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UW Battle League | Apocalypse | Live Updates & Results

The UW Battle League will be hosting their Apocalypse event today, headlined by O-Red vs T-Rex. The card also features Arsonal vs Charlie Clips, Math Hoffa vs Shotgun Suge, Daylyt vs Shotty Horroh and more. For those who couldn’t make it to the event today, and won’t be ordering it on PPV tonight, we will be posting live updates and results from the event.

As always, take the live updates with a grain of salt, as they are based on the opinions of those in attendance. Things always end up looking different on cam, than they do in attendance. You can follow along to the results as they come in, and we’ve also embedded a twitter stream of those in attendance below.

UW Battle League | Apocalypse | Live Updates & Results

  • Doors opening up at the venue shortly, battles will begin soon after.
  • Daylyt and Arsonal showed up to the venue in a limo.
  • Daylyt’s dressed in fully red leather like Michael Jackson in the Thriller video.
  • Dot Mobb in the building rolling deep too.
  • First battle coming up soon.

UW Battle League | Apocalypse | T-Top vs Juice

  • Impressive start to the event, T-Top is going off.
  • Juice isn’t bad, but T-Top is impressing again.
  • T-Top is spazzing again, dude is going to be a problem.
  • They’re cutting rounds short again for time. Hopefully just for the undercard battles.
  • T-Top’s third is his best round yet.
  • T-Top with a clear win in the venue. 2-1 at least, probably 3-0.

UW Battle League | Apocalypse | Spee Dolla vs Dan Barz

  • Next battle up is Spee Dolla vs Dot Mobb’s Dan Barz.
  • First round on Spee Dolla, and he’s going in.
  • Spee seems much improved over his last battle.
  • Sold first round, it’s on Dan Barz.
  • Dan Barz starting off strong, we got a battle.
  • Crowd is really feeling Dan Barz.
  • Slow it down… the crowd is really feeling Dan’s bars.
  • Both first rounds were solid, probably a slight edge to Dan Barz.
  • Round 2 on Spee Dolla.
  • “Your team get stamped for the paper, call that notarized” – Spee Dolla
  • Spee Dolla’s picked things up in the second, spazzing out.
  • Second round on Dan Barz, Dot Mobb heavy in his corner.
  • Another strong round, it’s gonna need to be decided on video, good performances from both.
  • Crowd is really into this battle, reacting to the bars.
  • Much bigger crowd than the last event, too.
  • 3rd round is Spee’s best round yet.
  • “These bullets hook around the block like Olajuwan” – Spee
  • Most people giving the battle to Spee Dolla 2-1.
  • Dan Barz was strong in the first, and faded as the battle went on.
  • Spee Dolla built momentum throughout the battle and his 3rd was his best round.

UW Battle League | Apocalypse | Daylyt vs Shotty Horroh

  • First round on Shotty and he’s going off.
  • Crowd is impressed with him already. English accent isn’t a problem, Jersey’s fucking with it.
  • Shotty’s got the best round of the night, up to this point.
  • Shotty asked Daylyt why he came in all red, if he’s Grape Street Crip.
  • First round on Daylyt.
  • Daylyt’s going off, too.
  • He’s throwing pink birthday hats out to the crowd.
  • Crowd responding to a “crazy Dragonball Z scheme” by Daylyt.
  • Jokes aside, Daylyt is coming with some impressive bars.
  • As dope as Shotty’s first was, Daylyt is keeping up, it’s debatable.
  • Easily battle of the night so far.
  • Shotty’s second is on the same level of his first.
  • Had a Philadelphia – California line that the crowd went crazy for.
  • Shotty’s somehow doing even better in the second, this battle is going to be an instant classic.
  • Shotty had a little slip up towards the end of his round, but recovered with a nice freestyle.
  • Round 2 on Daylyt.
  • “Get tore/tour in half, like the rest of your shows canceled” – Daylyt
  • Daylyt had a strong second as well.
  • Shotty spitting in a ski mask and gloves in his third.
  • Safe to say Shotty is stealing the show, even though Daylyt is impressing as well.
  • This definitely won’t be Shotty’s last battle in the United States.
  • Shotty had a few more minor slips, but recovers with freestyles every time.
  • Shotty had a scheme comparing Cali goons to Britis goons.
  • Daylyt is having a strong third round as well. A lot of his bars are hitting hard.
  • “Nigga daylyt lookin like beverly hills cop” – Poison Pen
  • Daylyt apparently did like 10 slow it downs in a row.
  • Daylyt busted out the ski mask too. His has his tattoo painted on the mask.
  • Amazing battle, Shotty definitely had an amazing debut, but it’s debatable who won.
  • One of those battles that can’t be decided until the vid drops.
  • Instant classic.

UW Battle League | Apocalypse | Math Hoffa vs Shotgun Suge

  • Battle of the bullies is up next, after a short break. 3 battle down, 3 left to go.
  • If you’re interested in seeing all of these battles on PPV, you can get details here.
  • PPV Stream starts at 8:45 PST / 11:45 EST.
  • The Math vs Suge battle is about to start.
  • Suge up first, round 1 starting now.
  • Suge getting all up in Math’s face, touching on him. Intense start to the battle.
  • Math got fed up and pushed Suge, they already has to separate them.
  • They had to stop the battle to cool things down, Suge really pushing Math’s buttons.
  • Battle resumed after things got settled, and Suge is going off, getting right back into it.
  • Suge had a strong first round, seemed a bit short though.
  • Crazy atmosphere for this battle.
  • First round on Math.
  • Math coming out swinging right away, this battle’s gonna look dope on footage.
  • Bucwild from the Star and Bucwild show, had to be kicked off the stage.
  • The mic cut off on Math Hoffa.
  • Math had to start is first round over, due to the technical issues.
  • Tensions are still running high, seems like a fight could break out at any moment.
  • “You got footlocker tags. Ain’t an official jersey nigga” – Math
  • Math hitting Suge with fat jokes, brought up the Detroit shit.
  • Round 2 on Suge
  • The crowd went crazy for a Melo line from Suge.
  • Suge’s got the Jersey crowd in the palm of his hand, right now.
  • Suge is going off on Bill Collector.
  • Math didn’t take kindly to Suge bumping his hat brim and calling him a “hoe ass nigga’ to end his second.
  • Round 2 on Math.
  • Math is stumbling over his lines a little bit, nothing major though.
  • “You the shooter and the driver, cuz nobody else can fit in the whip” – Math
  • Battle had to be stopped again, but resumed.
  • Mixed verdict on who took the battle. Ranges from 3-0 Suge to 3-0 Math and everything in between.

UW Battle League | Apocalypse | Arsonal vs Charlie Clips

  • Round 1 on Clips, and he’s clowning. 
  • Clips is impressing the crowd in round 1.
  • “I got a rocket, looks like I’m packin’ Yao” – Clips
  • One of his better rounds, ever.
  • Really solid round from Clips, it’s on Arsonal.
  • Arsonal is already spitting bars directed at URL.
  • Ars is having a strong first, himself.
  • Arsonal’s delivery is so on point, he’s on his A game as well.
  • Ars said he’d rematch Dizaster in the middle of Lebanon.
  • “I’ll have so many niggas in Jersey lined up, you’ll think that bitch hurricane sandy hit us a second time” – Ars
  • Ars has bars for DNA and Hollow Da Don now, too.
  • Really good first from both, round 2 on Clips.
  • Clips starting out round 2 with a school scheme.
  • Second round just as strong as the first for Clips, on the way to being a classic battle.
  • Clips had another choke/fake choke deal in his second.
  • Second roun on Arsonal.
  • “Can’t spell bars with the Ars in it” – Ars
  • Another tough round from Ars.
  • Clips taking shots at Arsonal’s brother Officially Ice in his third.
  • Clips with a dope mid-round rebuttal.
  • He might be running away with the battle.
  • Probably the best Clips performance to date.
  • He stopped his third short though.
  • Arsonal channeling Lux in his third round.
  • He’s got the Lux flow down, and everything.
  • Ars is doing a run down of all of his battles in the third.
  • Ars rebuttaled a chick in the crowd, and the crowd went crazy.
  • Good finish for Ars, really good battle overall.
  • More people seem to be leaning towards Clip, but he usually wins live.
  • Video should be dope for this one. Or get the PPV, if you don’t want to wait.

UW Battle League | Apocalypse | O-Red vs T-Rex

  • The main event is up next, there’s talk about a possible K Shine vs Arsonal battle going on.
  • First round is on Rex.
  • Usual Rex round in the first. Solid.
  • Nothing too crazy from him, though.
  • First on O-Red
  • “I want to smack you, but you Dot Mobb. You used to that” – O-Red
  • O-Red is going off, spazzing out to start things off.
  • O-Red got the first.
  • Rex is speaking on loyalty in his second round.
  • “I’ll retire Red. Literally hang a jersey nigga.” – Rex
  • Red is having another dope round in the second.
  • Crowd isn’t reacting like they were earlier on in the event.
  • “My machines do all the talking. Johnny 5.” – O-Red
  • Rex has bars for Bill Collector, in his third.
  • Rex is stepping things up in his third round. First two were solid, but nothing too crazy.
  • Rex definitely picked it up to end things, but might already be too late.
  • Final round on O-Red.
  • “When snitches got stitches, you was the one stitching em” – O-Red
  • Another really good round from O-Red.
  • Red hitting him with the reality check.
  • O-Red pulls some dude up on stage that Rex claimed was his man, and is asking the dude if he knows Rex.
  • Guy said no. Asked if he’s ever even met Rex, guy said no.
  • Rex seemed uninspired most of the battle, and gave off the feeling he was just collecting a check.
  • O-Red has one of his best performances yet, and earned himself the win.
  • Then again, this is in Jersey, and Rex always comes off better on video than he does live, so we’ll see.

Well, that’s it for the event. But remember, you can order it on PPV, and watch everything for yourself tonight, starting at 8:45 PST /11:45 EST. Thanks to everyone that followed along to the live updates, and make sure to come back for any future events. Also, have a look around the site, if this is your first time here. We do our best to cover the culture of battle rap in its entirety, and give fans one place they can go for everything battle related. You can also see all over our coverage of UW Battle League and the Apocalypse event, by clicking the tags below.

UPDATE: The PPV is being delayed until tomorrow.

ATTENTION: PPV has been extended due to high demand. Will be available tomorrow night and will repeat for 24 hrs for those who purchased!

Those that bought the PPV will be able to stream tomorrow evening; and replay it. The postponement is due to the HIGH volume of new subscribers!

  1. Oceanville says

    Was looking to see how I can link up to see these battles but having a hard time….

    1. battlefix says

      @Oceanville What sort of problems are you having?

    2. battlefix says

      @Oceanville Actually, it looks like the PPV is being delayed. Here’s what UW had to say:
      ATTENTION: PPV has been extended due to high demand. Will be available tomorrow night and will repeat for 24 hrs for those who purchased!
      Those that bought the PPV will be able to stream tomorrow evening; and replay it. The postponement is due to the HIGH volume of new subscribers!

  2. LFJeremy says

    I cannot wait to see each of these battles. Any idea when the videos are supposed to drop??

    1. battlefix says

      @LFJeremy They said that they’d drop all battles within 30 days of the event. I don’t know if they’ll be able to pull that off, but UW’s pretty good with quick releases. The first one is supposed to drop on Friday, and they’ll probably release one a week from there.

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