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Edit: Click here for the live updates and results for URL’s Revelations event.

Here are the results for URL’s Summer Madness 2 event, taken from our live updates as the battles took place. Keep in mind, this is all opinion based on those who were in attendance for Summer Madness 2, and shouldn’t be taken as fact. Things may end up looking completely different on video, so keep that in mind as you read. That said, they still give you an idea of everything that went down over this historic Summer Madness 2 weekend, as it was happening.

PG Updates

  • Hitman Holla’s little brother got into it with Bill Collector, lots of twitter drama ensued.
  • Cash Eatin vs Just Juice | Cash Eatin supposedly won the battle against Just Juice, according to the majority of people there.
  • Lil Dave vs Piffy P | Lil Dave was really impressive in his battle with Piffy P. Dude is going to be a problem.
  • Johnnie Alcatraz vs Ill Will | Sounds like Johnnie Alcatraz had three strong rounds, but Ill Will killed him anyways.
  • AR 16 vs Jai | Most people seem to be giving it to Jai, AR 16 freestyled again, and did really good for freestyling.
  • JC Vs Chilla Jones | Apparently this was a classic, and both went off all three rounds. Nobody can decide who took it live.
  • Join us tomorrow, for our coverage of the Summer Madness 2 event.

Summer Madness 2 Updates

  • Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, French Montana, Cassidy, Lloyd Banks  & P Diddy are all at Summer Madness 2.
  • Lux brought a hearse to Summer Madness 2, and flyers for Calicoe’s wake.
  • #SM2 is trending globally on twitter, looks like everyone is interested in Summer Madness 2.
  • Goodz vs X-Factor announced for October.
  • They also announced Shotgun Suge vs Bill Collector during the Summer Madness 2 cypher.

Hitman Holla vs John John Da Don

  • P Diddy’s kicking off Summer Madness 2, he just did the coin flip for the battle.
  • Hitman had a new “Say It Again” Remix, and JJ flipped it and did a remix of his own.
  • It’s on Hitman’s 2nd, people are saying it was either too close in the first, or edging it to Hitman.
  • Hitman supposedly got booed bad in his 2nd.
  • JJ said one bar in his second, and the place went crazy.
  • JJDD had a new multiple choice, bodied the 2nd.
  • People saying it’s 1-1 going into the third.
  • Verb just got booed, and he’s not even battling yet.
  • Hitman’s getting booed again in his third, they’re giving him the Verb treatment from last year.
  • Hitman took back the crowd, and is having a solid third.
  • JJ’s third started, and now he’s getting booed for something he said.
  • JJDD supposedly won them back in the third, but the last 45 seconds or so of his last round was a let down.
  • Looks like it was debatable live, no real consensus one way or another.
  • Summer Madness 2 is off to a good start.

E. Ness vs DNA | Summer Madness 2

  • Ness started with the Iron “I ain’t gonna talk about his background or origin”
  • E. Ness is getting booed already. So far everybody that has rapped at Summer Madness 2, has been booed.
  • Crowd calls time on Ness during his first, people saying he wasn’t very good, and it’s over before DNA even raps.
  • Diddy going crazy for DNA’s first, everyone’s saying the battle is already over.
  • Round 2 for Ness, crowd is already booing him again.
  • Ness is dissing Smack in his second, crowd still killing him. It’s approaching Canibus levels of bad.
  • DNA freestyled to start his second, incorporated all of the celebrities in VIP into his bars.
  • Ness is talking during DNA’s round, he’s mad as fuck apparently.
  • DNA got booed now too, keeping the trend going.
  • Crowd is chanting “Cheesecake” people are saying Ness is losing it.
  • DNA is doing a Jae Millz “Fuck You” scheme to end his verse.
  • Ness said “I’m crazier than Krazy Glue” crowd booing again, of course.
  • DNA’s third not as good as the first two, but it doesn’t matter at this point. 3-0

Aye Verb vs T-Rex | Summer Madness 2

  • This battle is about to start, Diddy said he’s giving 10K to the winner.
  • No coin toss, Rex up first, people are saying he’s going off.
  • Crowd is hating on Verb already.
  • “I confess to the body 10 years later. I’m like G Dep” – Rex
  • Rex pulled out a blowup doll with Verb’s head on it.
  • Verb’s up, hopefully the crowd gives him a chance.
  • Verb is going off too, should be a classic if they keep it up.
  • “Rex, you the king of lyin’ … Mufasa” – Verb
  • “I see shit from one side like Jack Thriller” -Verb
  • Round 2 on Rex, Diddy has 10 stacks in hand, for the winner.
  • Rex is having another crazy round, spazzing out.
  • Rex brought Tech 9 on stage and used him in his bars.
  • Round 2 on Verb, he slipped up and the crowd is letting him have it.
  • Mickey Factz says they’re booing Verb for no reason.
  • The NY crowd’s not about to let him get that 10K.
  • Verb and Rex are getting into it now, about to fight.
  • Battle got stopped, to keep a fight from breaking out.
  • Round 3, Rex flipped the “Damn Rex!” shit around, spazzing for the third straight round.
  • People are acting like the battle’s already over after Rex’s third. Verb up next.
  • “You’ll never hear word for word sayin that verb-ate-him/verbatim” – Rex
  • Crowd booing Verb for now reason to start the 3rd, not even giving him a chance.
  • “They put a show on with your baby momma, why you ain’t clap at these niggas?” – Verb
  • Rex is the first person at Summer Madness 2, to go 3 rounds without getting booed.
  • Diddy gave Rex the 10K.

Charlie Clips vs Serius Jones | Summer Madness 2

  • Up next, in the meantime… Goodz vs X-Factor announced for October’s event.
  • Battle is starting, no coin flip, Clips is up first like usual.
  • Clips starting things off with barbershop jokes, crowd’s eating it up.
  • People are saying Clips is going off, having a good first round.
  • “I pull out and make everyone sleep. Like a futon” – Clips
  • Round 1 on Jones, everybody’s saying it’ll be hard for him to match Clips’ first.
  • Jones with an amazing rebuttal to start out.
  • “You know I dismantle shit, 9 years ago I was a barber, so you know I know how to handle Clips”  – Serius
  • Jones still got it apparently, he’s going off in the first.
  • Jones had a little choke, but picked it back up and won the crowd back.
  • Jones just broke down Charlie’s scheme… got a classic on our hands.
  • Second round on Clips. Both went crazy in the first, too close to call.
  • Clips came right back with  “Aftermath/Interscope/Shady” bars and a line about the ring girl’s stretchmarks.
  • Both of them are freestyling rebuttals back and forth quite a bit.
  • “Jersey don’t win shit, they even lost the Nets” – Clips
  • “How a nigga wit no noise get dropped from disturbin tha peace?” – Clips
  • “You’ll get ate (8) baby, you octomom” – Clips…. No comment.
  • Serius getting booed to start his 2nd round.
  • Jones’ second not living up to his first, especially after Clips’ second.
  • Jones is rambling a bit in the 2nd, the crowd’s not feeling it, and letting it be known.
  • Crowd starting to throw shit up on stage now, smfh.
  • Clips starting the third by doing some “exposing”.
  • Clips is getting booed now, Rex is so far the only person at Summer Madness 2 that didn’t get booed.
  • Clips freestyled at someone in the crowd, ended kind of slow after the boos.
  • Jones starts the third with another rebuttal.
  • Jones is gaining some momentum in the 3rd, and winning the crowd back, lots of math angles/wordplay.
  • Jones had an impressive scheme about a “Serius/serious body”, people are saying he’s taking the 3rd.
  • People are saying Jones clearly got Round 3, Clips clearly took Round 2, and Round 1 is debatable.

Loaded Lux vs Calicoe | Summer Madness 2

  • Lloyd Banks is now at Summer Madness 2, along with French Montana, Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip & P Diddy.
  • Battle should be starting shortly, time to see who’s leaving in the hearse Lux brought to the event.
  • Lux came with Paul Bearers, shovels, an obituary, and brought a casket up on stage, this should be good.
  • Lux is in a 3 peice suit, battle’s about to start. All his people are dressed for a funeral. Talk about presentation.
  • It’s on Calicoe, round 1. He went off, spit a lot of grown man shit, people saying he’s spazzing the fuck out.
  • It’s on Lux, started off slow, but he’s talking that shit now.
  • See a lot of people saying Lux is taking the first.
  • Spoke too soon, Lux choked and ended his first short. He was winning up until the choke.
  • Calicoe’s killing the second round, lots of flips and wordplay.
  • “That K flyin, that’s K Shine, you get zipped up in plastic” – Calicoe
  • Crowd giving Calicoe shit, even though he’s killing it, Round 2 on Lux.
  • Lux is picking it up, back on his shit in round 2.
  • “Ain’t it evil to live backwards?” – Lux
  • People saying that Lux is spazzing now.
  • Crowd is going crazy for Lux’s material in round 2.
  • “You niggas got all this TONGUE, and can’t rap a lick” – Lux
  • Looks like Lux made the people forget about his choke real quick, and destroyed the second.
  • Lux supposedly had the round of the event so far, and some are saying the best round ever.
  • Round 3 on Calicoe, hearing he’s losing steam compared to his first 2.
  • Crowd is firmly behind Lux now, booing Calicoe, he’s still spitting though.
  • Cal is talking to the crowd, “Y’all gon’ do me like this? Y’all loved me last year”
  • Calicoe slipped up a little, talked to the crowd, and finished his round. It’s on Lux.
  • Lux just “Summer Jam Screened” Calicoe in the third.
  • Lux put up the skinny dipping pics of Lux on the big screen, apparently this is Monday Night Raw or something.
  • People saying Lux is absolutely bodying the third round, though.
  • Consensus seems to be that Lux took it 2-1, even though he choked bad in the first.
  • Verb says, “No lux woulda killed any of us…but lettin him use the big screen??!?!!!!!!! Cmon bruh we already got it hard out hurr”
  • A lot of people questioning them letting Lux use the big screen.

Murda Mook vs Iron Solomon | Summer Madness 2

  • The main event, 5 round battle between Murda Mook and Iron Solomon is next.
  • Mook and Solomon are on stage, already talking shit, battle’s about to start.
  • Cassidy’s now in the building, he’s flipping the coin on stage.
  • It’s on Murda Mook, round 1.
  • Mook is going in on everybody, including Smack.
  • Round 1 on Solomon, crowd is already booing him.
  • “If it’s real beef, I call it steak, lets take it out back/Outback” – Iron *cringe*
  • “He think I won’t beat him til pigs fly, well swine flew (flu)” – Iron *double cringe*
  • Some are saying Iron was spitting some shit, others saying Mook got it and Iron wasn’t performing.
  • People are split on who took round 1, a lot of people on both sides.
  • “Its like an animal that eat leaves, it ain’t nobody that nobody ever heard before/herbavore” – Mook *cringe*
  • Mook is “totally disrespecting Solomon” in the second.
  • “You had some nerve to say this is Jordan vs Bird, nigga this is practice, this is Jordan vs Kerr” – Mook (Mmmm)
  • Crowd’s not feeling Iron in the second, he’s getting booed again.
  • People are saying Mook is doing alright, and Iron is awful.
  • Crowd is still really letting Iron have it, looking like he might not even make it five rounds.
  • P Diddy is even booing Iron, apparently.
  • 3rd round on Mook, Mook supposedly exposed that Iron only has one testicle.
  • Busta Rhymes and Diddy are acting like they’re about to throw in the towel for Iron.
  • Half the building left, the rest are booing Solomon, 3-0 for Mook so far.
  • Round 4 on Mook, he’s going in on Surf.
  • Mook spitting bars for Calicoe now, then Arsonal, then Illmaculate.
  • Mook is talking about Math Hoffa now, seems like he knew he’d be done with Iron by the fourth.
  • Mook mentioned a bunch of other people, basically anyone relevant, also shouted out Immortal Technique.
  • Diddy calling “Time!” on Iron, then left before it was over, Busta had to go get him and bring him come back.
  • Iron’s still going, even though the crowd is hating, apparently he’s trying to rap like Bill Collector.
  • Solomon is pissed, they are getting in each other’s faces, about to fight.
  • Iron pulled a Canibus, and gave up without spitting a 5th round.
  • Solomon admitted defeat. Mook 5-0, even if he didn’t need much to do it.
And that seems to be it, I want to thank everyone for joining us for Summer Madness 2, and hope you all take a look around the site, bookmark us, and come back. We do our best to cover the culture of battle rap in its entirety, and give you one place you can go for anything battle related. You can follow us on twitter @battlefixdotcom, and like us on Facebook, to stay informed on everything going on in the world of battle rap. Also, if you’d like more information on everything that took place at Summer Madness 2, click the Summer Madness 2 tag below, to get all of our coverage on the event.

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