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Murda Mook And Jae Millz On Their Smack Comments

New vlog from Vada Fly, speaking on a couple of posts from Murda Mook and Jae Millz on their Smack comments, where they said he was “just the nigga with the camera” back in the Smack DVD era. [...]

April 27, 2017 Blogs, Featured Content

Murda Mook And T-Rex Situation Talk

Here’s some Murda Mook and T-Rex situation talk on AngryFans Radio, speaking on what’s going on with Dot Mobb after the T-Rex and K-Shine battle at NOME7. [...]

April 24, 2017 Radio

T7M Radio On The Mt Rushmore Of Battle Rap

New clip from T7M Radio on the Mt Rushmore of battle rap, after Rap Grid dropped their Mt Rushmore after polling the fans, and whether T-Rex has done more than Murda Mook. [...]

April 21, 2017 Radio

T7M Radio On Murda Mook Ethering T-Rex

New vlog from T7M Radio on Murda Mook ethering T-Rex in a new track, controversy surround the KOTD chain after King Of The Dot’s Blackout 7 and more. [...]

April 19, 2017 Blogs

Murda Mook Disses T-Rex In A New Song

New vlog from Piperboy Williams, addressing where Murda Mook disses T-Rex in a new song that’s been going around, and asks if this is real beef or a way to set a battle up. [...]

April 18, 2017 Blogs, Featured Content

QueenzFlip On The Separation Of Dot Mobb

A couple of new vlogs from QueenzFlip on the separation of Dot Mobb, after Murda Mook putting out a track dissing T-Rex, and what that could mean for the crew’s future. [...]

April 16, 2017 Blogs, Featured Content

Rain Sounds Off On Murda Mook

New HipHopIsReal interview, Rain sounds off on Murda Mook, says don’t ever disrespect Smack or URL, talks about his role in NWX and more. [...]

April 14, 2017 Interviews

Big T Asks Where Murda Mook Is At

New HipHopIsReal interview, Big T asks where Murda Mook is at, and speaks on who won the war between Dot Mobb and NWX. [...]

April 14, 2017 Interviews

Charlie Clips Talks Murda Mook

New HipHopIsReal interview, Charlie Clips talks Murda Mook, not thinking about battling him or anyone. [...]

March 27, 2017 Interviews

Can Hollow Da Don Get A Round Against Murda Mook

New Piperboy Williams vlog, asking can Hollow Da Don get a round against Murda Mook? Plus below, he speaks on Nu Jerzey Twork, and Showoff joining Dot Mobb. [...]

March 14, 2017 Blogs

Murda Mook On The Flip Da Script Podcast

Here’s Murda Mook on the Flip Da Script Podcast from QueenzFlip, says him and Jae Millz are what made Smack in the Smack DVD era, says he will 3-0 anyone, says he’s tired of lying and admits he didn’t kick [...]

March 12, 2017 Radio

Murda Mook vs Calicoe Debate On AFR

Here’s a Murda Mook vs Calicoe debate on AngryFans Radio, speaking on who would win a battle between them. Below is a debate on the top wrestler. [...]

March 11, 2017 Radio

Murda Mook On Mt. Rushmore?

New T7M Radio debate on where or not Murda Mook on the Mount Rushmore of Battle Rap. [...]

February 12, 2017 Radio

Murda Mook Speaks On Jae Millz, $100K

Some new behind the scenes footage on BlessDaMicDVD, Murda Mook speaks on Jae Millz, asking for $100K to battle and more. [...]

June 29, 2016 Behind the Scenes

Murda Mook And Manager On AFR

New AngryFans Radio interview with Murda Mook and manager, and things turn into a heated debate. [...]

June 21, 2016 Radio

Booking Murda Mook On URL

The latest blog from Jay Blac, speaking on booking Murda Mook on URL’s Summer Madness 6 event, and how he’s taking it into his own hands. [...]

June 20, 2016 Blogs, Featured Content

Murda Mook’s Manager On AFR

Here’s Murda Mook’s manager on AngryFans Radio, answering all questions they have for him. [...]

June 20, 2016 Radio

Fettuccine20 On Murda Mook vs Nick Cannon

Some new behind the scenes footage from BlessDaMicDVD, featuring Srroc Juheard and Fettuccine20 on Murda Mook vs Nick Cannon, upcoming battles and more. [...]

June 19, 2016 Behind the Scenes, Featured Content

T Top Says Ave Only Has One Trick

New 15 Minutes Of Fame Radio segment, T Top says Ave only has one trick, gives opinions on Murda Mook, B Magic, Reed Dollaz and more. [...]

June 16, 2016 Radio

Murda Mook On The History Of T-Rex vs Reed Dollaz

Some new behind the scenes footage from BlessDaMicDVD, speaking with Murda Mook on the history of T-Rex vs Reed Dollaz. [...]

June 15, 2016 Behind the Scenes, Featured Content