Lol.. Shit was wild crazy. Watch this footage Cus he still loss the 1st 2rnds..X Factor
DNA just dragged Kay thru Harlem smhChandon Con
DNA Harlem blocks scheme thoHarlem Von Doom
Oh shit @DNA_GTFOH. Goin hamURLTEL
@DNA_GTFOH just took a shot at @JohnJohnDaDon I thought dey were coolim NOT a RapPer
DNA got rd1Mrs. More Bucks
Name shine cuz both of u niggaz is Clone..dnaFada Sizz
@chillajones nothin last forever fam, niggas make too many excusesY.K. (Young Kannon)
I don’t Got to let the Wesson pop when I could hook this dot like a question markHarlem Von Doom
Kay shine spazzed rd 1Mrs. More Bucks
Hook on the dot like ah question mark.. DnaFada Sizz
@YoungKannon131 nigga u aint never lied he stay cryin when he loseJay_Brown_904
Dna vs Shine in tha 1st rd both killin it!Flamez
K shine went WILD rd 1 ! – DON DEMARCO ! Jaz the Rapper
@YoungKannon131 lol damn its like that YK?Stay Schemin
Dna timeFada Sizz
Me, B-Magic, JC, Big Kannon, MCIDDY, ILL WILL, METTA etc. time or us to take the forefront for the MW!!Y.K. (Young Kannon)
Shine with a good first round but it’s beatableHarlem Von Doom
Pull them strings if u wanna get violent .. Violin…. Kshine.. 1stFada Sizz
Man shine is breaking down D.N.A.Harlem Von Doom
Yung ill done, X factor whining, he done too, Calicoe is lost, miles is done, time for the new Midwest killers to shineY.K. (Young Kannon)
Kshine sound like he gone kill dna..he said bein the soñ of a harlem niggaFada Sizz
@YoungKannon131 very true !! In the end fact is nyc fucks with yall heavy but if u cant live up to what they saw from u last they say it lolSaRa KaNa
Shine up first Battle Rap Arena
All chokes aren’t created equal, but a chokes a choke.Trap Valtrap
@TheRealGoodz Sent X Home Leaking – NYC, BX All DayJoe M
I know all the tricks. I know when a nigga is choking or about to choke or when a nigga is buying time because he forgot his lines.Trap Valtrap
@x_factor01 don’t do this man…Ruthless #YBG
@SaRaKaNa nah I mean certain niggas complain & make excuses for losing, blaming the crowdY.K. (Young Kannon)
@Rabie_Baby11 x buggin i thought he was gonna win tooShanae Ami
@Trap_Jesus @brooklynwavy718 I mean u could force it to a choke because he started talkin to the crowd but I’m going off initial #IHateFatSnacks
@x_factor01 got wild love for u ! But the best thing to do is not say shit n let ur footage talk pointing fingers make u sound guiltySaRa KaNa
WOW! @TheRealGoodz called @X_Factor01 "The Sprewell of Battle Rap" (only Good for Choking) #UNFINISHEDBUSINESS @URLtvKAKAVOYE
@DNA_GTFOH More Bucks
k-shine goin First.. SmmmmmmaaaaaaacckkkkFada Sizz
#urltv @TheRealGoodz brought young earl out lmaoooooLead Singer
Wyclef and lil cease in the building Battle Rap Arena
An early Congratulations 2 @LottaZay & @TheRealGoodz on their victory 2day!! Plz both of yall, leave that nigga named #Earl @ home!The Wood
Wyclef in da Building with a speech be4 the dna vs shine battle..Fada Sizz
I made it in time for DNA vs K Shine !!! – Wyclef and Lil Cease just spoke some words owwwJaz the Rapper
Damn @TheRealGoodz kilt X factor lolE RO$E (T$) (300)
“@YoungKannon131: NIGGAS IS OUT MAKIN THE MIDWEST LOOK BAD SMH #COMPLAIN #whiners” u mean midwest trying to make ny look bad?SaRa KaNa
They wanted to fuck wit him out the gate.. I’m good thou.. Lol! I aint tripping Jus not dealing wit the fuck shit no more!X Factor
Lil cease Battle Rap Arena
Wyclef is smackkkkkk lol Von Doom
Stop saying nyc bias when u all was them niggas out here!! If u sound wack n don’t live up to ur last nyc performance THEY WILL LET U KNOW!SaRa KaNa
@MzGracieBaby @BrooklynWavy718 Gracie that nigga CHOKED, he was pointing at random people talmbout, "c’mon let me spit"…Trap Valtrap
Dna vs k-shine up now Battle Rap Arena
“@Bigmarq54: @MzGracieBaby lol like he talked all through Clips round…… I hope he come back tho he’s a legend” didn’t he tho lol#bankroll
K-Shine vs DNA up now last battle !!! Con
To much ppl on stage we cant startFada Sizz
@x_factor01 Bro! Stop with the excuses! It’s OLD! Goodz KILLED you now get back on the plane to Detroit and hope it nose dives! LmaoSú Nombre Aquí
I gotta knock X the fuck out bruh, I’m fed up… #IHateFatSnacks
I dont understand when niggaz complain when URL let the other nigga use props for the battle. niggas just mad they dont think of it 1stChandon Con
IT’S A 3-0 @TheRealGoodz THE MUTHAFUCKIN ANIMAL!!! #URL #UnfinishedBusiness#GMB Staff
K shine vs DNA nowMrs. More Bucks
DNA vs shine and my battery at 15% Harlem Von Doom
X factor said he will never battle in URL or NY again lmaooMrs. More Bucks
I wasn’t there but i wanna know why is it.. When an OT battle rap who has battled in ny before and got love. Say no love NOW?SaRa KaNa
@chillajones Goodz 3-0 BODY BAG!!Christian Ellis
Damn my nigga @TheRealGoodz just retired X factor from URL lol#bankroll
How yall feel about x vs Goodz????????MDot Ciddy ®
I keep battles updates the realist.Fada Sizz
@chillajones 3-0 bro. First round only close roundHarlem Von Doom
“@x_factor01: Wow!!! This niggas talk throu my 1st 2nd n 3rd.. I will not battle in NYC or URL again!! Smh” there it is lol#bankroll
I cud have sworn I heard that x factor said dat da reason he didn do gud w/ O-Red was cuz he was savin his betta bars 4 Goods. M I buggin ?!Nae luh dem Knicks
K-shine vs Dna Now.. Get readyFada Sizz
Damn. Goodz 3-0ed X factor? Nah ima wait for footageStay Schemin
I don’t want to hear shit about the crowd. They kept saying keep going. No bias shit from the crowd at all!Harlem Von Doom
Wow!!! This niggas talk throu my 1st 2nd n 3rd.. I will not battle in NYC or URL again!! SmhX Factor
I’m hearing @TheRealGoodz 3-0 x smh! The main one I thought was gonna be classic.Flatlinneee!!!
@thaRealFlamez i never liked the goodz vs x-factor match up. a recipe for disappointmentmarcus williams
X just stopped rappin……… Wtf???…….. Goodz wonURLTEL
“@MzGracieBaby: NIGGA X FACTOR CHOKED ????????” It’s New York fault#bankroll
Goodz 3-0 smh that was horrible for x bChandon Con
Nigga @x_factor01 called me out for my prediction blog and wanted to bet. I should have took it smhNo Mercy [346]
“@YaBoyMatt125: Don’t think X prepared but we gonna hear NEW YORK BIAS SMH” I been called that lol he got washed bad?#bankroll
X factor wanted to tell a long ass boring story and gave up.Harlem Von Doom
Goodz 3-0….smh…i expected better from xURL Battle Rap Arena
Nigga x quit mid battle …shit crazy smhChandon Con
Goodz won and X factor stopped his third sighsMrs. More Bucks
Dat battle wus wack as fuckFlamez
Xfactor got bodybagged.. 3-0 … The whole building said itFada Sizz
This nigga Goodz ate X-FactorSmokahontas
@NaeDaBestest he did it mad disrespectful to xHarlem Von Doom
WAIT!!!! I said in my prediction blog Goodz would 3-0 X Factor!!No Mercy [346]
NIGGA X FACTOR CHOKED ???????? #IHateFatSnacks
I hate personals we can’t proveHarlem Von Doom
CGoodz killed xfactors priorities for good!!!IG: HarlemWhite
Word is that GOODZ BOUT TO 3-0 x-factor, LEMME FIND OUT LOL!!Y.K. (Young Kannon)
Goodz 2-0. Mind you I’m not there. Just following updates from http://battlefix.comNo Mercy [346]
Goodz said xfactor and sum chick.fucking but goodz much i guess x her.size… Excercise..Fada Sizz
@Harlem_Dream: its time for him to hang up the gloves. I’m w you fam. I respect X, I know his resume, he just ain’t cuttin it no morebrandon murguia
Goodz just poured the rest of his henny on stage lolHarlem Von Doom
Goodz is a fucking animalURL Battle Rap Arena
If Goodz body X….nigga gotta come backNo Mercy [346]
Goodz going inMrs. More Bucks
@TheRealGoodz You known for one of the biggest chokes ever , you spree well nigga , got damnTyStarr7
Goodz called.Xfactor the Sprewell of battle rap only good for chokingFada Sizz
I fuck wit deez niggaz but tha barz aint up to parFlamez
Goodz wonMrs. More Bucks
Damn @TheRealGoodz is smashing xfactor , he surprised me!TyStarr7
Goodz Won this Xfactor aint.even go.for his 3rd yet.. Unless X 3rd is Insane..Fada Sizz
Man x wildin for chokingRuthless #YBG
Goodz just addressed x priority and how as a rapper u can’t chokeHarlem Von Doom
They let this nigga talk over the intercom to earl in the 3rd rnd!! Wow ! I’m done wit URL..X Factor
Lmmfao…goodz is talking to earl…deadURL Battle Rap Arena
Goodz tryna roast in tha 3rd.Flamez
Yooooooo earl is here and literally spoke Von Doom Battle Rap Arena
X factor look washed right nowIG: HarlemWhite
Goodz got that lions den swag backIG: HarlemWhite
Crowd hecklin Xfactor .. .. Xfsctor can neva be in Top 10.. 2 much bad performances he bottom Tier.. Goodz now up.3rd RdFada Sizz
Tone vs Lottazay wus wayyyyyyy krazier den this battle. X 2nd rd wus weak as shit.Flamez
I got it 2-0 goodz Battle Rap Arena
Goodz killing X Factor?!?!?!?!?No Mercy [346]
X keeping messing up and stoppingMrs. More Bucks
@YoungKannon131 if x get killed let’s bet some loud he say it was bias lol#bankroll
Na x reaching trying to blame the crowd. We couldn’t tell if he choked or just stopped then said y’all hating. Crown didn’t boo or nothingHarlem Von Doom
Xfactor might have lost.already … His 2nd is Wack… Recycled.bars .. And he jus chokedFada Sizz
@yungbanko u out there, word is Goodz is cookin himY.K. (Young Kannon)
Xfactor up Rd2 and fuckin up.. Gettin borin.. Wack jokesFada Sizz
Gooooodz wtffffffffffRojas
Goodz blew Xfactor up.that he goin thru his phone durin Rds lookin at Barz in his phoneFada Sizz
Goods is killin him!!!!IG: HarlemWhite
Is got Kay shine 3-0 today. He’s the best nigga in dot mob#bankroll
#smack #urltv #goodz #xfactor #smack
Explain lol RT @MickeyFactz Truthfully: U should be a proving ground nigga, after i do a number on u, ima cal Q later… – GoodzRojas
It’s gonna be a clean sweep 3-0 @QueenzFlip: GOODZ VS XFACTOR 1-0 GOODZ”Kennedy©ruz
Truthfully: U should be a proving ground nigga, after i do a number on u, ima cal Q later… – GoodzMickey Factz
This nigga @TheRealGoodz is on itTyStarr7
@_D3adpool son I’m not hating. Good first round but it’s not edging goodz roundHarlem Von Doom
Nobody Trynna hear what X factor saying LMFAO shit was wild b …. Goodz killin so farChandon Con
Junior Mafia in da building .. Little CeaseFada Sizz
I hear my nigga Goodz doing his shit.#bankroll
X factor doing priorities in the first round lmfao. Somebody said he was talking bout health insurance #bankroll
Goodz can do better but may still be winning.. Xfactor 2nd NowFada Sizz
Dope second rd from @TheRealGoodz … @x_factor01 up nextNasdaq Ness
Goodz is doin stand up with SwaggFada Sizz
X not ass in this battle.Harlem Von Doom
Goodz is performingFada Sizz
Goodz is backURL Battle Rap Arena
@NaeDaBestest @MzGracieBaby @YoungKannon131 are u here nae? First round close but not good enoughHarlem Von Doom
Rd 2 Goodz macaroni scheme was goodMrs. More Bucks
Goodz is spazzinDUTCHESS
Sheeeeeeeeesh RT @Harlem_Dream You try to throw salt in the game and be the slug catcher – GoodzRojas
Goodz..said x throwing salt only gone make my bloods press ya .. Blood pressure..Fada Sizz
@Harlem_Dream uurrrrggghhhY.K. (Young Kannon)
You try to throw salt in the game and be the slug catcher – GoodzHarlem Von Doom
Follow @Harlem_Dream he on point wit da URL updates today!!Y.K. (Young Kannon)
I was late so I heard my boy @LottaZay caught a bodyNasdaq Ness
@Harlem_Dream I told niggasbelike don’t sleep on goodzY.K. (Young Kannon)
Second rd of x vs goodz … First debatableNasdaq Ness
Rd 2 time … I gave Goodz the 1st ,,, Xfactor got boring tryin to have grown mañ bars it didnt work. Cuz no punchesFada Sizz
This might be worse than crazier than Krazy Glue RT @d_lac: RT @Harlem_Dream: You so ass when you rap it smell like ass dog – X factorPappy Mason
@MzGracieBaby @YoungKannon131 I do but I’m not bias. He got to do more to beat goodsHarlem Von Doom
I got goodz round one…x ran wit his proities sceam to long imoURL Battle Rap Arena
X whole round was about being a grown man and how he more of a grown man talking grown man shit like insuranceHarlem Von Doom
U can’t ask him because he hates X RT @YoungKannon131: @Harlem_Dream is Goodz cookin him?? #IHateFatSnacks
@YoungKannon131 goodz got the first round.Harlem Von Doom
I can’t take harlems opinion on this particular battle cuz he hates x as it is lolRojas
Truthfully: X vs Goodz first round is confusing.Mickey Factz
Xfactor almost slipped up.. He losin steam and gaining back .. Some1 said Time..Fada Sizz
@Harlem_Dream x went first?Rojas
@Harlem_Dream is Goodz cookin him??Y.K. (Young Kannon)
Man. Just got caught by an accident…and am currently missing my bro X’s battle. Fuck.Brett Mavre
X got some nice word play but this not going to cut it.Harlem Von Doom
Blue cross blue sheild ppo.. X barz ..thats insurance…Fada Sizz
X trying to prove he a grown manHarlem Von Doom
Xfactor talking Grown mañ barzFada Sizz
I hear my nigga Goodz is cookin??? Update me TWIGGAZ LOLBS!!Y.K. (Young Kannon)
Lol…This battle is mad funnyURL Battle Rap Arena
X ain’t playingMrs. More Bucks
Is it the bad.service.y u.dont have no barz… XfactorFada Sizz
X-factor turn Battle Rap Arena
Xfactor goin inFada Sizz
You so ass when you rap it smell like ass dog – X factorHarlem Von Doom
Xfactor timeFada Sizz
"@MzGracieBaby: If Goodz still on that commercial shit he gon lose, I need that Lionz Den Goodz…" not gon get itRuthless #YBG
Goodz egg roll lo mein line was toughMrs. More Bucks
LMFAOOOOOOOO RT @SIZZADON: Goodz think.Xfactor got a fake Nose #IHateFatSnacks
@Harlem_Dream goodz back ?#MrMarch22nd
1rd from the clip made him an xfactorFada Sizz
Goodz going inURL Battle Rap Arena
If Goodz still on that commercial shit he gon lose, I need that Lionz Den Goodz… #IHateFatSnacks
“Dont make me take it the wrong way so navigate and address me correct” —Goodz !!!!!!Chandon Con
Mannnnn this going to be a long night for XHarlem Von Doom
Goodz think.Xfactor got a fake NoseFada Sizz
Goodz jus talkin to him not much BarzFada Sizz
Goodz warns Xfactor to stop.ChokingFada Sizz
Goodz way too comfortable on stageHarlem Von Doom
It started!!!! Battle Rap Arena
Goodz first line was CrazyFada Sizz
No coin toss goodz going firstHarlem Von Doom
Goodz going 1stFada Sizz
Goodz vs Xfactor finally its gonna happen .. Get ready its starting upFada Sizz
Let’s go!!! Von Doom Battle Rap Arena
Goodz going 1stFada Sizz
X Factor vs GOODz up now!!! Con
Finally goodz back in the ringRojas
Yup wit grown man bars Lmaooo RT @Harlem_Dream Didn’t X factor say he would 3-0 goodz?Rojas
“@Harlem_Dream: Didn’t X factor say he would 3-0 goodz?” Yes sir#MrMarch22nd
Didn’t X factor say he would 3-0 goodz?Harlem Von Doom
X vs Goodz up ??? I hope neither one of them choke .YIKES!
Dna main eventing yet againRojas
Up next xfactor and goodz #urltv #smack #goodz #xfactor
Grown man bars Battle Rap Arena
Goodz with the henny ready Von Doom Battle Rap Arena
Truthfully: X vs Goodz upMickey Factz
Goodz vs Xfac up nextFlamez
Goodz vs X-Factor up next…stepping on the stage nowURL Battle Rap Arena
X Factor vs Goodz nextHarlem Von Doom
@MickeyFactz choked > chockedStay Schemin
@chillajones @LottaZay lol. He did.Christian Ellis
@Chrismatrix303 Yeah I did that vs JC but the 1st half of it got clipped. I bet @LottaZay did it justice thoStay Schemin
@chillajones I am at the url event and zay spit a crazy r&b schemeChristian Ellis
@Chrismatrix303 Of course. Why do you say that tho lolStay Schemin
@chillajones Yo u got everybody tryin to step they word play up. U started a trend!!Christian Ellis
They sayin’ @LottaZay 3-0’d Tone Montana. @BonnieGodiva just got ANOTHER win. @MrInnuendo_QP battle tonight.When u gon’ learn?#INNUENDO100 Bulletz
Shouts to my bro @smackwhite real recognize real. We gon do work VERY soon! #urltvFlamez
@nubianbookstore jjdd would get hurt manMickey Factz
“@chillajones: Told yall @lottazay was gonna COOK today… He’s too bar heavy for Tone” my god more then cooked lolTyStarr7
@chillajones I am at the url event and zay spit a crazy r&b schemeChristian Ellis
Tone Montana from Milwaukee? They FINALLY got somebody good?!Trap Valtrap
I’m pissed I told niggas LottaZay was gon kill Tone, Zay been doin this shit he not a rookie & these new niggas be gettin beside themselves #IHateFatSnacks
Told yall @lottazay was gonna COOK today… He’s too bar heavy for ToneStay Schemin
@MickeyFactz i want to see a john john da don and lottazay trilogymarcus williams
“It’s MARCH 9 …the wrong day to play BIG nigga “ lmfaoo this nigga Zay got it 3-0 b!! #ALLFACTSChandon Con
My nigga @LottaZay killed tone smh the r&b scheme at the end was insane and tone went hard first round but zay straight out bar’d himTyStarr7
Lottazay 3-0 or 2-1. 1st rd debateableFlamez
Lotta zay is a fucking problem….this shit is overURL Battle Rap Arena
Lottazay got this 2-1 …. He killed him with all RnB Singers.. Cuz ya know he sings .. Plus he said its March 9th wrong time 2 play bigFada Sizz
"its march 9, tha wrong day to play BIG" sheeeshFlamez
Ain’t credit or debit when I slide thru/ squeezing out the window like a fat nigga at the drive thru – ZayHarlem Von Doom
Truthfully: Lotta ZayMickey Factz
Lotta Zay got this battle clearlyHarlem Von Doom
Lotta Zay one of the more underrated mugs in battle rap.Trap Valtrap
Lotta Zay hitting tone with a nice RnB schemeHarlem Von Doom
Lottazay got this. Tone choked rd3 and rd2 wus neck n neck pause.Flamez
@LottaZay round 3333718vicci
No choke thoHarlem Von Doom
@ToneMontana7414 #PORTA AVE718vicci
Truthfully: Tone Montana chocked 3rd round.Mickey Factz
Earl is here. He on Tone side.Harlem Von Doom
Zay with another good round. Def got the secondHarlem Von Doom
Truthfully: 1st round debatable. Zay got the 2nd. Sheesh.Mickey Factz Battle Rap Arena
Round 333333 on @ToneMontana7414718vicci
@LottaZay #WTFFFFF BRO ROUND 2 was sumtin else718vicci
Lotta zay going crazyURL Battle Rap Arena
Lottazay must be spazzin,JC
@LottaZay up now round 2718vicci
@ToneMontana7414 2nd round #SHEEESSSHHH718vicci
“@marvwon: Bout to hit this URL event while I’m out here and support my bro @x_factor01. Let’s get it NY!!!!!!”– Nigga Hurry up!! LolX Factor
WoW RT @MickeyFactz Truthully: Im jeffery from fresh prince, everytime u see me on the scene i got the trey! – lotta zayRojas
Tone moñtana vs lottazay goin on NowFada Sizz
Bout to hit this URL event while I’m out here and support my bro @x_factor01. Let’s get it NY!!!!!!Brett Mavre
Round 2 on @ToneMontana7414 this battle a #classic718vicci
Pootie Tang father that strap hit you from long range – Lotta ZayHarlem Von Doom
Lottazay got rd 1, imoFlamez
Tone and lotta zay first was crazyURL Battle Rap Arena
Truthully: Im jeffery from fresh prince, everytime u see me on the scene i got the trey! – lotta zayMickey Factz
Man this nigga Lotta Zay swinging crazyHarlem Von Doom
Tone montana vs Lotta zay Battle Rap Arena
Lotta Zay with some nice name flipsHarlem Von Doom
I aint quotin bars cuz deez niggas spittin heavy punchesFlamez
@LottaZay #COLDDDDDDDDDD718vicci
Damnnnnn lottazay got sum punchesFlamez
Solid first round from tone.Harlem Von Doom
@ToneMontana7414 went off now round 2 @LottaZay718vicci
"@thaRealFlamez: Tone montana got sum BARZ" dat nigga nyceRuthless #YBG
This gun scheme dumb smh #damnHarlem Von Doom
Tone montana got sum BARZFlamez
@ToneMontana7414 #WIGGINNNNNNNNNNN718vicci
This nigga tone Montana got a future in this battle shit damnHarlem Von Doom
@ToneMontana7414 goin 1st
@ToneMontana7414 vs @LottaZay goin down718vicci
Tone Montana going first Von Doom
Xfactor clips and lottazay and Mickey
Truthfully: Tone montana vs lotta zay up! Lets goMickey Factz
Norbs and O-red
DNA and Charlie Clips #smack #urltv #sobs
Me and @SMACKWHITE #URLTV #sobs #rapbattle
At tha @urltv battles #HaNNNNNFlamez
Don damarco Battle Rap Arena
@CharlieClips & o-red Battle Rap Arena
I’m honored to be here on this smack stage its game time. #WhoNext Montana
Of course I have “@robiggavelli1: @TheReal_Calicoe Cal have u heard X’s Rds?”CALICOE
My bro @x_factor01 is gonna DESTROY @TheRealGoodz today!!!!! #LandSlideCALICOE
SETTIN UP 4 THE BATTLE @urltv @SMACKWHITE @DJ3Stacks @teldabarba @streetstarnorbe @DNA_GTFOHTHE LAST DON
Come Celebrate, Watch Battles & Have A Drink with THE URL!!! Today @ SOB’S 204 Varick St NYC Doors @ 1pm $30 ID IS A MUST 21+ overUltimate Rap League

  1. MisserVolcy says

    Yo…y’all gotta change back to the old style. All these tweets don’t mean anything. I can’t tell who won or what lines were hot. Y’all old format was way better. Change it back. We need updates, not a bunch of tweets of people talking about nothing.

    1. LFJeremy says

      @MisserVolcy Agreed. Definitely appreciate the continued efforts here, but I liked the actual, personal updates best. The tweets don’t really tell the story in a meaningful way.

  2. Ramparts says

    MisserVolcy is right, not sure if you planned on sticking with this style, but it’s difficult to get any real information out of these tweets.

  3. battlefix says

    @MisserVolcy @Ramparts   Word, that seems to be what we’re hearing from everyone. We’ll be going back to the original format for all future events. Appreciate the feedback.

  4. Ramparts says

    Word, good looking out.

  5. MisserVolcy says

    Good looks. I hope ya’ll recap the upcoming KOTD event as well.

    1. battlefix says

      @MisserVolcy Yeah, there will definitely be updates for Vengeance 2.

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