Charlie Clips vs Heartless | CheddaHouse BTV
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From the Barnation event for CheddaHouse BTV, Charlie Clips vs Heartless. [...]

Blackout 5 Announcements From King Of The Dot
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Here is a collection of the Blackout 5 announcements from King Of The Dot, announcing who will be battling at KOTD’s next big event in Toronto. Just as they did last year, King Of The [...]

Conceited and DNA’s Top 5 Underappreciated Battle Rappers
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New video from QueenzFlip, featuring Conceited and DNA’s Top  5 underappreciated battle rappers. [...]

SM4 Recap With Uno Lavoz
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New Battle Rap Arena show, featuring an SM4 recap with Uno Lavoz. [...]

Aye Verb And Hitman Holla At SM4
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New VladTV interview with Aye Verb and Hitman Holla at SM4, recapping their battles and the event. [...]

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Check out the new mixtape from Chilla Jones, Welcome To Bosstown. Download Mixtape [...]

I Do This | J Dose
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New music video from J Dose, for his “I Do This” track. [...]

Feeling Good | Chess

Feeling Good | Chess

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