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WD4 Day 2 Live Updates And Results

King Of The Dot is holding Day 2 of their World Domination 4 event in Toronto, and we’ll compiling a stream of the WD4 Day 2 live updates and results. Day 2 features Miracle vs Youthoracle, Uno Lavoz vs Purpose, Protege vs Tantrum, Anygma vs J-Pro, Loonie vs The Saurus, Young Gattas vs Bonnie Godiva, Tycoon Tax vs Cortez, Rone vs Real Deal, Charlie Clips vs Hollohan and the Pat Stay vs Arcane title match. For those who missed yesterday’s event, you can also check out our live updates and results for Day 1 by clicking here.

You can follow along to the tweets below, from those who are in attendance for the event. You can also order the entire World Domination 4 event on PPV , and you can order the PPV stream by clicking here. The PPV stream for Day 1 has just started airing. Day 2 of World Domination 4 will be available on PPV on Sunday, August 25th. There will also be a free stream of Day 3 on Monday, August 26th.

You can also check out TOBattleBlog’s recap of Day 2, by clicking here. You can check out their Day 3 Recap here, and their article on what they overheard at WD4 here.

WD4 Day 2 Live Updates And Results

WD4 Day 2 Live updates and results

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